Aldi's 2023 Advent Calendars Ranked Worst To Best

Since 2020, the first Wednesday of November has been the unofficial National Advent Calendar Day for Aldi shoppers, when the German grocer's hotly anticipated holiday countdown calendars hit the shelves. It is no exaggeration to say that this date has become, for many, a holiday in itself, with lines of shoppers gathering at the doors before stores open to snag a coveted ticket.

According to NPR, Advent has been around since the fourth century and has been marked with calendars since the 19th century, when German Protestants began counting the time leading up to Christmas in more creative ways. Following World War II, Advent calendars were introduced to the U.S. and became both a marketing tactic and a beloved tradition. Instead of waiting until December 25 to open presents, adults and children alike can open one small trinket each day to build excitement around the holiday season.

This year, Aldi's Advent Calendar Day falls neatly on November 1, and based on the information the company has already released, there's a lot for fans to be excited about. Whether you're a chocolate lover or the parent of a child who can't get enough of their favorite TV show, there is something for everyone. We based our rankings on customer reviews, comparisons with competitor calendars, overall value, and comparisons with calendars from previous years. Keep reading to find out which items to rush to when the doors open.

20. Pure Being Dog Advent Calendar

Despite having to recall it in 2021 due to choking concerns, the Pure Being dog Advent calendar returned in 2022 and will hit shelves again this year. Complaints arose over how dense and unchewable the treats were, leading some pet owners to fear that their furry loved ones might choke. Last year, Aldi stressed that its treats were natural, premium quality, and made from real chicken. It also broadened the range of offerings, providing jerky, soft chews, and biscuits. This year, it appears the company has changed it up again, dialing it back to a single recipe made with salmon and sweet potato. In place of varying flavors, it has simply created different shapes, including stars, circles, and bones. The price, however, is the same ($7.99).

While we'd never argue against including our furry friends in the holiday cheer, the dog Advent calendar this year is nothing to wag your tail about. The packaging stresses that the treats are made with high-quality ingredients, but with no variation except shape, it isn't a particularly novel purchase for you or your dog.

Price: $7.99

19. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

There seems to be no end to the demand for Paw Patrol merchandise, so it's no surprise that this year brings yet another Advent calendar. Geared toward kids as young as three, it features a Christmas theme and 24 windows. Similar to last year's Paw Patrol calendar, this year's features a fold-out tableau where kids can arrange each toy. The contents include Christmas trees, structures, and Paw Patrol animals dressed in winter clothes.

This year's version is redundant if you purchased the calendar last year, and at $24.99, it's more expensive than the Bluey calendar. If your child is in the grip of Paw Patrol mania and you have money to spend on a relatively pricey Advent calendar for them, it will probably make their month. Otherwise, there are better options available in Aldi's lineup.

Price: $24.99

18. Wine Advent Tasting Tour 24 Day Calendar

The wine calendar is one of the original holiday offerings from Aldi, and it's easy to see why it often sells out. 24 187-milliliter bottles is more than enough to keep you satiated in the lead-up to Christmas, and you might surprise yourself by discovering a new favorite. Aldi describes the calendar as a tasting tour of wines from around the world, and while this is wildly inaccurate considering that they are all from Europe, there is a wide range of varieties.

This year's lineup features everything from the full-bodied Ortuga Cabernet Sauvignon from Portugal to the refreshing Lovebug Hug Rosé from France. There are robust reds like the Sturdy Foundation Syrah from Spain and crisp whites such as the Citrio Chardonnay from Italy and Madison Meadows Sauvignon Blanc from Romania.

As with the beer calendar, this one is all about variety, and if you have a go-to type of wine, or even a preference as broad as red or white, this product is probably not the best fit. It's also worth noting that last year's calendar sold for as much as $59.99, or about $2.50 per portion. While this is affordable when compared to a glass of wine from a restaurant, you're probably better off buying a few bottles of wine that you think you'll enjoy rather than splurging on 24 unknown quantities.

Price: varies by location

17. Beer Advent Calendar

The Aldi beer Advent calendar is a rarity, offering 24 full-sized beverages. This year, they are exclusively products of the U.S. and will likely be from Aldi's own State of Brewing brand as they were last year, according to AldiThings. This year's lineup includes a wide range of styles, from light and crisp lagers like American Pilsner and Mexican Style Lager to rich stouts and porters such as the Chocolate Stout and Oatmeal Stout. There are also several types of ales, including fruity and spicy Belgian ales, hoppy IPAs, and malty ales like Irish Style Red Ale and Scottish Style Ale. There are also some flavored beers, like Cherry Kolsch and Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter.

