Yard House Menu Items Ranked Worst To Best

Yard House is a sports bar restaurant chain that scoffs in the face of limited menus everywhere. If you and a group of friends are looking for an eatery that serves such a wide variety of food and drink you'll feel like the world was flipped on its head, then Yard House is undeniably the restaurant to try. 

According to its website, patrons at Yard House can enjoy "the world's largest selection of draft beer along with a menu with more than 100 items made from scratch daily": That really is a boatload of options! A menu this extensive means there's certainly something for everyone in your group you visit, and that means smiling faces all around once the night finally comes to an end.

Now, as impressive as it is to serve up over 100 different menu items, one of the downsides of creating so many different kinds of dishes on a nightly basis is that it's tough to ensure that every single item has the same level of quality.  There's so much to pay attention to in the restaurant kitchen that certain items are bound to suffer. 

Fortunately, you don't have to succumb to the disappointment of ordering those subpar dishes. Yard House prides itself on serving a ton of variety, but that doesn't mean every option will have your taste buds jumping for joy. If you are venturing out to Yard House, it's best to discover which menu items are the best. 

30. Kale and Romaine Caesar Salad

When you go out to eat, keeping things healthy isn't exactly the game plan most of the time. Dining out is a special occasion, and that means leaving many of those diet-forward habits at home so you can truly indulge in an enjoyable meal. But, if you do decide to keep things slightly healthy by ordering up a salad to start your meal, you should probably avoid the Kale and Romaine Caesar.

This salad has a kale and romaine base, and then the greens are topped with roasted Brussels sprouts, pistachios, raisins, baby tomatoes, croutons, and shaved Parmesan. The addition of pistachios adds a nice crunch and the Brussels sprouts are an unusual ingredient that isn't typically part of most salads; however, the kale and romaine are quite dry, and they leave your mouth in desperate need of hydration. The greens are dry and unpleasant: This salad simply isn't worth it. 

29. Chicken Tortilla Soup

When made correctly,  a bowl of hot soup at the beginning of any meal can act as a wonderfully warm and comforting start to the rest of the meal. The warm broth relaxes your taste buds and gets them ready for the array of flavors that will soon dance across them and, hopefully, leave them more than satisfied. Yard House has two soup options to choose from, and one of these is the Chicken Tortilla Soup. The name might sound intriguing, but unfortunately, the end result is just the opposite.

The base of the soup is a creamy white cheddar and chicken broth, and roasted pasilla, tortilla strips, pico de gallo, avocado, and cilantro sit in that broth. While the combination of flavors should make for a hot bowl of excitement, the broth is just plain bland. Most of the flavors are derived from all the fixings piled on top, but sadly, the broth itself lends nothing to the dish. You'd be better off asking for the soup without any broth at all.

28. BBQ Chicken Salad

One way to up your salad game is to add some protein to hang out with those veggies. A bowl of vegetables only can feel so boring, but if you slap a bit of meat into the mixture, you're looking at a dish that could be considered a full meal instead of a starter. Yard House has plenty of salads that also contain meat, and one that might pique your interest is the BBQ Chicken Salad. But, as enticing as the list of ingredients is, just know that you'll probably feel pretty underwhelmed after taking the first few bites.

The strips of barbecue chicken that are laid on top of the salad are clearly supposed to act as the main attraction here, but your taste buds will certainly not feel attracted to them once they get the first taste. The chicken strips are super dry, and the only bit of moisture they contain is derived from that drizzle of barbecue sauce. 

If you remove the chicken, you'll have a bowl of mixed greens, avocado, corn, cheddar cheese, and Monterey Jack cheese, tortilla strips, tomatoes, pinto beans, fried onions, and cilantro, all coated in a creamy chipotle ranch. This salad is actually quite good without the chicken, as the rest of the ingredients taste rather fresh and juicy, and the chicken sadly doesn't.

27. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Since so many people are hopping aboard the health train nowadays, lettuce wraps have plowed their way into society with full force. Eliminating carb-heavy bread buns and replacing them with lettuce is a great way to eat healthier while still enjoying the great taste of whatever is nestled inside the wrap. Yard House offers guests Chicken Lettuce Wraps as a starter option. This wrap contains tofu, which is super healthy stuff. However, just because this wrap is low on carbs and has tofu listed on the ingredients list doesn't mean its worth your time.

This wrap contains chunks of chicken and tofu and green onions served in a crispy wonton cup with sides of sweet chili sauce and a spicy peanut vinaigrette. The two sauces are actually packed with zesty flavor, but the ingredients you're pouring them on aren't packed with much of anything, which is a shame because if the chicken and tofu were seasoned well, these wraps would be great.

26. Three Cheese Pizza

When you want to eat pizza, but you're not really in the mood for fancy toppings, ordering a cheese pizza that contains different kinds of cheese is always a good idea. There are some cheeses that definitely don't pair well together, but there are others that embrace each other and sing majestic songs on your palate. Yard House isn't one to let a pizza fly solo with just one kind of cheese, so it offers a Three Cheese Pizza with, you guessed it, three different types of queso.

One of the three kinds of cheese used in this pizza is mozzarella: How could you make a pie without this classic cheese? Then, fontina cheese and Parmesan are added to spruce up the cheesy flavor. While all three varieties combine nicely to make a pie worth eating if you're craving a pizza sans toppings; however, if you're craving a punch of flavor should probably pick something else on the menu. There are certainly multiple available options. 

25. Sesame-Crusted Ahi

Sometimes when you're hungry, your appetite implores you to head for some turf, but other times, it's in the mood to go the opposite direction and get its surf on. It can be a nice change to dive into some delicate ocean dwellers as opposed to the heartier land grazing animals. If you're sitting at Yard House and that sudden feeling for the creatures of the sea washes over you like a wave crashing into the shore, the Sesame-Crusted Ahi entrée option might jump out at you. But, this is one of the surf options you'll want to swim away from. 

The strip of ahi tuna in this dish is crusted in sesame seeds, sprinkled with bits of fried garlic, and seared rare so that it retains a lovely pink color in the center. The fish is served alongside jasmine rice, charred baby broccoli, and baby tomatoes that all rest in a creamy ponzu sauce. Unfortunately, while the ponzu sauce is a great accompaniment to the veggies and rice, it can't salvage this incredibly dry cut of tuna. Don't allow yourself to be fooled by the rare center: This dish should be avoided at all costs.

24. Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich

Some days, your appetite screams, "To heck with utensils! We want something we can eat with our hands!" If you're in the mood for a handheld meal, then a sandwich is one of your best options. Sandwiches are delicious bread-based vessels that are available in an almost limitless amount of different flavor combinations. Slapping some fish on a sandwich never hurt anyone, which is why Yard House offers the Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich on its menu. You might opt for this sandwich if you're craving some surf between two slices of bread.

The golden filet of beer-battered whitefish is served on a toasted brioche bun over a tuft of malt vinegar slaw. Due to the fact that the whitefish is rather bland, the malt vinegar slaw steals the show here. The slaw is super tangy and does a great job of slicing right through that fried batter flavor of the fish. The fish isn't necessarily unappetizing, it just doesn't have much flavor. However, pairing it together with the slaw makes this a sandwich that might be worth exploring if you're in the mood to eat some fish with your hands.

23. Baja Fish Taco

There's something about the word "baja" that makes you feel like you just entered a party and you're ready to rock and roll all night long. Throw that word in front of a menu item, and you can rest easy knowing that there's a culinary party waiting to enter your mouth. So, when you notice the Baja Fish Taco on Yard House's menu, you're might be tempted to start the food fiesta stat. Well, if you're looking to enjoy both fish and tacos in the same handful, you might as well take the plunge.

