The 21 Best Cheesecake Factory Cocktails, Ranked Worst To Best

You can't please everyone all of the time, but when gathering a big group with varying tastes, The Cheesecake Factory is the ideal restaurant for many. Not only does it have a wide variety of cuisines, but its menu also includes breakfast, desserts (of course), and cocktails. The Cheesecake Factory has been filling hungry stomachs since 1978, when its first restaurant opened in Beverly Hills, according to their website. Since then, it has built up a reputation as a purveyor of not only cheesecake, but of nearly every kind of dish you can imagine. There's enough variety spread across the 21-page menu to delight even the pickiest of eaters, but when it comes to their cocktails, there are some options that are hit or miss. 

The chain has put its own riff on some classics with varying degrees of success, so we've rounded up the best of The Cheesecake Factory's cocktails so you don't have to. And just so you know, we pulled from the cocktail menu on their website without specifying any particular location, so there is a chance your local establishment's menu may vary. If you've been craving a trip to The Cheesecake Factory (in addition to a cocktail), here are the chain's best cocktails ranked from worst to best.

21. Ultimate Margarita

There are many times that cutting corners is acceptable at the bar. Batching, for example, is a way that a bar can stay ahead of the rush and get high-quality drinks to the table faster. But when it comes to margaritas, it's simple enough that there's no need to take the easy route. By mixing just tequila, lime juice, triple sec, and agave nectar, you can have a lip-smacking margarita that's the perfect accompaniment for taco night. In a not so authentic move, many establishments use a sour mix — a concoction of water, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and natural flavors. As you would expect, it's super sweet.

While it seems The Cheesecake Factory doesn't actually use sour mix for its Ultimate Margarita (but rather an agave syrup, which isn't too far off), it sure tasted like it to one Yelp reviewer who ordered the chain's Ultimate Margarita and ended up with something that tasted a lot like a sour mix with no lime. It's not clear whether it was a mixup or what, but what is evident is that their version is sweet. With a drink as classic and straightforward as the margarita, there should be little room for error.

20. Georgia Peach

We really want to love The Cheesecake Factory's Georgia Peach cocktail. It's a blended cocktail that contains vodka, peach liqueur, peaches, and a bit of raspberry. At face value, it's a pretty tasty drink, as one Foursquare user noted. It's sweet and frozen, which always makes for an enjoyable and refreshing experience. It's also made with peaches, which is always a hit in the summer. But we can't ignore the lack of sourness in this drink. It comes across as just a sugary cocktail that lacks any kind of complexity, and instead delivers flat, uneventful sweetness.

There's probably a time and place for the Georgia Peach cocktail, like at the pool in 90 degree weather — or if you need something that can easily be made alcohol-free and appeal to the taste buds of kids. But in relation to other Cheesecake Factory drinks, it falls short on flavor and nuance.

19. J.W.'s Pink Lemonade

Even though the pink coloring in pink lemonade may not actually come from pink lemons, the drink has a certain nostalgia and playfulness that makes it rather fun to sip. The Cheesecake Factory's alcoholic rendition of the beverage is called J.W.'s Pink Lemonade and gets its hue from black raspberry liqueur. It also contains lemonade and Absolut Citron. There's a lot that redeems this drink from being a sugary mess. The usage of lemon-flavored Absolut, for example, helps to underscore the drink's primary goal: to taste like lemonade! And the raspberry liqueur gives the cocktail a fresh fruitiness and keeps it from venturing too far into overwhelmingly sour territory.

But that's where the good news stops, because this was a missed opportunity for The Cheesecake Factory cocktail team to bring in an herbaceous element. Mint, basil, and even tarragon would have worked well in this drink and helped to take it from mindless sipping to something more memorable. It's indeed a tasty drink, and as a Yelp reviewer wrote, it's also refreshing. But besides that, it's not much to write home about.

