The Best Birria Taco Restaurant In Every State

Birria, the famous Mexican meat stew dish, is becoming increasingly popular among U.S. foodies. This tender, juicy meat dish has been popping up in taquerias: Even Mexican-style fast food staple El Pollo Loco has gotten in on the craze. Birria originated in Jalisco, Mexico, and it was traditionally made with goat meat. As the birria craze spread North through Mexico, beef birria ("birria de res" in Spanish) became more popular. Birria is now taking the U.S. by storm, and many restaurants actually opt for beef, possibly owing to the fact that the U.S. is the world's biggest beef producer. And while you may be familiar with the best tacos in every state, you may not have considered the best establishments that offer birria tacos. 

The Mexican diaspora in the U.S. is not, of course, evenly distributed, so while the Southwest may have dozens of restaurants offering birria, some other states in which the birria craze has barely penetrated the restaurant scene may have slim pickings. Professional and amateur reviews, word-of-mouth from locals on social media, and restaurant awards granted at the local and national levels can help determine the best birria taco restaurant in each state. The tastiest birria tacos are absolute knockouts, whether they're mutton- or beef-based; red-shelled or not; cheese-laden or dairy-free. 

Alabama: La Colonial Supermercado y Taqueria

La Colonial is a Mexican grocery store and taqueria. It's located in Huntsville, and it has a simple and unpretentious storefront. Its Instagram page, however, is a gallery of mouthwatering glamour shots of tortas, meat, and of course, grills loaded with birria tacos. Despite the authenticity on offer throughout its menu and grocery stock, La Colonial eschews traditional goat and uses beef in its birria instead. The tacos are topped with onion and cilantro. You can also eat birria in the form of a quesadilla with plenty of melting cheese. If you're feeling adventurous, opt for the birria pizza. 

Alaska: AK House of Birria

Alaska, despite being geographically closer to Russia than it is to Mexico, has developed a homegrown birria scene. Anchorage's AK House of Birria was started by a husband and wife team who were inspired by learning about the dish on the Cooking Channel. The couple has been steadily growing the operation, largely due to the glowing reviews it receives from its customers. They have plans to expand the offerings to include goat meat. They're also working on establishing a food truck that can serve up delicious Mexican foods. AK House of Birria is well-poised to offer some prime South-of-the-border flavor.

Arizona: Birrieria Tijuana

Birrieria Tijuana earned The Phoenix New Times' 2020 award for Best Quesabirria in Phoenix. A quesabirria is basically a beef birria taco with cheese. Quesabirrias have become wildly popular, and Birrieria Tijuana serves the very best. Birrieria Tijuana began with a food truck, and it now also serves beef birria with a wonderfully cheesy melt in a brick-and-mortar location. It's now located in the Northern reach of the city, and it's still slinging beef birria alongside real-deal Mexican fare like tacos de cabeza. Birrieria Tijuana contains beef, which is far more common in the US-bordering city of Tijuana than it is in birria's birthplace, Jalisco.

Arkansas: El Señor de los Tacos

Due to the advent of the popularity of birria tacos, U.S. diners have been exposed to the long-marinated meat without experiencing it in the traditional format as a stew. This has led to some confusion between birria and barbacoa. Barbacoa originated in Central Mexico. It's a traditional Mexican dish that entails cooking slow-cooking meat, typically lamb or goat, in a hole in the ground. El Señor de los Tacos serves both of these dishes across two locations in Arkansas, one in Rogers and the other in Springdale. It uses goat meat for the birria and beef for the barbacoa, offering customers a variety of different flavors. 

California: Tacos y Birria La Unica food truck

Tacos y Birria La Unica is L.A.'s least-kept secret. It has two trucks, one in Los Angeles' Boyle Heights and the other in the Mid-City neighborhoods. This family-owned mobile truck has catered regularly for Chrissy Tiegen. American rapper Offset (Kiari Kendrell Cephus) has also visited the food truck. Tacos y Birria La Unica has become a social media sensation with over 160,000 followers on Instagram. It serves both beef and goat. La Única's birria tacos, with their flowing rivers of molten cheese, are the headliners of the menu, impressing both Tiegen, her spouse John Legend, and travelers to Los Angeles from all over the world.

