The Trader Joe's Item Reddit Thinks Is Flavorless

If you're looking for some new cookies and sweet snacks to munch on, Trader Joe's fans will have plenty of recommendations for you. Customers couldn't get enough of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, and seasonal items like these shortbread yogurt cookies often fly off the shelves. The brand's ice cream sandwiches have made mouths water, and these ice cream sandwiches feature chocolate chip cookies and extra chocolate chips around the sides. But when it comes to your regular chocolate chip cookie straight out of the package, you might find better luck at another grocery store.

On the Trader Joe's subreddit, u/BigSchloss2123 posted a photo of Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Cookies from the bakery section, and their review was pretty scathing. The caption of the post reads, "Was worried I had COVID, turns out the Chocolate Chip Cookies just have no taste." It looks like the chocolatey, buttery, and brown sugar goodness you can typically find in a chocolate chip cookie just didn't come through at all.

While Trader Joe's might be the place for specialty snacks, anyone craving this classic dessert would likely have a more delicious cookie baked from scratch. Thankfully, these cookies are relatively easy to whip up, especially when you follow the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Here's what Reddit says about Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the comments section of the post, other Trader Joe's shoppers agreed that these cookies have no distinct taste, although that doesn't always stop folks from adding them to their shopping cart. One person wrote, "Yeah, I really can't disagree with you. There is something remarkably flavorless about these cookies. My body is like "sugar" though, so I stuff myself anyway. They fulfill that generic chewy cookie need." Another Reddit user said that this item looks better than it actually tastes.

A few Trader Joe's shoppers mentioned that the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are the tastier option. One person elaborated on the taste of the gluten-free cookies, saying "they have that amazing buttery/brown sugar taste that crunchier cookies have. God they're so good with milk too." People added that the vegan cookies were another delicious alternative.

Besides the vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, Redditors chimed in with some of their other favorite bakery products. These include the molasses cookies and oatmeal cranberry white chocolate cookies. And if you really want to explore everything the cookie world has to offer, here are 70 cookie recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.