Aldi Shoppers Aren't So Sure About These Boxed Lobsters

Aldi has a huge following of devotees with their wide range of products that are usually pretty on the nose and lauded by fans for their convenience and affordable prices. Not to mention their quick checkout process for those in a hurry when they go shopping for their weekly groceries — or just to pick up a few items. Besides these covetable characteristics, Aldi's food stuffs are the thing of dreams. People seem to love their strawberry and caramel-flavored whipped creams for hot chocolate and pancakes, as well as their high-quality cuts of meat like their marbled beef chuck roast

They also offer great options for seasonal times of the year too. Their Valentine's Day themed heart-shaped lava cakes are currently melting the hearts of customers, and their non-edible gnomes are a great way to spread the love, too. Yet, for as much love as the franchise gets, they have an equal amount of skepticism. This time that skepticism is aimed at another V-Day specialty — lobster. Some customers are really on the fence about the store's boxed lobster option for some good reasons.

Most wonder if re-heated lobster would taste any good

Aldi sells a lot of fun and delicious meal options for both regular weeknights and special occasions, and the option of a 12-pack of lobster from Mazzetta has many intrigued if not also inquisitive if it could be a good option for Valentine's Day dinner. The Canadian imported Seamazz North Atlantic lobsters, according to the site, "are wild caught from the cold North Atlantic waters and processed at the peak of freshness," but Aldi shoppers are not so sure they can live up to the high standards of this seafood delicacy.

The "boxed" detail has some Redditors questioning the legitimacy and freshness of the product, leaving their thoughts in a thread titled, "You've heard of boxed wine, and a juice box ... but you've never heard of boxed lobster!" One person said, "Unless using it for lobster salad or lobster rolls, it's a hard pass for me. Reheating cooked shellfish makes it rubbery and nasty tasting." Another person who clearly tried it said, "Yes it was horrible. Spit it out immediately." Seems like it might be a hard no for shoppers. The golden rule, when it comes to stuff from the sea, according to another Redditor is, "Never buy seafood that you can't see through the packaging." Lucky for Aldi shoppers, there are plenty of other options to choose for dinner. But maybe splurge for the fresh stuff when you're wanting some seafood.