Colorado: La Calle Taqueria y Carnitas

Redditors frequently recommend La Calle when someone asks for good local Mexican fare in Denver, Colorado. La Calle opened in 2012 with a dedication to serving authentic Mexican food and street-style tacos. While La Calle does serve good birria, it actually serves traditional goat birria stews. You will not find birria tacos anywhere on the menu. However, the stew arrives with a side of tortillas, meaning some assembly is all you really need for good birria tacos. La Calle also sells barbacoa tacos and asada tacos, among other varieties. La Calle's food is highly recommended by local food critics.

Connecticut: Salsa's 3 Mexican Grill

The Nutmeg State has numerous different restaurants serving up delicious Mexican fare. The CTPost published a list of best places to get birria tacos in Connecticut, and Salsa's 3 Mexican Grill is among them. Salsa's 3 birria takes a place of pride on its menu. Diners can opt for birria nachos, quesabirria, and torta birria. You can also try the birria burrito with chunky guacamole. Salsa's 3 also serves "Diego's Super Birria Burrito" bringing California-style tacos to Connecticut by stuffing seasoned French fries alongside the dripping birria: It's a dish that's perfect for the adventurous or the absolutely famished. 

Delaware: El Pique

El Pique specializes in all things braised and stewed, and it serves bowls of lamb-based consomé. El Pique's website features a banner photo of crispy birria tacos, tortillas soaked and fried in consomé, and a giant cup of that broth. Its delicious quesabirrias contain lamb and mozzarella, and they're served with a variety of condiments for dipping. El Pique also serves a range of different tacos. If you're feeling especially hungry, you could opt for the combos, which are served with two sides. One intrepid Redditor who was compiling a field guide on the First State's Mexican food and tasted the tacos firsthand gave them a 10 out of 10. 

Florida: Birria1983

Orlando, Florida's theme park and family vacation hotspot, has a strong Mexican restaurant scene that has quickly adapted to the demand for birria sweeping the country. As many longstanding restaurants started serving the stewed meat, Birria1983 came on the scene with a dedication to specialize in birria. Don't let the name of this restaurant fool you: Birria1983 has only been around since 2020. It started out as a ghost kitchen, and it now operates a brick-and-mortar location. Its focus and boldness have already helped it carve out a niche. The restaurant serves birria in consomé-dipped red tortillas, questacos dripping in cheese,  and even the hottest new fusion craze: Birria ramen. 

Georgia: Birria El Gordo

You probably think you know which city in Georgia boasts the best food scene, but you might be wrong. You may still refer to Atlanta as "Hotlanta;" however, the best spots for knockout birria aren't in Atlanta but at a twenty-minute drive Northwest, in Marietta. Birria El Gordo serves a healthy selection of birria fillings: Goat, beef, and even jackfruit for the vegans. This spot is so popular that people often stand in line for the tacos. Birria El Gordo started off as a weekend pop-up during the Covid-19 pandemic, but its popularity has given it staying power and led to it staying open week-round.

Hawaii: Barrio Cafe

Barrio Cafe is a half-hour drive away from Honolulu: It's located in the Oahu city of Wahiawa. It's known for its breakfast hours (it's open from 7 am to 3 pm, and after-hours pickup is available) and its bevy of serving options that are ideal for multiple people. While menu items like churro French toast are Barrio's most famous menu items, this insular eatery does not skimp on birria options. Barrio Cafe serves birria in cups of ramen, atop chilaquiles, and in birria tacos, which are also available in boxes of 20. While birria is not currently listed on the menu, we're hoping Barrio Cafe reintroduces this delicious item. 

Idaho: Bronco Tacos food truck

Bronco Tacos serves some of the most incredible tacos in Boise. It's a family-run food truck that's typically parked behind the Old Fashioned Fruit and Veg farmers' market. Broncos Tacos serves incredibly delicious maruchabirria or birria ramen. Customers can also ask for a quesabirria taco on the side for dipping. This gives diners the experience of dipping the taco in the consomé broth. The three-taco quesabirria plate is also a great option. Birria lovers can also opt for the birria quesadilla or the birria burrito. The birria quesadilla contains birria and melted cheese, and it is also perfect for dipping in consomé. 

Illinois: Birrieria Estilo Jalisco

Chicago is rife with restaurants serving delicious birria. Birrieria Estilo Jalisco, which translates to "Jalisco-Style Birria Restaurant," is located in an unassuming building in Chicago's Logan Square. QuesaBirria Jalisco Tacos is a local favorite with rave reviews. The name of this restaurant refers to the birria's birthplace of Jalisco in Mexico, and it's known for serving birria in its traditional form: A thick and flavorful stew. While the stew is scrumptious, the birria tacos are the best option in the taco section of its Spanish-language menu. Birrieria Estilo Jalisco is an incredible spot that's definitely worth trying. 

