Why TikTok Is Questioning Emily Mariko's Latest Pasta Recipe

We love viral food hacks and Emily Mariko seems to be a go-to when it comes to providing them. If you don't know who Emily Mariko is, chances are you haven't spent much time on TikTok. The social media influencer has made a name for herself in the online culinary universe. According to The Spokesman, Mariko's following grew after she shared a video of a salmon rice hack. The post went viral, and as they say, the rest is TikTok history. Today, the TikToker with a propensity for all things food and fashion has amassed a following of 11.3 million and has garnered a whopping 508.3 million likes. 

Mariko has since found herself navigating the victories and failures of being a TikTok star. She has found herself making cookies with unexpected guest Karlie Kloss, getting virtual high fives for her Frito pie video, and feeling the heat when TikTok wasn't impressed with Mariko's mint tea. The influencer has definitely had her fair share of love and hate on TikTok, and her recent post about a simple citrusy pasta recipe is no different as users on the app chimed in with their thoughts.

When life hands you lemons

In a video that has received over 5.5 million views, Mariko shares an easy way to turn pasta into a meal with just pasta, lemons, a lot of butter, and grated Parmesan cheese. The video shows Mariko making spaghetti in salted water. After the pasta has been strained, she takes halved lemons and squeezes them over the pasta, while using a strainer to catch the seeds. She throws the squeezed lemons into the pot along with the butter and then pours a ladle of hot pasta water over the noodles. Mariko mixes it up before dishing the pasta into a bowl. The final step: She tops with the freshly grated cheese and digs in. 

While the post has received 668.8 likes, unfortunately, not everyone thinks this one is a win — or at least those who chose to leave a comment. One fan wrote, "I don't know about this one emmm." And another felt it was lacking something, offering, "Needs more seasoning." While another wondered, "What exactly would you do with that lemon ... it's a no for me." Still, we're a fan of the philosophy of the individual who wrote, "Lemon butter pasta is amazing besties don't knock it til you try it." And, after all, Giada De Laurentiis makes a similar Lemon Spaghetti, so Mariko is in good company.