18. Strawberry Infused Margarita

We have a few bones to pick with The Cheesecake Factory's Strawberry Infused Margarita. If a drink is called a margarita, it should have a few key ingredients, such as tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, and a sweet component, which is usually agave. But The Cheesecake Factory's website lists the Strawberry Infused Margarita's ingredients as Espolòn tequila infused with strawberry, "fresh sour," and agave. So, the orange component is missing, which is probably fine from a flavor perspective, but from a margarita purist perspective, it may not qualify as a margarita.

In terms of flavor, it has a nice balance of sweet and tart, and the salted rim helps to add an additional element. Further, when the company posted the margarita on its Facebook page, the result was a chorus of excited comments about how delicious the drink looked. So, this may be a crowd-pleaser, but it's far one of The Cheesecake Factory's best cocktails.

17. Red Sangria

Fruit lovers know just how enjoyable a cold glass of sangria can be. It's rich and layered, with chunks of fresh apples and orange slices. The Cheesecake Factory created its own riff on the Spanish classic simply called Red Sangria. It's made with red wine and fresh fruit, but there isn't much more information regarding the other liquor in this drink. It should be a brandy or a cognac, which helps to add balance and prevent the drink from simply tasting like cold red wine.

In a roundup of the 13 best places to drink sangria in Islip, New York, Foursquare rated The Cheesecake Factory at number 3. It's a surprising inclusion, considering some of the other restaurants on the list prepare traditional Latin American cuisine. But part of The Cheesecake Factory's appeal is the range of dishes offered. So, authenticity aside, the sangria is good. Not great, but good enough to scratch a Sangria itch. And if you pair it with the Classic Basque Cheesecake, a blackened dessert that's uniquely Spanish Basque, you might just feel like you've been transported on a European getaway.

16. Mojito

It's hard to ruin a mojito. Unless you're heavy-handed with the sugar or mint, for example, the drink is inherently a balance of complementary flavors — and The Cheesecake Factory's version is a good take on the classic cocktail. There are no elements that skew too far in either direction. The restaurant chain muddles Don Q Cristal and Bacardi with mint. There's no mention on the website of added sugar, which is typical in mojitos, but it tastes as if sugar or syrup has been included. One Yelp reviewer referred to the cocktail as a "pleasant surprise." Maybe they didn't have the highest of expectations, but it's positive feedback nonetheless.

It's worth noting that The Cheesecake Factory has a "skinny" version of a mojito, and while it's not clear what the ingredients are, they seem to be overly sweet, according to another Yelp reviewer. The skinny margarita brought down the rating of the drink a bit, which is why we've included it towards the bottom of our list.

15. Strawberry Blossom

The Cheesecake Factory's Strawberry Blossom is a simple and refreshing take on a strawberry fizz-type cocktail. It contains strawberry-infused Botanist gin, agave, lime, and a splash of Prosecco. Sometimes simple is warranted. A nice steak, for example, really only needs salt and pepper to be outstanding. But this drink, while tasty, could benefit from one extra step. That could have been some muddled strawberry to add texture and depth, or some muddled mint to have a nice herbaceous infusion throughout the drink. But as it stands, it's an easy drink to sip on.

Aesthetically, it looks pleasing and it's served in a coupe glass, which automatically elevates simple cocktails to a new level of chic. We'll give it props for being downright delicious, but because the base recipe isn't quite a classic, there are a few ways the chain could have jazzed this up to really make it its own.

14. Passion Fruit Mojito

On its own, passion fruit can be tart. This tropical fruit hails from South America, explains California Rare Fruit Growers, but has become a popular way for food and drink lovers around the world to transport themselves somewhere warm and sunny. The Cheesecake Factory leverages the brightness of this fruit in its Passion Fruit Mojito, where it combines both Don Q and Sailor Jerry rums with mint and passion fruit. It isn't particularly more exciting and unique than a passion fruit mojito from any other bar. There's no personality to this drink and no customizations. 