Indiana: Taqueria y Birrieria Aqui es Jalisco

Indianapolitans (yes, that's what they're called) asking for good birria tacos on Reddit are often pointed in the direction of Paco's. Paco's is a three-location chain. It operates restaurants in two locations: One in Keystone and the other one in Thompson Road. It also operates a food truck. Paco's, by all appearances, makes a mean beef birria. However, Aqueria Y Birrieria Aqui es Jalisco, a dine-in restaurant situated in Indianapolis' Parkview neighborhood, really brings the beef and the mutton with a kaleidoscope of housemade hot sauces as topping options. The birria is incredibly delicious, and if you're feeling particularly hungry, you can opt for the birria plate.  

Iowa: Flame the Taqueria

According to a survey of Reddit's Des Moines board, Flame the Taqueria is among the most popular places to find good birria. Flame the Taqueria runs a cantina in the suburb of Ankeny and a taqueria in Johnston. Iowa was once a French colony, and residents continue to contend with this history. Perhaps that's why Flame the Taqueria's online menu doesn't use the word consomé anywhere but instead refers to birria's signature marinade-turned-dip as "Au jus." The birria tacos contain Angus beef, along with cheese, onions, and cilantro. You can also opt for an enchilada that contains birria meat. 

Kansas: Tacos El Guero 100 Percent Michoacanos

Any survey of Kansas' top birria spots must pay respects to El Menudazo KC, a restaurant that specialized in birria, and the similar Mexican meat stew and folk hangover cure, menudo. The passing of El Menudazo's founder and recipe creator Jose Lucero prompted the restaurant's closure at the end of 2021, leaving big shoes to fill. The best contender for a successor has got to be Tacos El Guero 100 Percent Michoacanos. It has stellar reviews from both customers and critics. El Guero serves delicious birria stew, and it has earned frequent the title for the best birria tacos in town from Kansas residents.

Kentucky: Agave & Rye

Agave & Rye is perfect for people who like the new, the hip, and the experimental. Agave & Rye has four locations across the state of Kentucky. The Mexican-flavored gastropub is among the top birria spots in Louisville, Kentucky, according to the local ABC news affiliate. Agave & Rye is also a winner of the 2022 Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award. Agave & Rye's menu offers a smorgasbord of unique flavors folded into a taco, but the standout is the "Sugar Daddy of the Plain Jane": This dish consists of melted cheese in a flour tortilla and a consomé-dipped tortilla. The birria tacos are also incredible: They contain braised beef, Oaxaca cheese, and cilantro.

Louisiana: BR Guilty Pleasures

Imagine making birria so good it changes your entire business model. Valencia Labostrie started a mobile bartending service that later began serving birria tacos and ramen. BR Guilty Pleasures shifted focus from slinging drinks to serving hungry customers some of the best succulent beef birria in the Baton Rogue area. Labostrie makes her famed birria by cooking chuck or sirloin roast with spices and vegetables for several hours. This delicious meat is then packed into corn tortillas. Pre-ordering and following Guilty Pleasures' movements on social media are the best methods to secure your food before the daily stock runs dry.

Maine: El Corazon Portland

Joe Urtuzuastegui grew up in Arizona, and he learned the secrets of Mexican cuisine from his mother. Urtuzuastegui then emblazoned his truck with a traditional Basque saying ("To know how to eat is to know enough") and set to work serving lamb birria. Urtuzuastegui was inspired by the family tradition of slow-cooking meat in a five-foot barbacoa-style underground pit. El Corazon started out as a food truck, and it now has a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Portland. It makes bold, high promises of the birria de chivito on its online menu: It's made with goat, and it uses an old recipe provided by Urtuzuastegui's mother. This birria is incredibly delicious, and it's definitely a must-try. 

Maryland: La Food Marketa

You've likely noticed that most renditions of birria in the U.S. utilize beef, and the more traditional Jalisco-style goat birria is not quite as popular. Meanwhile, Baltimore's La Food Marketa rides in with pork as the choice of meat. The reason? Chef John Bedingfield simply wanted to switch things up after seeing beef practically everywhere, and he asserts that pork is actually much more tender (via Baltimore Magazine). Pork birria may blur the lines between birria and your standard carnitas, but the hearty side of broth for taco-dipping should help make the delicious distinction quite clear.

