Carlos Leo

Miami, FL
Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre Y Maestra
Mediterranean, Dominican, And Ethnically Diverse Recipes
  • Carlos is passionate about food and he loves to experiment with different cuisines and seasonal ingredients.
  • Carlos has over six years of experience developing recipes for his blog, Spoonabilities.
  • Carlos has over five years of experience developing recipes and photographing food and food products for various USA and international food brands.


Carlos has been developing recipes for the past six years for his food blog and online gourmet shop. He also has developed recipes, managed stylized food photoshoots, and been the recipe photographer for many food brands such as Flora Fine Foods. He does product photography and some of his customers include Naked Protein and Revol Porcelaine.


Carlos has a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic.
Stories By Carlos Leo