The Baja Fish Taco consists of a strip of golden-fried fish topped with crushed avocado, shredded cabbage, cilantro, salsa roja, and sriracha aioli for a nice kick of heat (gotta heat up the party, right?). Although the whitefish doesn't pack a whole lotta flavor, the rest of the ingredients complement the flakiness quite nicely, and the salsa roja and sriracha aioli do a great job of tying everything together.

22. Bread Pudding with Crème Anglaise

Which two words both have seven letters, start with the letter "d" but are basically antonyms?: "Dentist" and "dessert." While many tooth doctors might cringe at the thought of ingesting an ultra-sugary after-dinner treat, sometimes,  you just gotta treat yourself. Well, one way to get your sugar fix while sending shivers down your dentist's spine is to order Yard House's Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise dessert.

This is a pretty decadent dessert that is a welcome conclusion to a meal that is full of rich and savory flavors. The cube of bread pudding is moist and delicate, and it melts in your mouth the way bread pudding should. But Yard House kicks things up several notches by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, drizzling the sugary tower with vanilla bean and caramel sauces, and then dusting the whole plate in powdered sugar. Every bite is rich, and the flavors really stand out. 

21. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque

There's something so satisfying about dunking food. The fact you get to control how big or small a dunk your food receives makes you feel in complete control. Additionally, dunking is so satisfying: The fact that you know you're enhancing the flavor of your food each time you dunk it into a sauce jacuzzi is truly a wonderful feeling. Yard House doesn't want anyone who loves dunking food to be left out of the loop, which is why it offers the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque. If you wanna feel that funk with the dunk, then this is the option that has your name all over it.

This is a great menu item because it gives you a soup and a sandwich all in one go. Secondly, you get to dunk the heck out of that sandwich. The grilled cheese has yellow and white cheddar, Swiss cheese, fontina cheese, and roasted tomatoes. The tomato bisque is super rich and sweet, which makes the combination of the soup with the richness of the cheese totally awesome. Plus, the soup soaks into the bread and gives the whole thing a wonderful soft-but-still-slightly-crunchy texture.

20. Everything-Crusted Ahi Sandwich

When the mood for seafood really strikes hard, you might want an amount of fish that might seem intimidating to some people. But sometimes, that's the only thing that will satisfy the oceanic urge, and that's okay. So, if that urge happens to hit you like a lightning strike while perusing the menu at Yard House, you absolutely have to opt for the  "Everything-Crusted" Ahi Sandwich. The picture of this sandwich alone tells you exactly how much fish you're about to get into, so you might want to have a snorkel handy just in case.

The strips of tuna used on this burger are seared rare and stacked high, which gives you a boatload of tuna flavor in every single bite. The tuna sits atop sautéed shiitake mushrooms, and it's topped with arugula, house steak sauce, and white truffle sauce. The tuna is super tender and flaky, and the sauces give every bite pizzazz (when the dish contains white truffle sauce, how can every bite not scream pizzazz?). The mushrooms also lend a nice earthiness to the strong tuna flavor, which makes this a pretty great sandwich overall. 

19. Firecracker Shrimp

There are many words that can be used to describe a firecracker, and one of these is "exciting." The loud explosion and the eruption of dazzling colored embers send thrills up your spine. It's nice to have a meal that has the same kind of excitement in every bite. Yard House offers Firecracker Shrimp as a meal starter, and there's a very good reason the word "firecracker" is in the name. These little shrimp pack an exciting flavor punch.

The shrimp are fried in a tempura batter, which gives them a nice crunch whilst still adding a certain lightness that is way nicer than regular batter. The shrimp are then tossed in a sweet chili sriracha sauce that is loaded with explosive flavor. The balance between the sweet and spicy is so excellent that you don't ever want this dish to end. Plus, the shrimp are all piled onto a crispy rice cake base that provides a great textural complement to the soft crustaceans.