Massachusetts: Taqueria El Barrio

Taqueria El Barrio is situated in the food court of Boston's Time Out Market, within walking distance of Fenway Park. El Barrio specializes in Sonoran-style beef birria, which is wrapped in rather unorthodox flour tortillas. However, Eric Twardzik at Food Lens really prasies the flour tortillas, referring to them as the best flour tortillas ever on its list of best local tacos. The birria is made of slow-braised beef. Fans can also opt for the birria quesadilla. Taqueria el Barrio offers an unmissable and incredible dining experience: Go on, try it. You'll thank us.

Michigan: Catrina Mia food truck

Many of the Great Lakes State's best birria joints have congregated in the Metro Detroit area, and the Catrina Mia food truck has carved out a particular niche by keeping its food 100 percent halal and catering to Michigan's growing Muslim population. Catrina Mia is currently located in the Detroit exurb of Dearborn Heights, and it serves slow-cooked birria cradled in golden-tinged tortillas. Its birria tacos, which are smothered with melted cheese, are incredible. Those looking for more exotic birria meals can also explore the birria pizza as well as the ingenious and unique birria grilled cheese. 

Minnesota: Taqueria y Birrieria Las Cuatro Milpas

Las Cuatro Milpas is owned by Hector Hernandez, who moved from Mexico to Minnesota with his family in 2000. Hernandez claims that when he opened Las Cuatro Milpas, no other establishments in the area were serving birria. Hernandez set up Las Cuatro Milpas long before the birria boom swept the U.S. Taqueria y Birrieria Las Cuatro Milpas Las Cuatro Milpas is located in Bloomington, Minneapolis. Las Cuatro Milpas serves goat, beef, and lamb birria. It has reportedly even served a chicken version catering to Americans' love of white meat. This joint also serves menudo.

Mississippi: Green Ghost Tacos

Green Ghost Tacos has two locations in Mississippi: One in Jackson and the other in Ridgeland. Green Ghost Tacos takes pride in serving authentic and delicious Mexican fare. The recipes utilized by this restaurant originate from founder Cesar Torres' mother. However, only the Fondren location serves birria tacos from its specialty menu. Green Ghost Tacos is also among restaurants that are reportedly favored by Mississippi lawmakers, perhaps due to its proximity to the capitol. Diners can enjoy $2 tacos on Taco Tuesdays. You can choose between a variety of taco meats, such as chicken, steak, beef, shrimp, carnitas, and chorizo.

Missouri: Tacos La Jefa food stand

The late Heriberta Amescua was the matriarch and founder of Tacos La Jefa. After her death, her family continued to bring her generations-old birria recipe to the people of Saint Louis. Tacos La Jefa operates as a weekend-only pop-up food stand. It's a Saint Louis Post-Dispatch honoree, ranking among the city's absolute top food venues. La Jefa slings birria tacos and quesabirrias. Tacos La Jefa serves delicious birria consomé for dipping. You can also purchase Jarritos sodas. It's best to head to this spot before all the incredible dishes are sold out, which likely happens quite often. 

Montana: Taqueria Ibarra food truck

Birria tacos can be somewhat difficult to find in Montana. While there have been some reports of a great food truck in the area, there are few established spots where you can reliably procure birria. Luckily, Robert Ibarra opened the Taqueria Ibarra food truck in Great Falls, Montana. The truck tours the Great Falls area on a seasonal basis,  regularly closing down during harsh Montana winters. Ibarra reportedly worked with local businesses in the Great Falls area to promote the food and his business. The  Taqueria Ibarra food truck serves queso birria tacos served with rich, practically-opaque consomé as a special offering. This special dish is often only offered on Sundays. 

Nebraska: Los Gonzales

Los Gonzales is highly praised by Lincoln residents. It began as a food truck, but it now operates out of a permanent kitchen in the 1st Avenue Lounge and Social Hall. Its menu includes almost every beef or chicken birria option you desire; giant bowls of the stew or dipping consomé, birria nachos, birria quesadillas, and even birria flatbread tacos served in a chalupa-reminiscent bread wrap. The Tacos de Birria Dorados are probably going to be your best bet for the best birria taco experience since they're accompanied by consomé for dipping.

