Costco Fans Aren't So Sure About Its New Poke Bowl Kits

Since fish can get pretty expensive, you might be tempted to purchase it at stores like Costco, where you can typically find products cheaper. However, Costco customers have been split on whether the store's fish products are worth the buy. For example, Costco shoppers were divided on ocean-farmed fish, but the store's gluten-free cod was turning heads on social media. Now, there's another fish item that's got Costco fans on Instagram talking. 

Instagram user Costco Buys (@costcobuys) recently posted a video of Tasty Poke Bowl kits. Based on the video, it looks like these bowls include smoked salmon, and in the post's caption, Costco Buys explains that the kit also includes sauce for the bowl, rice, and seasonings. One package comes with two bowls. The total for this product comes out to $13.49, and the caption says, "I love how it's ready to eat in just 2 minutes!" Although Costco Buys' review seems more positive, Instagram commenters think otherwise.

Here's what shoppers are saying about Costco's poke bowl kits

Wondering what's the problem with the poke bowls? The main complaint that people have about these poke bowl kits is that it isn't fresh fish, and one person even said that this doesn't count as poke. In the comments section of the Instagram post, one shopper said, "Poke is meant to be eaten fresh. So is the rice! The idea of this sounds awful! And, way too expensive."

Another person commented on the freshness of the fish saying, "I love poke but idk about this ... sounds sketchy. Like eating sushi at a supermarket." You should think twice before buying sushi from Trader Joe's, and nearly 55% of people think that Walmart has the worst sushi out of several grocery stores.

Still, there were some people who enjoyed these poke bowls. One person said, "I loved those!!! Was sad I couldn't find them again after the last time I got them." Ultimately, how you feel about these poke bowls might come down to what other options are in your local area. This Instagram user wrote, "I love these, not the same as the real fresh ones in Hawaii. But I can say its way better than some of the Poke shops in the DMV."

If you can find some fresh fish, you can make your own poke bowl. Just follow our recipe for an easy homemade poke bowl, and finish it off with your favorite vegetables.