This is a great option if you like sampling new beverages and are not a die-hard fan of a particular type of beer. However, because beers vary so greatly, you might end up pouring some down the drain. Aldi's website says that the price varies by location, but other sites claim it will cost $49.99, as it has in previous years. Considering how many other calendars there are this year for much lower price points, this one does not need to be a priority.

Price: varies by location

16. Wicked Grove 12 Days of Cider

One of the new calendars this year features nothing but cider, Wicked Grove cider to be exact. With 12 12-ounce portions and 12 flavors ranging from Cinnamon to Rose, it provides an eclectic mix of full-sized beverages.

Although the calendar is new this year, the Wicked Grove brand is already a known quantity for Aldi shoppers. Its ciders are on the far end of the sweet spectrum, and it's fair to assume that its seasonal flavors like Caramel Apple and Spiced Plum will be no different. At $18.99, it isn't a great deal considering you can buy two six-packs of single-flavored Wicked Grove cider from Aldi for just $17.78, but if you love the brand and can't get enough of seasonally flavored drinks, it might be worth the extra money.

Price: $18.99

15. Choceur Advent Calendar

At just $8.99, the kid-friendly Choceur Advent calendar is a steal. It features a festive, Christmas-themed design and tiny pieces of milk chocolate. Kids will love the bite-sized morsels of sugar, and you will love that the portions are small enough to avoid the dreaded sugar rush that accompanies many products marketed toward children.

This isn't the kind of Advent calendar that you'd make a special trip to Aldi for, but if you see it on your way to the cheese or candle calendar, it's worth nabbing before it sells out. It's extremely affordable, and the little piece of chocolate each day will keep your kids excited about the season. Because you'll be consuming each item as you go, it also won't add to the impending clutter from Christmas morning the way the toy-based calendars will.

Price: $8.99

14. LEGO City or Friends Advent Calendar

For some kids, no Christmas is complete without LEGO, so why not preempt the holiday and dole out their beloved toys one day at a time? This year, Aldi has four LEGO Advent calendars for different ages, including a choice between the Santa and Mrs. Claus-based "City" set for kids aged five and over and the festive, pet playground "Friends" set for kids ages six and over.

If your children love LEGO and aren't obsessed with movie-based merchandise, these are ideal Advent calendars that you can bring out year after year. At $29.99, they may be outside the price range of some families, especially since you might want to save the real gifts for Christmas Day, but they are crowd-pleasing games that will entertain your kids throughout the winter vacation, which might make them worth their weight in gold.

Price: $29.99

13. Moose Toys Bluey Advent Calendar

For young kids, Advent calendars can be tricky. You don't want to load them up on sugar, and many of the puzzles and movie-based toys are geared toward older children. This year, Aldi is stepping up its options for kids under the age of five, and this Bluey-themed calendar might be the best of the bunch. Created for kids as young as three, it includes 24 windows with a Heeler Family toy behind each. From individual figures to a multi-piece tree that must be constructed in stages, it has enough to keep your little ones entertained but not frustrated.

Its $19.99 price tag is on the steep side, but Aldi's price is $5 cheaper than Amazon's at the time of writing, so if you're planning to buy it, it pays off to get it from the store.

Price: $19.99

12. Merry Moments Advent Garland

One of the new additions to Aldi's Advent calendar roster this year is a 25-day garland. The website offers few clues about the product, saying only that it consists of 25 mini stockings that are perfect for stashing small gifts or candies to surprise your loved ones each day. The garland is 55 inches long, an ideal size for draping across a mantel or hanging along a staircase, adding a festive touch to your holiday decorations. There are loops at each end that make it easy to hang, and with four designs to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches your holiday decor.

The garland is $9.99, which is a reasonable price for a two-in-one DIY Advent calendar and holiday decoration. It might not be at the top of your list, but if it fits your decor, it might be worth picking one up on your way to checkout.

Price: $9.99

11. Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar

Another Aldi Advent calendar favorite is back in 2023–-the Huntington Home candle calendar. Featuring no fewer than 25 1.8-ounce scented candles, there is no skimping on Aldi's part. This year's scents include Winter Pine & Eucalyptus, Eggnog, and Freesia and Pear, along with more abstract-sounding scents like Cashmere Snowflakes, Christmas Morning, and Sparkling Fizz. Although this calendar has been in Aldi's holiday lineup for years, the company has taken the unusual step of slashing the price by $10 and shrinking the products by half an ounce. Last year, the calendar's $39.99 price tag was a hard sell for some, but the new price is likely to tempt shoppers, especially with the enticing range of smells.