But lack of creativity aside, it's tart, sweet, refreshing, and even "outstanding," according to one Yelp reviewer. This is the cocktail you want to drink before taking a dip into the ocean. As a chain, The Cheesecake Factory has mastered the art of scaling up recipes and making sure they're consistent across locations, and a drink like the Passion Fruit Mojito is a great example of how it can be done, albeit with some limitations.

13. Tropical Tiki Punch

With its Tropical Tiki Punch, we see a more creative side to The Cheesecake Factory's cocktail creation. There are 10 ingredients listed on the website including rum, Aperol, Bacardi Lime, guava juice, almond syrup, and Angostura Bitters. Tiki is an Americanization and exoticism of American Asian Pacific Islander culture, so this drink could easily be renamed to just Tropical Punch. But flavor-wise, the Tropical Tiki Punch packs a stunning combination of bright flavors. It feels summery and sweet, while including a nice amount of acidity from the citrus. Even though it looks like a glass of papaya juice, it's actually surprisingly layered and enjoyable. 

One Yelp reviewer noted how strong the drink was, which is a nice way for the restaurant chain to ensure this drink doesn't overwhelm the palate with sugar. This is a tasty cocktail to sip on over an appetizer platter shared with friends. We suggest The Cheesecake Factory changes the name and keeps the recipe the same.

12. Whisky & Ginger

Two words make most cocktail lovers' ears perk up: "whisky" and "ginger." Now, combine them for one of the simplest cocktails that somehow manages to be enjoyable in almost every iteration. The Cheesecake Factory's Whisky & Ginger is a mix of Monkey Shoulder whisky, ginger, citrus, and honey. It's similar to many other straightforward ginger cocktails, like a classic Moscow Mule (which uses vodka) or a Japanese whisky highball, both of which draw on the subtle spice of ginger to elevate a liquor without many other ingredients.

We appreciate the simplicity with which The Cheesecake Factory approached this classic. The only problem is that using the standard ratio of about 2 ounces of whisky and 6 ounces of ginger beer or ale keeps the drink balanced, and if one of those ratios is off, then the drink isn't nearly as delicious. One Facebook user no longer orders alcoholic drinks at The Cheesecake Factory because of how little alcohol has been used for each drink, but, of course, each experience will be individual. One Redditor also pointed out that this combination of ingredients sounds more like a penicillin cocktail, which is delicious in its own right, but sweeter than a traditional whisky ginger.

11. Mai Tai

Mai Tai is a drink known for its ability to deliver classic tropical flavors. It contains rum (both spiced and coconut), Grand Marnier, almond syrup, pineapple and orange juices, and more. With nine ingredients, including garnishes, it's not exactly simple, but once you've done the prep work, it comes together quickly. 

The Cheesecake Factory couldn't pass up the opportunity to make its own version, which is made with three types of rum, as well as tropical juices. And dare we say, it's a pretty good rendition of the drink. Facebook users went wild under a post about the Mai Tai, with one user describing the drink as "worth every single penny." Another user said that The Cheesecake Factory makes it "perfectly." That's a tall order, indeed, and while we wouldn't necessarily call it perfect, it's definitely close enough to any other well-made version. There does seem to be a level of complexity missing, though. Maybe the chain excluded the orgeat almond syrup or perhaps it opted to forgo the coconut rum, but it's not noticeable enough to pass on this drink.

10. Factory Peach Bellini

If you've ever had a bellini at brunch, you know that it's sparkling wine mixed with a splash of peach juice or purée. The Cheesecake Factory decided to up this drink's wow factor by blending it and serving it as a frozen beverage. The Factory Peach Bellini contains Champagne blended with peach liqueur, so it's definitely meeting expectations on the flavor front. While the blended and frozen format is a detour from the original drink, it works well here and is pretty tasty. One Tripadvisor reviewer suggested spending the afternoon with a bellini (or two).

The Cheesecake Factory has quite the brunch menu, serving up dishes like Fried Chicken & Waffles Benedict and Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes. Pairing the bellini with one of these brunch items seems like a very good idea for an early Sunday afternoon. This drink doesn't quite have the complexity of other cocktails from The Cheesecake Factory, but because it's a nice twist on a simple drink, it has earned a rightful spot towards the middle of the list of top Cheesecake Factory cocktails.

