Instagram Is Applauding Gordon Ramsay's Proud Message To Tilly

Gordon Ramsay and his youngest child, Matilda "Tilly" Ramsay, are no strangers to the spotlight. At only 20-years-old, Tilly has already hosted a cooking show, become a TikTok influencer with millions of followers, and competed on Britain's popular dancing show "Strictly Come Dancing," according to Insider. She and her celebrity chef father have a close relationship that fans can enjoy through their supportive and playful back and forth on social media.

Fans love watching Tilly poke fun at her notoriously fiery dad by doing things like challenging him to a food dance challenge on TikTok. Chef Ramsay is always down to joke around with Tilly, but he was also quick to defend her against the scrutiny that came with being a public figure when she was body-shamed by a talk show radio host (per Hello!) after performing on "Strictly Come Dancing."

Tilly has been competing on the dancing show for the past 10 weeks but didn't make the cut during the last episode. Her dad took to Instagram and posted a heartwarming message to show support for his talented daughter, and fans are feeling all the feels.

Instagram loves Gordon Ramsay's supportive message

According to the Independent, Gordon Ramsay was seen wiping away tears of pride as he watched Tilly and her partner Nikita Kuzmin bid farewell to fans after being voted off the dancing show just short of the quarter-finals. The emotions kept flowing into his Instagram post where he said, "Words can't describe how proud I am of these 2, hard working polite humble and incredibly down to earth, most of all well done and what a celebration of youth and how happy it makes me feel. The future is bright and you 2 will continue to shine lots of love dad."

Ramsay supporters welcomed the positive post, especially in a social media-driven world where anonymous, hurtful commentary reigns supreme. One fan said, "Tilly has been an inspiration. A joy to watch and a delight to listen to her positivity and kindness." Others applauded the loving connection between father and daughter, with one user commenting, "She did you proud. Such a lovely, genuine girl."

Upon hearing that she was eliminated, BBC reported that Tilly said, "I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has made this an amazing, positive journey for me." This appreciation doubtlessly extends to her biggest supporter, her dad.