18. Blackened Ahi Sashimi

One of the cool things about going to a place that offers so many different options is that there are bound to be at least a few unique things on the menu you wouldn't often find at a sports bar kind of place like Yard House. So, if you're in the mood for something different at Yard House, you should consider the Blackened Ahi Sashimi. Sashimi isn't something you usually eat while tossing back beers and watching the Yankees game at a bustling bar, but that's exactly what makes this dish interesting.

The thin slices of ahi tuna are seared on the outside and super rare on the inside, so the fish retains a wonderful glossy pink color in the middle. The pieces are served over a soy vinaigrette that has tiny dollops of wasabi which provide a brief-but-intense kick of heat. The fish is served alongside an array of pickled veggies. The soy vinaigrette is a wonderfully salty and slightly sweet flavor that coats each piece of tuna thoroughly, so each bite is delicately flaky and full of umami goodness.

17. Pepper Jack Burger

When the urge for a juicy burger strikes, the only thing that will satisfy that desire is a burger. You need to feel the sensation of lifting up a monstrous patty of meat and feeling the juices roll down your chin with every bite. Well, Yard House has you covered with a bunch of different burger options, and one of these is the Pepper Jack Burger. This half-pound patty will definitely leave you feeling like you made the right decision.

The ingredient list of this burger is short and sweet. It consists of half a pound of prime blend beef topped with roasted poblano peppers, pepper jack cheese, and sriracha mayo. If you're the kind of person who likes a little bit of heat but doesn't enjoy anything too intense, then don't worry about the poblano peppers scorching your tongue; they're relatively mild, and they offer more flavor than spice. The sriracha mayo on this sandwich adds most of the heat to this burger while also offering a nice creaminess that cuts through the salty richness of the beef.

16. Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

If you ever get a chance to visit Nashville, Tennessee, then you should definitely try the hot chicken. Nashville is famous for its hot chicken, and you can find it at several different spots around the city. But luckily for you, just because hot chicken is highly common in Nashville doesn't mean you have to travel all the way there to sample some of that famous chicken. Yard House is one of the places where you can snag yourself a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and bask in the glory that Nashville has given to food culture.

The sandwich is simple, but the resulting flavor is far from simple. The filet of fried chicken is super crispy and juicy in the center, and it has enough spice to satisfy someone looking for a kick of heat. The chicken is topped with white cheddar cheese, then it sits on top of a creamy pile of spicy-sweet slaw. The vinegar in the slaw cuts through the fried richness of the chicken, and it also adds more heat to the whole thing. Thank you, Nashville. We owe you one.

15. Carnivore Pizza

When you order something that has the word "carnivore" in its name, you know exactly what to expect: It's a meat party all night long, and veggies aren't invited. Yard House's Carnivore Pizza has an extra meaty vibe. This pizza doesn't have a single speck of green in sight when it shows up at the table: Just meat, meat, and, you guessed it, even more meat!

The base of the pizza is comprised of the standard marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, but that disc of crispy dough is piled with thick slices of pepperoni, chunks of seasoned beef, juicy morsels of spicy sausage, and crispy bacon. Every bite is extremely rich, which is exactly what you're in the mood for when the craving for an ultra-carnivorous meal hits. This pizza looks intense, so prepare yourself for the post-dinner meat sweats. It's okay, though: This delectable meal is definitely worth it. 

14. Maui Pineapple Chicken

Pineapple can be an incredibly polarizing ingredient: Some people enjoy the juicy chunks of fruit when they're added to rich and savory dishes for that sweet-and-savory sensation, while others don't want it anywhere near their food unless it's in a fruit salad. Well, for those who do enjoy the sweet chunks of yellow fruit paired with a protein, Yard House has a Maui Chicken Pineapple dish, and it's a great way to enjoy two different flavor profiles that truly belong together.

The cut of chicken is thick and super succulent, and it's grilled with the pineapple, so both the meat and fruit have a lovely charred flavor. The chicken is served alongside baby broccoli and jasmine rice, as well as a cup of sweet soy ginger sauce. The sauce is thick, sweet, and tangy, and it's a great accompaniment to an already juicy piece of meat. This dish is sweet-and-savory heaven. 