Nevada: El Compa Birria Tatemada

Las Vegas, as a major city in a Southwestern state with a bustling tourism industry, is, of course, spoiled for choice, which makes finding a reigning champion a challenge. The restaurant Birria El Compa opened its sister restaurant La Cruda. La Cruda by Birria El Compa serves goat birria as well as beef birria. Las Vegas Weekly applauds its quesadilla con carn as the best delivery method for El Compa's birria but don't miss out on the queso tacos: They're particularly good when served alongside consomé. You could also opt for the carnitas or the menudo. 

New Hampshire: Iguana's Restaurant and Bar

New Hampshire has a surprisingly respectable spread of birria options, and Iguana's Restaurant and Bar is one of them. Iguana's is a Mexican-Honduran fusion bar and grill, and it serves wonderful beef birria Quea Tacos. Iguana's version of the birria queso tacos really hits all the proper bases. The meat undergoes an hours-long braising process, and it's served in a tortilla along with a consomé side for dipping. If you're ordering the birria tacos, you could also opt for sides such as street corn, cheese dip, guacamole with chips, or even Tostones Rellenos

New Jersey: Irma's Cafe

Irma's Cafe in New Jersey is a restaurant in New Jersey that has both Mexican and Salvadorian staples on its menu. This cozy spot in the Heights (not to be confused with New York's Washington Heights) has impressed both casual diners and food critics. Jersey City has plenty of restaurants that specialize in birria, but Irma's takes the top spot for consistent overall quality across its entire menu. Irma's consomé-fried tortillas have a bold, rich nacho-cheese-orange hue, whether they're served with or without dripping cheese; however, both versions arrive with complimentary consomé when ordered they're ordered in a set of four.

New Mexico: Tacos la Mordida food truck

Birria spread to New Mexico as a social media phenomenon a little over three years ago, and the area's rich food scene adapted quickly, with longstanding taquerias adding the new trendy dish while new businesses popped up to meet the surging demand. Tacos la Mordida is an incredible food truck in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's famed for its delicious al pastor. However, its birria tacos look incredible: Neon-orange bubbling tortillas, topped with glistening heaps of birria so tender it practically melts, along with a delicious consomé broth: It's a feast for the eyes you can enjoy eating. 

New York: Las Delicias Mexicanas

New York's Mexican-American population has had a significant influence on the Empire State, and especially New York City, which boasts great taquerias and taco trucks that have seized on the birria trend. The East Harlem eatery Las Delicias Mexicanas serves solid, authentic birria. Las Delicias serves a healthy bowl of goat birria, which consists of vegetables in a thick, rich, spicy guajillo broth. Las Delicias' birria tacos are served in sets of three with a cup of dark red consomé. The birria tacos are topped with sour cream and cheese. The birria quesadilla is another great option. 

North Carolina: Maria's Mexican Restaurant

An entire section of the sizable menu at Maria's Mexican Restaurant is devoted to all the different meals its chefs have formulated to bring eight-hour slow-cooked beef birria to the mouths of hungry customers. Maria's Mexican Restaurant offers birria in numerous different forms. Birria options include classic quesabirrias, as well as trendy dishes such as birria pizza, birria ramen, birria enchiladas, and birria chilaquiles, among other options. Numerous different casual dishes have been given the birria treatment at Maria's. Surf-and-turf lovers will take note of the quesabirria with shrimp. Diners can also opt for the birria sampler tray.

North Dakota: Casa Delicia

The Casa Delica food truck has opened and closed a restaurant. It seeks to reopen a brick-and-mortar location, but all the while, it has been slinging delicious birria.  Casa Delicia sources its peppers straight from Mexico to spice its birria. It also serves birria tacos and quesabirria. The tacos are perfect when accompanied by a variety of different sauces as well as a lovely bowl of consomé. The food truck is typically parked in a strip mall on Northern Pacific Avenue. Casa Delicia's frequent specialty pop-up events and trips to the open-air Red River Market offer additional opportunities to get its delicious food while it's hot.

