Denny's Will Have You Falling All Over These Returning Pancakes

If you've stocked up on pumpkin puree this year, there are a lot of ways to start your day with pumpkin in your breakfast. This pumpkin oatmeal is sure to keep you full until lunch, and this pumpkin pie smoothie is a great way to use up any bananas that are turning brown. Need something you can eat on the go? Keep some of this pumpkin spice granola on hand for a quick snack or as fuel for a fall hike. But if you're planning to eat out and are craving some pumpkin sweets, there's plenty of restaurant chains that have something decadent in store.

Earlier this year, IHOP announced that its fall menu includes pumpkin pie pancakes and "Scary Face Pancakes," but this isn't the only breakfast place serving up sweet pumpkin treats. According to Brand Eating, pumpkin pancakes have just returned to Denny's fall menu for a limited time, and customers will be able to choose between two types of pumpkin pancakes.

Denny's is serving up pumpkin pancakes two ways

Denny's is rolling into fall with two versions of pumpkin pancakes, and if you prefer to keep things simple, there's the option of the regular Pumpkin Pancakes (perĀ Thrillist). These pancakes are made with pumpkin pie filling in Denny's classic buttermilk pancake batter. Last year, Denny's released a pumpkin pancake topped with pecans, and this year, the restaurant is doing something similar.

According to Denny's website, customers can also order So Pumped-Kin Pancakes, which are "buttermilk pancakes cooked with real pumpkin pie filling, glazed pecans, and white chocolate chips topped with Pecan Pie Sauce." Thrillist explains that the main difference between these pancakes and last year's version are the addition of the white chocolate chips. If you ever combined a pumpkin pie and pecan pie, we imagine it would taste just like these. Customers can enjoy these pancakes as a full breakfast with eggs, hash browns, and bacon or sausage, for those who need some savory sides to accompany their sweets.