Jennine Rye

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The Open University, British Academy Of Photography
Baking, Gluten Free Meals, Recipe Development, Photography
  • Jen is a recipe developer and food photographer for Mashed.
  • She has been baking and developing her cooking skillset for the past 13 years, with a special passion for gluten free food following a bout of illness and diagnosis of celiac disease.
  • Jen has recently started her own blog, The Marshside Pantry, to share her recipes as well as food photography.


After many years of cooking and baking as a much-loved hobby, the pandemic finally prompted Jen to take the plunge and start up her own business as a food photographer, recipe developer, and blogger. Due to a bout of illness as a teenager, Jen became obsessed with everything to do with food and spent her days devouring cookbooks and learning how to create and adapt recipes to suit various dietary requirements. Since beginning her blog, The Marshside Pantry, Jen has collaborated with various businesses in the food and entertainment industry as both a photographer and food developer.


Jen studied for a BSc in psychology with the Open University in the UK. Since then she has followed her passion for photography and is currently an undergrad at the British Academy of Photography.
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