13. Fontina Vodka Penne

If the ultimate goal of your night out is to arrive back home with a stomach stuffed so full that you might end up taking a nap that rivals Rip Van Winkle, pasta is a sure-fire way to do so. Well, Yard House is fully prepared to place you into a food coma with several of the dishes, but few of them pack the after-dinner comatose punch quite like the Fontina Vodka Penne. If you order this dish, get ready to scratch everything off of your to-do list for the next several hours.

The name alone sounds heavy leaving your lips, which is a sign of what's to come. Expect a heaping pile of rich penne alla vodka, topped with an already decadent whole cutlet of grilled chicken covered with melted fontina cheese. It's a whole lotta cheese and carbs, so maybe have a little pep talk with your stomach beforehand to get it ready. The dish is definitely delicious, but prepare yourself to share it with others just in case your stomach throws up the white flag early.

12. Shiitake Garlic Noodles

It might seem odd that Yard House has a noodle dish that is listed as an appetizer, particularly because most pasta dishes are so filling that they're classified as entrée. But, Yard House breaks the rules here and puts Shiitake Garlic Noodles in the appetizer section. Sure, you can order this dish as an entrée, as well, but after one bite, you realize why this falls under the section that's meant for sharing. Everyone at your table will certainly want some after trying it.

The noodles used are Chinese Egg Noodles, which are much lighter than the starchy stuff you find in nearly all pasta entrée. The egg noodles are tossed with savory chunks of shiitake mushrooms, garlic, honey, Parmesan cheese, and chives. The honey really ropes in every other ingredient here, and its sweetness, alongside the earthy mushrooms and salty Parmesan cheese, creates an addictive dish that you, and the people at your table, will simply love.

11. Vampire Taco

You can't look through the Yard House menu without the words "Vampire Taco" jumping out at you. How often do you see the name of a mythical creature when ordering food?: It's probably pretty rare. So, when the Vampire Taco piques your interest, reading the list of ingredients in this little handheld gem should pique the interest of your appetite, as well. Sometimes you just have to trust your blood-sucking gut and dive into some Transylvanian folklore.

The word "vampire" here refers to the "vampire-style" taco shell, which is a tortilla crusted in cheese. What exactly does a cheese-crusted tortilla have to do with vampires? Who knows, but it tastes awesome. The tortilla is filled with succulent pieces of seasoned carnitas, bacon, roasted garlic, crushed avocado, salsa roja, sour cream, and cilantro. The meat erupts with flavor, and every other ingredient just takes the flavor to a more exciting level. This taco is salty, meaty, creamy, and a little spicy. What more could you possibly want from a taco?

10. Cali Roll Stack

When you have a lot of ingredients together in one dish, it's imperative that you present them in a way that doesn't seem like you lazily scattered them on a plate with no kind of thought process whatsoever. And one way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing arrangement is to meticulously stack things up into an organized cylindrical tower (think of the tuna tartare stacks at Japanese restaurants). Well, Yard House puts its stacking prowess on display with the Cali Roll Stack. A lot of ingredients come together in one cohesive and delicious unit.

This carefully constructed stack contains chunks of delicate crab, baby tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, serrano chilis, masago, nori, and sweet soy marinated ginger. All these ingredients are then tossed in a pickled ginger aioli and stacked on top of a crispy rice cake. There are so many great textures and fantastic flavors happening in every bite that it's almost impossible not to keep coming back for more. The pickled ginger aioli is vinegary and spicy, and it helps elevate everything it coats, especially the delicious chunks of crab.

9. Brookie

Skipping out on a fantastic dessert at the end of a meal is a real rookie mistake. It's one thing to pass on something you've had before, but when you have the chance to order something fairly new and unusual, you gotta take the opportunity to indulge. When you're at Yard House, do yourself a favor and order a Brookie once the meal is over. Even if your stomach feels like it's gonna explode, make room for at least one bite.