Even if you're a fan of scented candles, you might want to buy this calendar in-store after smelling some of the brand's products instead of buying it scent-unsmelled online. Scents are very subjective, and you don't want to end up with 25 unused candles, although they do make excellent stocking stuffers.

Price: $29.99

10. Pokémon or Cocomelon Advent Calendar

Among Aldi's options for young children this year is the CoComelon Advent calendar for kids under the age of three, and the Pokémon calendar for ages four and over. The CoComelon calendar features 24 figures based on the wildly popular YouTube channel, all of which are surprisingly large for an Advent calendar. Each toy is about the size of an adult's palm, making this option more of a full-sized toy set than an Advent-style collection of trinkets.

The Pokémon calendar is equally impressive, with no fewer than 40 pieces. The figures are two inches tall and include Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Jigglypuff, and Cyndaquil, while the windows also contain holiday-themed accessories for creating a Christmas scene.

Although $29.99 is a steep price tag for an Advent calendar, it's a steal compared to the $44.99 and $49.99 prices that each respective calendar is selling for on Amazon, as of November 2023.

Price: $29.99

9. Lego Star Wars or Marvel Advent Calendar

For older kids, LEGO is the gold standard of toys. Add in their favorite movie characters, and they might think they've landed in paradise. Aldi has four LEGO Advent calendars this year for various ages, including a choice between a Star Wars set for kids aged six and over, and a Marvel set for kids aged seven and older. Both calendars offer 24 days of LEGO surprises, with the Star Wars set consisting of 320 pieces and the Marvel set consisting of 243. The Star Wars version includes mini figures of Emperor Palpatine, an Ewok, and a Pit Droid in holiday outfits, a Gonk Droid dressed as a reindeer, Omega with a sled, and Princess Leia. The Marvel version includes mini figures of Okoye, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wong, Iron Man, and Black Widow.

If your child is obsessed with Star Wars or Marvel, it's difficult to imagine an Advent calendar that will bring them more joy. However, $39.99 is not cheap, especially for a pre-Christmas present. Saving the movie-themed LEGO gifts for Christmas Day makes sense, but if you are planning to splurge at Aldi this year, you could do a lot worse than these joy-inducing LEGO calendars.

Price: $39.99

8. Compound Kings Slime Advent Calendar

Aldi's Advent calendar lineup has grown more kid-friendly over the years, and 2023 continues the trend. One of the new offerings is a slime calendar from the brand Compound Kings, featuring 25 days of slimy surprises. It includes five butter slimes, five neon slimes, five glitzy slimes, and five fluffy clouds slimes. Compound Kings products, which are sold at Walmart and on Amazon as well as at Aldi, are colorful, multi-textured, and even multi-scented. They are perfect for kids ages four or older who love arts, crafts, and multi-sensory toys.

The calendar is 10 ounces and costs $16.99, which breaks down to about $0.68 per day. Compared to the other kids' Advent calendars on offer, this is an affordable option that even older kids will enjoy.

Price: $16.99

7. Make it Sparkle Sparkling Wine

If you've skipped over Aldi's wine calendar in the past because there's just too much variety, the company is expanding its options this year to cater to your needs. One of the best new offerings is the sparkling wine calendar. Featuring six 200-milliliter bottles, it provides one large serving per day (or two small portions if you're feeling generous). All the wines are from France, but there is a surprising range, from the Mova Grapefruit option that is geared toward breakfast to the Cavory Blanc de Blancs Brut that is more in keeping with a toasting wine.

Six portions might seem a little lean in comparison to the 24-portion beer and wine calendars, but sparkling wine isn't an everyday beverage, and it's fitting that it would be limited to the most festive period of the holidays. You could even start it on Christmas Day to make it a lead-in for New Year's Eve.

Price: Varies by location

6. Zuru Mini Brands Advent Calendar

There's just something about miniature versions of familiar objects that makes our hearts melt. One of Aldi's new Advent calendars delivers 24 days of tiny, festive cheer, from a miniature Baby Yoda (who could resist?) to a Campbell's Soup can that's not much larger than a postage stamp. Created by Zuru Mini Brands, the calendar contains four exclusive items and several favorites from previous releases. There is also a Toy version, containing miniature versions of classic toys such as Hello Kitty and Playdoh.