9. Raspberry Lemon Drop

The Cheesecake Factory's Raspberry Lemon Drop looks similar to a cosmopolitan, but its contents are actually quite different. Although the drinks share the same pink hue, the Raspberry Lemon Drop contains raspberry-infused Tito's vodka, lemon, and a sweet sugar rim. It's sweet, it's silly — and "so good," according to a Yelp reviewer. We love the play on lemonade with this cocktail. It's like a grown-up version with a bit of sophistication to elevate it.

It's not too far off from a traditional lemon drop martini, which is made with vodka, triple sec, simple syrup, and served with a signature sugar rim. So, the addition of raspberry does help to make it more interesting. This is the ideal cocktail for those who love sweet cocktails and vodka. It's not terribly complex, but every cocktail doesn't need to be, especially if it has the flavor to back it up.

8. Coconut Mojito

As yet another tropical-inspired drink in The Cheesecake Factory cocktail lineup, the chain's coconut mojito is an interesting one. While a typical coconut mojito might include coconut cream to give the drink a true flavor and richness of coconut, the restaurant's website doesn't explicitly say what form of coconut is used. The flavor is there, though — rich coconut and mint are prominent. 

It just seems to be a matter of consistency. One Yelp reviewer was bummed to receive a drink with nearly undetectable amounts of alcohol. We can't totally fault The Cheesecake Factory for this when it seems like the customer reviews of low-alcoholic drinks are few and far between, but for a cocktail that has only a handful of ingredients, it should be pretty straightforward to replicate this using the recipe. If you get a well-made Cheesecake Factory Coconut Mojito, it'll be a treat. Otherwise, it will be a little more than average. For the drink's tendency to be hit or miss, we've put it in the middle of our list.

7. Pineapple Moscow Mule

The Cheesecake Factory has had a varying range of success with putting its own spin on classic cocktails, so when it came to assessing the Pineapple Moscow Mule — a drink that's usually just lime, vodka, and ginger beer — it was important to note what tweaks were made. The obvious change is pineapple juice, which adds a nice sweetness to the drink. As with the original recipe, The Cheesecake Factory still uses ginger beer to impart some spice. It works because the sugar and spice are balanced, and a bit of lime juice adds a touch of tartness to the cocktail that helps to keep it refreshing. This is a warm-weather drink, without a doubt, so it's not as practical or all-season as, say, a martini, but if pineapple and Moscow mules are your thing, you might be pleasantly surprised to see how they come together in this cocktail.

6. Whiskey Smash

It's admirable that The Cheesecake Factory has such a wide range of cocktails, some of which aren't necessarily topping "most popular" lists. The chain's Whiskey Smash, for example, is a riff on the classic drink but is made with bourbon, Aperol, simple syrup, lemon juice, passion fruit, and bitters. While we hate to get bogged down by semantics, a whiskey smash typically includes mint leaves. Because this one doesn't, and instead ups the juxtaposition of sweet and sour, it's more along the lines of a whiskey sour, as one Redditor explains. 

But this drink is so delicious that we're willing to look past all of that and focus on the good — because there's a lot that's right in this cocktail. The addition of passion fruit is an unexpected twist and makes for a pleasant surprise. Overall, sipping on one of these is a delicious way to pass some time at The Cheesecake Factory.

5. Pineapple Mezcal

The Cheesecake Factory's Pineapple Mezcal is basically a revamped margarita, but the smokiness of the mezcal dances with the pineapple in a way that just delightful. It's also reminiscent of the paloma, which is tequila and grapefruit soda. But somehow the Pineapple Mezcal is in a fruity, smoky, and sweet lane all its own, and we love it! It's not nearly as tart as a margarita, and as one Tripadvisor reviewer explains, it's also not as sweet because of the smokiness. It does come with a slice of pineapple, though, so your sweet tooth can savor that.

