Make-Ahead Breakfasts That Will Save Your Mornings

Many of us put this kindly...not exactly the best versions of ourselves first thing in the morning. Which means that breakfast, when it's a consideration at all, is usually something akin to a protein bar, a fistful of dry cereal, or maybe some leftover stale pizza from the night before. But just because you're a night owl doesn't mean you can't enjoy a healthy, delicious morning meal to start your day off the right way. Enter: the make-ahead breakfast.

Using your evening energy or a few weekend hours to plan and prep for the week's breakfasts will make all the difference to your mornings. From homemade breads to egg bakes to overnight oats, prepping these recipes in advance mean that you have a good reason to get out of bed in the morning... after snoozing your alarm for the seventh time, that is. (Look, Rome wasn't built in a day, okay?)

Savory or sweet, hot or cold, these recipes will save you from yourself and your morning hunger.

Baked oatmeal for a healthy make-ahead breakfast to curb a sweet tooth

If you love the sweetness and staying power of morning oats but lack the wherewithal to stir steel-cut oats for 45 minutes first thing in the morning, it seems like you've got two options: microwave oatmeal packets (ick) or sugar-loaded store-bought granola bars (ick-er). Instead, why not give this baked oatmeal a whirl? Made with a combo of oats, your choice of canned fruit, milk for creaminess, and a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar, it bakes up into a tender bar you can enjoy as breakfast or as a snack, either zapped in the microwave and drizzled with a bit of syrup or grabbed to go.

Healthier homemade granola bars are a make-ahead breakfast treat

If you're sick of store-bought granola bars that have as much sugar in them as candy, you're in luck. These homemade granola bars are made with fresh ingredients like almonds, coconut, nut butter, honey, oats, and coconut oil. And yeah, ok, there are some chocolate chips in there, but honestly, you need something to get you out of bed on Monday, and if a little bit of dark chocolate is wrong, we don't want to be right.

Steer clear of the drive-thru with these homemade egg muffins you can make ahead of time

More of a savory person in the morning? We feel you. But there's no need to resort to spending money at fast food joints when you can just as easily make a dozen egg muffins in the time it takes you to watch half an episode of WandaVision.

These egg muffins are filled with healthy, flavorful ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, and cheese. The protein from the egg gives them real staying power, so you won't crash an hour into your morning Zoom calls. Each batch makes two flavors: six of one, a half-dozen of the other (are math jokes funny? We can't remember – we've been home-schooling for too long). This means you can either pick your fave each morning or gild the lily and grab one of each.

A flavorful Mexican breakfast casserole for a versatile make-ahead breakfast

Chorizo, tortillas, salsa, green onions, and jalapeños unite in this Mexican breakfast casserole that's just as tasty fresh and hot as it is cold out of the fridge. Best of all, it's rich in all three macronutrients: protein from black beans and eggs, carbs from tomatoes and tortillas, and fat from the cheese and sausage. In other words, it's the recipe for a perfectly balanced morning.

A healthier breakfast casserole that's no less delicious when made ahead

If you want a slightly healthier option for the morning, no worries — we've got you covered. In this breakfast casserole, a combo of eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and onions is baked in the oven until just set and tender. And a sprinkling of feta cheese is an awesome choice to finish things off: Like parmesan or goat cheese, feta is super flavorful, so a little bit goes a long way. A sprinkling of chives is a beautiful finishing touch.

Creamy, dreamy overnight oats will be a make-ahead breakfast staple

Overnight oats took the Internet by storm a few years ago, and it's not hard to see why. Combining oats, milk, yogurt, and mix-ins before bed and allowing them to chill for several hours while you sleep means you wake up to a creamy porridge with no morning effort whatsoever. This recipe combines the antioxidant power of blueberries and the anti-inflammatory benefits of cinnamon for a breakfast that's as healthful as it is delicious. And if you make your overnight oats in reusable glass jars with a lid, you can easily take them on the go.

A make-ahead rustic toast to write home about

Sometimes, the simplest breakfasts are the best ones. Case in point: Who can say no to a fat slice of sourdough toast with butter?  

Making your own rustic sourdough bread is definitely not a task for the morning, but set aside a few hours at the weekend, and you'll be rewarded with a bread you can tap into for easy breakfasts any day of the week. If you're feeling motivated, top it with smashed avocado for an avo toast that won't break the bank.

Another beautiful make-ahead breakfast loaf

If you want a slightly sweeter option for your morning toast, why not try a French classic? Pain au lait or milk bread is an enriched loaf similar to challah or brioche, albeit a bit lighter. Milk, egg, and butter join the usual suspects of flour, yeast, and water for a pillowy, slightly sweet bread that's lovely toasted and spread with butter, jam, or both. Dunk it in your café au lait for a truly French experience!

Banana bread good enough for dessert, or a make-ahead breakfast delight

There's a thin line between a quick bread and a cake, but if that line means we can have a slice of this sweet Starbucks copycat banana bread first thing in the morning, we're here for it. Made with three mashed bananas, sweetened with maple syrup, and laced with crunchy walnuts, it's absolutely delicious — and naturally dairy-free to boot. And while it's totally cool to have it for breakfast (it's got a fruit serving!) any leftovers will be welcome for dessert, too.