Gordon Ramsay's Tip For Beautiful-Looking Rice

One of the most recognizable names in the culinary world, Gordon Ramsay, has been teaching us how to cook via his many cooking shows over the decades. With Ranker listing the top 15 Ramsay-centered cooking shows, the British chef has been a mainstay on cable for years. The fact that he even has at least 15 shows to rank highlights how popular the sometimes controversial Ramsay is. There's just something satisfying about watching an angry Ramsay yell one of his many harsh catchphrases at contestants.

Beyond the TV screen, the chef is just as popular online, especially on social media outlets like Instagram, where Ramsay offers a sneak peek into his life, and TikTok, where an often horrified Ramsay reacts to questionable-looking dishes. Constantly expanding his culinary empire, the master chef is helping amateur cooks learn tips and tricks through his various social media accounts, including how to make beautiful-looking rice.

When life gives you lemons

What at first glance might seem like an easy dish to prepare, rice can be somewhat tricky to master. There are plenty of easy mistakes to be made when cooking rice that can be hard to avoid. A hack to up your rice dish is to have the grains look delicious.

Pretty rice is easy to achieve, and on a recent YouTube upload, Ramsay divulged the ultimate tip for beautiful grains: Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to the pot while cooking to keep the rice looking nice and bright. Ramsay's previous tip in the same video for the true cooking novice ensures you'll get the maximum juice out of your lemon: Simply roll the fruit under your palm hard for about a minute before juicing.

The chef should probably stick to white rice, as Ramsay's egg-fried rice was a problem for some people online. However, sometimes it's easiest to keep to the classics, and a simple white rice recipe is elevated aesthetically by just a few drops of lemon juice.