TikTok Is Dying To Know Where To Get This Mystery Skillet

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TikTok has definitely become a destination online, and not just for young kids wanting to learn the latest and greatest dance moves. Per Business Insider, the popular social media platform had more traffic than Google in 2021. One reason for its popularity is it is full of game-changing food content — the website and app have given us a trick that changed the way we make mashed potatoes, showcased people complaining about the tipping cultureconfused us with breakfast hacks, and had many of us trying the viral feta pasta recipe that was all over the internet. Its impact on the cooking world is real.

To wit, TikTok even has us coveting the latest and greatest kitchen tools. For example, this viral video has many viewers pining to know where to purchase a mystery skillet that makes us want to eat rolled up eggs. It has received over 475,000 likes and a laundry list of questions about where to find this pan with ridges. You can move it with hypnotic ease, it creates pickles rolled up in eggs, and, gulp, you can roll up bacon in eggs too. It definitely has us doing a Liz Lemon and saying, "We want to go to there" with all the other TikTokers. 

You can find the skillet on Amazon

The pan is certainly uncommon, as the video left followers wondering where they can find this unicorn cooking equipment. Take a look at some of the comments: TikTokers are freaking out over it, such as one user who wrote, "I NEED THAT PAN!!!!" Another quizzed the poster with, "Where did you get that pan?!!" Still another wrote, "Wat iz dis sorcery?" And one resourceful TikToker who realized there are other places on the internet revealed where you can purchase this skillet, typing, "Amazon: Tamagoyaki Frying Pan Non-Stick Fry Egg Pan Wave Bottom."

The pan sells for under $35 and has a four-star rating out of five. One verified purchaser on Amazon shared this sought-after skillet is a good buy and their only concern is its weight. They wrote, "I use this whenever i make omelette and even one person sized frittata. (Or okonomoyaki for japanese food) But one thing, it is very light weight (which is surprising because it looks like stone!) so it helps my wrist but at the same time I feel worry about its durability." 

There's also a similar pan without the ridges at Walmart for under $22 and a mini version sans ridges at Target for under $10, so definitely do some comparative price shopping before hitting the buy button.