Ohio: Las Miches Marisqueras

Finding good food means checking recommendations as well as looking out for red flags. When a city's real realtors have to list Chipotle to give its city a full ten Mexican restaurant recommendations, that's a real red flag. However, when one of these restaurants is heralded for top-tier birria spot and wants to remind you that birria is also served as a soup, that's a green flag: Welcome to Las Miches Marisqueras, located in Delaware, Ohio. It serves birria tacos with heaping sides of beans and cilantro-canopied consomé. Las Miches caters to both lovers of Americanized comfort food and TikTok-ensconced foodies seeking authenticity.

Oklahoma: Birrieria Diaz

The Birrieria Diaz restaurant in Bethany, Oklahoma, was founded by Juan Diaz in 2011. While Juan prepares the food himself, his daughter Lily manages other aspects of the business. Birrieria Diaz serves both lamb and beef birria varieties in three different sizes. Customers can order consomé for dipping purposes. You could also opt for the quesabirria tacos, which are served alongside famous red-stained consomé-fried tortillas and a side of broth for hot and spicy dipping. Other exciting dishes include the Tacos Dorados, which consist of mashed potato, cabbage, and sauce, and the Tacos Rancheros, which contain steak, onions, and cheese. 

Oregon: Papi Chulo's

When the big birria wave arrived in Oregon, Portland's Mexican restaurateurs and food truckers acted quickly to include it on menus, with some people even bringing old family recipes to their businesses for the first time. Papi Chulo is a chain restaurant in Oregon that certainly does score points for being ahead of the game. Its first location opened in Portland's Pearl District in 2019, and it has been serving incredible beef birria ever since. Now three Papi Chulo's locations stand in Portland and Bend, serving birria in the form of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, all with the darkest, richest consomé we've ever seen.

Pennsylvania: Mi Pueblito Tacos food truck

Mi Pueblito has such a solid reputation in the tri-state area: The New Jersey Digest recommends that people from Southwest Jersey cross the Delaware River to sample the food truck's fare. The beef birria tacos are double wrapped, fried on the grill, and ladled with consomé as they crisp. Mi Pueblito offers catering for special events: Customers can pre-order taco trays. Mi Pueblito's hours are currently limited to Tuesdays and weekends. This food truck is dedicated to only serving beef, which makes it ideal for beef lovers. It also offers elotes, which are essentially a type of Mexican street corn. 

Rhode Island: Casa Azul Taquería

Rhode Island residents have revealed themselves to be real sticklers for authenticity: Redditors asked for the best "LEGIT" tacos in the smallest state in the Union. One birria joint was slapped down for culinary cultural appropriation. Luckily, a favorite champion arose due to the sheer volume of recommendations. Casa Azul Taquería is located in Providence, and it serves incredibly delicious birria tacos. The dipping consomé sauce can be ordered separately. The tacos are typically wrapped in a double layer of corn tortillas, and they're garnished with a sprinkling of red onion and cilantro.

South Carolina: Lucy's Deliveries y Mas

Lucy's Deliveries y Mas, formerly known as "La Cocina de Lucy," is a restaurant in Goose Creek located about a 30-minute drive north of Charleston. It was already a beloved local favorite before the big birria boom took off a few years ago. Lucy's Deliveries y Mas served goat birria for a few years before swapping to the more-popular beef option. The restaurant serves birria tacos, birria quesadillas, and the classic birria stew. Lucy's Deliveries y Mas also spins some Latin fusion magic in the form of a dish that combines Mexican birria with Puerto Rican mofongo.

South Dakota: Mi Rancherita

Though Mi Rancherita is technically located in Nebraska, it's actually quite close to the South Dakota border. This Mexican eatery is located in a strip mall in South Sioux City. Diners can choose between beef and goat when ordering the birria, which is available in both taco and stew forms. The birria tacos are served with onions, cilantro, and salsa. You can also opt for birria with a side of rice and beans. Fried tacos are also available, which really takes this spot to the next level. The basbosca tacos are red and cheesy, which makes them ideal for elevating your meal. You can also request the birria quesadilla dish, which is beloved among customers. 

Tennessee: El Jaliciense Méxican Restaurant

If you're looking for a good take on birria, it helps to find a place that specialized in Jalisco cuisine, and Nashville has got you covered. Just about every handheld food on Jaliciense's menu can be ordered with birria, including tacos, quesadillas, and burritos. If you're feeling extra hungry, then you can order the birria platter, which is accompanied by a delicious sauce as well as rice, beans, and tortillas. This way, you can enjoy assembling your own taco. 