The word "brookie" is a portmanteau combining "brownie" and "cookie." The base of the dessert is made from a thick cookie dough fudge brownie that could stand as a dessert on its own. However, Yard House ups the ante with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the brownie along with a drizzle of chocolate and caramel sauces. The brownie is warm and moist, the ice cream and cool and creamy, and the sauces tie it all together wonderfully well. 

8. Nashville Hot Chicken and Pancakes

Chicken and waffles are a hugely popular item, and the dish has begun to creep its way into the rest of the country as well. The combination of the savory chicken and the sweet syrup-slathered waffles works wonders together, so that can only mean one thing: Pancakes probably work just as well (if not better) with chicken, right? Well, it turns out that they absolutely do: If you're looking for proof, all you have to do is order Yard House's Nashville Hot Chicken and Pancakes

The dish consists of two incredibly juicy pieces of fried chicken, a short stack of sweet potato pancakes, and pickles. Ranch and hot honey sauce are served in cups on the side so you can dunk and pour your heart out. The fact that the pancakes are made from sweet potato is super unique, and it gives the pancakes themselves a sweet flavor before the honey is even poured. The pickles are a great palate cleanser after every bite, with the vinegar cuts right through the sweet-and-savory sensation.

7. Spicy Jambalaya

"Jambalaya" is a fun word to say, but it's an even better meal to eat. The mixture of veggies and meats all combined with either rice or pasta is as filling as it is delicious. Yard House has its own version of jambalaya for those who want a taste of Louisiana without having to travel all the way down South, and the Spicy Jambalaya does a great job of keeping things as authentic as one can outside of the Big Easy.

Diners can choose between either white rice or linguine. This dish is served with a heaping portion of juicy blackened shrimp, rich chunks of andouille sausage, crawfish, chicken, and peppers that are bathed in a deliciously spicy Cajun cream sauce. The seafood is delicate, and it possesses that wonderfully salty hint of the ocean, the sausage and chicken are dripping with juices, and the Cajun cream sauce is the perfect broth to tie all these ingredients together.

6. Poke Nachos

How exactly do you take a staple appetizer like nachos and kick it up so many notches that it might seem impossible ever to go back to a tray of the regular stuff ever again? Well, Yard House figured out how to do just that, and they pulled out all the stops in order to do it. Once you order the Poke Nachos, get ready to never look at a plate of tortilla chips the same way again: You've been warned.

So, what exactly does a tray of astoundingly unique nachos look like? Well, for one, the protein in this dish consists of juicy morsels of marinated raw ahi tuna. That's right, Yard House aptly sushi-fies machos. Instead of tortilla chips, this starter contains crispy wontons. The tuna is topped with chunks of avocado, serranos, green onions, little strips of nori, sesame seeds, cilantro, sriracha aioli, sweet soy ginger sauce, and white truffle sauce. Sit back and think about that list for a while. This is one epic version of nachos that should never be overlooked.

5. Korean Ribeye

If you had to pray to the carnivore gods and ask them to send you something so rich and juicy it would leave you staring into space in a celestial daze of flavor, the gods would respond by sending a fat ribeye your way. Ribeyes are known for having intense marbling throughout, and the fat cooks away as the meat heats up and permeates the whole thing, making every bite a fatty flavor eruption. Well, Yard House takes things one step further with the Korean Ribeye by adding some Asian flare to enhance an already astounding piece of meat.

This 20-ounce bone-in ribeye was created for serious carnivores only. It's marinated in sweet soy ginger sauce, which gives it an amazing flavor in addition to the juicy taste explosion created by the already-flavor-packed meat. The marinade has a nice spicy bite thanks to the ginger, but the thick sweetness works perfectly with every fatty bite. You might think 20 ounces is a lot, but you'll find yourself gobbling this ribeye down and wanting more when the flavor fiesta comes to an end.