Mezcal has earned a permanent spot on our best spirits list because of how versatile it is and this cocktail proves that, while you can have mezcal neat or in a more serious fashion, it works just as well in a light fruity drink by bringing some much-needed depth. It works particularly well with some of The Cheesecake Factory's Mexican-inspired dishes, like the fish tacos or street corn.

4. Guava Daiquiri

In its simplest form, a Guava Daiquiri doesn't sound so exciting, but that's what makes the world of cocktails so entertaining. One tiny riff or twist can elevate an otherwise boring drink. A traditional daiquiri calls for rum, lime, and simple syrup. The Cheesecake Factory didn't venture too far from this recipe, but by using lime rum, it makes the spirit do double duty by providing some citrus notes. There's also some pineapple included, which adds a fruitier sweetness than just plain syrup. There's of course some guava in here, which is unmistakable, but the entire cocktail is balanced and rather a fun rendition of a daiquiri. 

The sweetness is in no way overpowering and "not overkill," as one Yelp reviewer noted. It's not a nerdy cocktail or one that you'll want to dissect, but instead it's one you can order and know that it'll come to you perfectly cold and made with just the right proportions to be sweet, a little sour, and downright delicious.

3. Passion Fruit Margarita

There's something about sipping on a well-made sweet cocktail that feels like you've been let in on a secret. Too often, sweet-forward cocktails are an overload of sugar and not balanced in the slightest, but The Cheesecake Factory's Passion Fruit Margarita is none of that. It's sweet and refreshing. We'd like to think it's the use of Milagro Silver tequila that keeps this drink smooth. It even won a Twitter poll when the restaurant asked followers to vote for their favorite summery cocktail.

Creating a great cocktail doesn't always involve reinventing the wheel. Sometimes it's just a matter of using quality ingredients in the right proportions and serving them properly, which, in this case, means well-chilled. If you're a margarita hater, give this a try and let us know what you think. And if you feel as though you need something to break up the sweetness, ask for a salted rim.

2. The Well-Mannered Dirty Martini

If you instantly feel classier holding a martini, join the club. There's something about sipping from a sleek glass with the toothpick and olives peeking over the top that feels vintage and glamorous. While the vodka and gin debate will likely continue until the end of time, The Cheesecake Factory opted for using Ketel One vodka for its version, named The Well-Mannered Dirty Martini. We'll stay out of it and just say that whichever spirit you choose for your dirty martini is purely a matter of preference. But of course, The Cheesecake Factory had to put its own twist on the cocktail by using blue cheese-stuffed olives.

It works. And maybe it's because a martini almost always works, but we like the smoothness of the Ketel One vodka, and we love the funk from the blue cheese. As a dirty martini, this also includes quite a bit of olive juice, which is right up our alley. It was smart of The Cheesecake Factory to take on a simple cocktail. By doing it well and adding a spin, it comes across as aware, but still not wanting to tinker too much with a good thing. And in this case, that specificity has helped The Well-Mannered Dirty Martini make it to the second spot on our list of The Cheesecake Factory cocktails.

1. Boubon & Honey

It's not clear how The Cheesecake Factory decides which cocktail recipes to publish in full on its site, but we are thrilled that the Bourbon & Honey is one of them. This cocktail is the chain's riff on a gold rush cocktail, which is just honey, water, bourbon, and lemon juice. In its original iteration, it's a pared-down combination of sweet and sour that appeals to a range of palates, and The Cheesecake Factory has a successful execution of this well-loved drink. 

Its Bourbon & Honey cocktail calls for Basil Hayden bourbon, honey water, lemon juice, and a dash of Peychaud's Bitters. As Sarasota Magazine points out, this drink is undeniably sweet, but because it's sweetened with honey and not regular sugar, it's not overwhelming. There is also a thyme garnish, which adds some herbal relief and helps give the drink some layers. This drink is a must in almost any bar, but from The Cheesecake Factory, it's a very honorable homage to a beloved classic — and therefore the cocktail that tops our list.