Wendy's New Celebrity Meal Deals Are Inspired By Twitch Streamers

Any fast food chain can create a meal deal endorsed by a celebrity as long as they've got the big bucks to hire a Travis Scott or a J Balvin (or take advantage of the free PR already being generated by a Charli D'Amato). Of course, they could also pull an Arby's and partner with some dude who's pranking them on TikTok for a promo that's way cheaper and oddly kind of cooler in a "did they or didn't they get the joke?" kind of way.

Since nobody's pulled such an epic viral hoax on Wendy's, they had to resort to the next best thing: teaming up with Twitch streamers. While streamers are a slightly less mainstream sort of internet celebrity than the crowd whose faces are all over YouTube and TikTok, some of the most popular have millions of followers who tune in to watch them live-stream their gaming (and a surprising number manage to rake in really big bucks, too). Starting today up through the 12th, as Wendy's announced in a recent press release, they'll be offering special meal deals named for 5 such streamers: TFUE, FLIGHT, itsHafu, xChocoBars, and Myth.

Details on the daily meal deals

TFUE, who became famous for his Fortnight play before switching to Call of Duty: Warzone, kicks things off Tuesday with a meal consisting of 10 crispy chicken nuggets with a side of small fries and a light lemonade. FLIGHT, who may be best known for his reaction videos to the point where he's even become a meme on account of them (via YouTube), has his namesake meal Wednesday: 10 spicy nuggets, small fries, and a Hi-C

ItsHafu, a streamer who plays a lot of Among Us, is Thursday's gamer of the day with a meal deal of a Baconator, small fries, and a Sprite. On Friday it's xChocoBars, a Twitch star who once beat the pants off NBA player Josh Hart at Fortnite and also eats Big Bacon Classics and fries and drinks Sprite. Finally on Saturday comes a meal named for Myth, another former Fortnite player who seems to be all about Valorant lately and enjoys a classic chicken sandwich along with fries and Coke.

There's prizes, too

Of course, it's not a truly epic meal unless you also get some swag, or at least the chance to win some. Wendy's also announced that each time you order one of these gamer meals, your takeout bag will include an Uber Eats prize pass with a code which, when entered online, might lead to you winning an Uber Eats gift card or a Never Stop Gaming Wendy's hoodie, slides, water bottle, gamer bag (complete with "performance gum," since this is evidently now a thing), and other merch. 

You might even stand a chance at one of the grand prizes: "the ultimate" gaming chair, "the best" gaming headset, a $1,000 Uber Eats gift card, or a next-gen, as-yet-unreleased gaming console. What's more, each streamer will, on their meal day, be offering special prizes to fans who tune into their Wendy's-sponsored streams. And rumor has it that Wendy herself may even show up to get in on the gaming.