4. Mac and Cheese

When you make your basic macaroni and cheese without trying anything new or exciting, it can be pretty tough to screw up. However, once you start harnessing your inner chef and experimenting with a bunch of ingredients, sometimes you can end up with a less-than-satisfying array of flavors. However, other times you absolutely nail it, like Yard House does with its Mac and Cheese. You'll find that every ingredient adds up to a more-than-memorable bowl of cheesy pasta.

This cheddar macaroni and cheese has all sorts of goodies nestled inside it that take it to the next level. This dish also contains bacon, chunks of chicken, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, grated Parmesan cheese, and the crème de la crème: White truffle oil. Plus, there's a panko cheddar crust that is baked on top of it all, giving each gooey an awesome crunch. Interestingly, the mushrooms really shine through the macaroni here, and they lend an earthy and necessary flavor profile to the entire dish.

3. Thai Grilled Pork Chop

If you were a kid growing up in the '90s, then you probably remember Porkchop, the dog in the classic Nickelodeon television show "Doug." Then, once you grew up and your palate developed, Porkchop stopped being a beloved dog's name and started becoming an awesome cut of meat to enjoy. Well, if you hit up the Yard House with an appetite for something delicious that also fulfills your Nickelodeon nostalgia, order up the Thai Grilled Pork Chop.

At 11 ounces, this is one thick slab of pork, which means that your appetite will be smiling when this dish hits the table in front of you. The chop is served with an eclectic variety of veggies, including basil-cilantro-cauliflower "fried rice," bok choy, carrots, baby broccoli, and shiitake mushrooms. But, the best part is the spicy honey sauce served on the side that gives this cut of meat an awesome drizzle of sweet heat that adds a level of addictive flavor you didn't even know you wanted.

2. Kurobuta Pork Burger

You don't often see pork burgers on a menu, so when you do, you need to take a good glance at the ingredients because you might be passing up the opportunity to dive into something that'll truly blow your socks off. Case in point: The Yard House Kurobuta Pork Burger. This is one burger that nestles its way into the menu and screams louder than all the other burgers combined, which means you better listen closely or leave full of foodie regret.

First of all, let's talk about the pork: Kurobuta pork (meaning "black hog" pork) comes from the Berkshire pig, and this specially bred pork is right up there with Wagyu beef in terms of quality. So, you know that each patty you bite into will erupt with juicy flavor. But, the luxurious pork is accompanied by white American cheese, arugula, spicy candied bacon, and house-made blueberry ketchup. Yes, wrap your mind around all those flavor profiles. 

The sweet blueberry ketchup complements the rich pork like you wouldn't believe, and with help from the sweet-and-salty candied bacon, you have a mouth full of flavors that constantly compete for first place, even though, in the end, they all deserve gold medals.

1. Korean BBQ Cheesesteak

Going out to a Korean barbecue restaurant is such a cool experience. You order a slew of meats that you get to actually grill on a small fire stove in the middle of your table. You are served a variety of accouterments along with the raw meat, and you spend the meal mixing and matching all the fantastic ingredients and customizing your meal as you eat. 

Now, Yard House might not offer the same grilling experience as that, but it does offer the Korean BBQ Cheesesteak that captures all the mind-blowing flavors of Korean barbecue in one sandwich. This is the kind of meal that warrants multiple return visits so that you can enjoy it again and again. To make this cheesesteak, a toasted hoagie roll is filled to the brim with chopped ribeye, melted white cheddar, kimchi, spicy gochujang sauce, caramelized onions, and roasted garlic aioli. You almost can't believe how good this thing is, and it gets better with every bite. 

The ribeye is thinly shaved, so it melts in your mouth, the melted white cheddar gives everything a gooey and amazing mouthfeel, and the kimchi and gochujang steal the whole show by offering a mesmerizingly unique tangy heat you just can't find in most places. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more delicious combination of ingredients than this incredible Korean BBQ Cheesesteak.