Both calendars are suitable for children over the age of three, though adults may also fall in love with them. At $26.99, they aren't cheap, but if you're delighted by the mere thought of these mini collectibles, it might be worth it. The holidays are full of opportunities to splurge on nonessential items, and these playful calendars are a good place to start.

Price: $26.99

5. Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar

The Barissimo Coffee Advent calendar has been one of the most reliable offerings from Aldi's holiday lineup over the years, and if you have a Keurig or K-cup compatible machine, it should be at the top of your list. Instead of having to buy expensive pumpkin spice lattes from coffee shops, you can sip on a new festive drink every day from the comfort of your sofa.

Although the flavors this year remain a surprise, the ones from years past have included Apple Pie, Spiced Eggnog, and Cinnamon Sticky Bun. There is usually a balance between these festively flavored cups and unflavored versions from around the world, including some from organic beans.

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, a warm cup of coffee is both a necessity and a cozy treat. With just one K-cup per day, this calendar won't replace your favorite blend, but it will provide a bonus cup of surprise coffee to keep you going throughout the holidays.

Price: $13.99

4. Emporium Selection 24-Day Advent Cheese Calendar

Amongst the returning calendars this year is a legend of the Aldi holiday lineup: the Emporium Selection cheese calendar. The perfect accompaniment to the wine calendar, this offering boasts 24 portions of cheese from Europe that you'll be tempted to consume in one sitting. In previous years, the selection has included everything from Red Leicester to Mustard Gouda. At 12.7 ounces for the whole package, the portions are fairly small, but it's enough to enjoy with a glass of wine, and the range of flavors will keep you on your toes.

A product of this calendar's stature inevitably faces criticism, and over the years, some shoppers have pointed out that gouda features a little too heavily. However, it's all cheese, and that in itself is reason enough to put it at the top of your list.

Price $16.99

3. Moser Roth Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar

The Moser Roth Advent calendar appeals to the chocolate snobs among us, and let us be the first to tell you: it's worth every penny. Rather than just offering milk chocolate, it boasts a diverse range of flavors, many of which feature the chocolate-hazelnut-paste hybrid gianduja. The collection balances traditional tastes, such as ganache-filled dark chocolate, with more sumptuous flavors like a cornet-shaped gianduja praline.

At $0.65 per chocolate, this calendar is much pricier than the Choceur calendar, but if you love chocolate truffles bursting with flavor, $15.99 is a small price to pay for a daily dose of flavor heaven across nearly a month, and the elegant three-dimensional display doubles as a holiday decoration. With 25 days of treats, it makes sure you have your chocolate fix right up until Christmas, provided you can hold yourself back from devouring all 25 treats in one sitting.

Price: $15.99

2. Merry Moments Mini Puzzle Advent Calendar

The holidays are all about spending quality time with loved ones, and what better way to pass the time than by working your way through festive puzzles? The 2023 Merry Moments mini puzzle Advent calendar provides 12 jigsaw puzzles featuring illustrations of cozy holiday scenes like a snowy city and a homey living room with a Christmas tree and a roaring hearth. Each puzzle contains 80 pieces and measures seven by 10 inches when complete. You can start the calendar 12 days before Christmas and challenge your family to finish one every day, or spread them out across 24 days and make one every two days.

The calendar costs only $9.99, making it a much more affordable option than many of the other kid-friendly items in the Advent lineup this year. If you love puzzles and want a fun, accessible challenge for the whole family, this calendar should be at the top of your wishlist.

Price: $9.99

1. 25 Days of Holiday Heat Hot Sauce Advent calendar

One of the downsides of food-based Advent calendars is that the portions are usually too small to extend beyond a bite or two. When it comes to hot sauce, however, 0.84 ounces is plenty. Aldi's Bay Island Advent calendar also provides a bonus 25th window, so you can start your countdown on November 30 or celebrate all the way through Christmas Day.

Last year, the offerings included multiple chipotle salsas, a scorch-your-tongue Ghost Pepper salsa, and, of course, a portion of sriracha. One bottle gives you plenty of flavor for an entire meal, and you might even have enough to share.

This calendar takes the top spot on our wishlist not only because the portions are so generous, but because of its versatility. You can set some aside in your pantry to enjoy throughout the year, or challenge yourself to finish each bottle as they come. And even if you see one that you don't like, you can simply use it as a stocking stuffer for one of your loved ones.

Price: $14.99