Texas: Birrieria Aguiñaga

Texas Monthly writer José R. Ralat has been on the state's taco beat for some time, tracking birria's path from Jalisco, to Tijuana, to California and ultimately to his home state. So when he pins down Lone Star State's Birrieria Aguiñaga as being the gold standard for birria, the wise pay heed. Birrieria Aguiñaga has stood since 2006, making it an established restaurant in the Texas birria scene. It utilizes an old family recipe, and it serves beef birria and lamb birria. The restaurant even offers a shrimp plate served in a consomé-derived sauce.

Utah: Santo Taco

Santo Taco has five locations around the greater Salt Lake City area, but don't let the fact that it's "a chain" steer you away. The choice of meat used to make Santo Taco's beef birria puts it a cut above the rest: The chuck roast lends an extremely tender texture to the meat. The marbling melts into the rich consomé and gives it a lovely body and rich flavor. Utah indie food blog Donut Critic, who made several visits to assess the birria quality, even reported that Santo Taco had really stepped up its consomé game.

Vermont: The Big Spruce

Finding birria in Vermont can be a bit of an ephemeral task. The Green Mountain State has farmer's market pop-up stands, dearly departed restaurants, and brief stints on local bar menus that have all featured and offered birria to customers. The Big Spruce is one of the few restaurants that serve birria year-round in Vermont. The Big Spruce is a trendy gastropub serving a carousel of house tequila cocktails. It still has a well-reviewed two-taco birria entrée on order, which is made with oxtail beef and cotija cheese in place of the traditional Oaxaca cheese.

Virginia: La China Poblana Taqueria

When Northern Virginia Magazine published a list of places serving knockout birria in the area, La China Poblana's consomé was ranked among the spiciest. This Mexican restaurant in the city of Manassas serves its famed brisket birria in the form of tacos, and of course, ramen, mulitas, and its own take on the pizza birria. The pizza contains Oaxaca cheese and brisket, as well as toppings such as cilantro, onions, and sour cream. It's served with consomé. La China's special twist? The tortillas are made with chile de arbol, which is a type of pepper. 

Washington: Fire Tacos de Birria

Fire Tacos de Birria recognized its Aki Beach location's one-year anniversary in April 2023, and the customers lined up around the block to celebrate. Fire Tacos de Birria rides off the love for birria among food influencers, and it goes hard, serving beef, lamb, and goat birria, as well as ramen, mulitas, consommé, and quesadillas, among other items. Customers can also opt for quesabirria tacos, birria plates, and birria nachos. It also caters to birria lovers by serving bold, traffic cone-orange corn tortillas and the highly eye-catching aguas frescas, which is a non-alcoholic Mexican drink.

West Virginia: Los Agaves

When the trendy cantina Cozumel Express opened in downtown Charleston last year, local blogger The Food Guy praised it but noted that there was a different place in the city offering the best birria tacos. Los Agaves opened in 2005, and it has three locations across the Charleston, Parkersburg, and Dunbar areas. As the menu indicates, the birria tacos are incredible and addictive. The beef is cooked in an extra special blend of numerous different spices and then folded into tacos and served alongside consomé. Los Agaves, in contrast to newcomer Cozumel, gets special marks for the savoriness and flavor of its consomé.

Wisconsin: Chuco's Red Tacos

Milwaukee's beloved restaurant, Chuco's Red Tacos, serves up cheese-drenched birria quesitacos (as Chuco's prefers to spell it) in red tortilla shells. But it also offers a highly unique menu item: Keto tacos, which are made with cheese-based tortillas. Even if you're not sticking to the ultra-low-carb diet, the sheer indulgence is almost too good to pass up on its own. Chuco's has a highly varied menu that boasts some unusual offerings, such as birria empanadas, quesi tacos, and birria bowls. It also has the consomé grande dish on offer, which consists of consomé that's served with tortillas, cilantro, onions, and lime. 

Wyoming: Los Conejos food truck

Laramie County's tourism initiative for the city of Cheyenne simply refers to Los Conejos as being one of the best food trucks in the city, which is a simple and direct assessment of this incredible food truck. Los Conejos offers hot Korean-Mexican fusion street food, giving even the most in-fashion taco-remixing trucks in Los Angeles a run for their money. Los Conejos' pork birria tacos really up the ante: They're a delicious escalation of the short rib tacos from chef Kogi Roy Choi's BBQ taco truck. Other incredible menu items include sliders, bao bun tacos, and truffle fries.