The Best Flavored Ketchup You Can Find At The Store

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When you're grilling out, or are making a delicious hot dog, hamburger, or cheeseburger, condiments are a necessity to make your perfect lunch or dinner. There's a wide variety of toppings to choose from, as well as all of the incredible sauces you can find out there. From fresh mayonnaise to savory mustard, there are many different ways to customize your meal of bread and meat. One of the most notable condiments of the bunch is ketchup, with the red, tomato-based sauce being a staple for many hot dog stands. If you've ever gone to the store and gotten yourself a bottle of Heinz's ketchup, then you know just how amazing the condiment is.

Ketchup, unarguably, is delicious, and there's no need to do anything crazy to the condiment to make it perfect for your next hot dog. However, if you ever wanted to spruce up your next meal, you can easily find variously flavored ketchups within grocery stores, ready to pick up and use. Here are some of the best flavored ketchups you can find at the store.

Vegetable Ketchup

Ketchup is certainly delicious, but it's important to remember that the key component in the condiment is tomatoes. This is pretty common knowledge, but what might not be as well known is the fact that tomatoes aren't a vegetable, but are botanically defined as a fruit (via Healthline). So every time you slather delicious ketchup on your hamburgers, you're having a fruit based condiment. This isn't a bad thing at all, but if you're hoping to get your fill of vegetables, you're either going to have to add a different topping, or find a ketchup that has veggies in it.

Fortunately, you can find ketchups that feature vegetables in them, such as True Made Foods' take, which includes a blend of vegetables. These ketchups can include a variety of vegetables, like squash or carrots. It tastes great, and typically has a very fresh flavor to it. There are different offerings of this product, so while some ketchups will have the earthy taste of vegetables in them, others, like Heinz's vegetable ketchup, are barely noticeable, and are more so made for parents to give to their picky kids, or those who just want some extra vegetables in their diet. Regardless, if you happen to find good vegetable ketchup in stores, you've found yourself a delicious condiment.

Habanero Ketchup

Habanero peppers aren't the hottest pepper out there, and while they are spicy, they allow for a more citrus-y, slightly smokey flavor to stick out along with the spicey kick that you may get (via Pepperscale). This doesn't mean that habanero peppers aren't spicy, however, because they've got quite the kick to them, making them the perfect flavor to liven up a bottle of ketchup.

Like the pepper the ketchup flavor is based on, habanero ketchup is very spicy. Brands such as Melinda's Habanero Ketchup take the bold flavor of the pepper and put it into ketchup form. It's not as spicy as the actual pepper, but you can't really match the spiciness of habanero with anything but a habanero pepper. For ketchup, however, this flavor is a fun, fiery take on the tomato condiment, and anyone looking to add the flavor of habanero to their next grilled hot dog will definitely favor this flavor.

Bacon Ketchup

Of all the things you can have for breakfast, one of the most filling meats you can add to your morning meal is bacon. It's a perfect addition to any breakfast burrito or stack of pancakes — though you don't have to limit bacon to breakfast. When it comes to lunches and dinners, it's a common meat to find in burgers and sandwiches, and is also often sprinkled on top of hot dogs. Bacon-flavored ketchup, on the other hand, is likely not as common to find topping your grilled dishes.

The flavor of bacon is a staple among many Americans, so the idea of bacon-flavored ketchup is not just an intriguing idea, but a welcome one as well, especially if it's done right. Fortunately, you don't need to go all the way to a specialized hot dog stand to find yourself a bacon-flavored ketchup. You can find this condiment in stores and online, such as Green Jay's Gourmet Bacon Ketchup. It's ketchup made with a smoky, bacon flavor that's almost like a BBQ sauce. If you're a bacon lover who's looking for a little extra bacon in your life, you could easily put this flavored ketchup on your favorite cheeseburger, along with more slices of bacon, to make for your next pork-fect burger.

Fast Food Ketchup

Regular ketchup is salty, a little sweet, and full of tomato. You can't really go wrong by squirting some ketchup on whatever you please, be it a beefy burger or scrambled eggs. Doing this can liven up a simple dish quite a bit, but have you ever gotten your ketchup from a burger or hot dog place? For some reason, this ketchup just seems to taste different — and we can't emphasize just how good of a thing that is. If you've ever wanted to have a ketchup with an extra kick of spice, there are flavored ketchups that let you do that, as well.

This flavor of ketchup has an extra note of spice to it, making for an exciting, spicy condiment to add a bit of pizzaz to your next dish. You can find spicy ketchups in many grocery stores, from Walmart to Giant. Not all spicy ketchups are created equal, however, so you may need to try a few different spicy flavored ketchups to find the condiment that's right for you. If you can't find the ketchup flavor in stores, You can also find different brands online like Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup, in case your local stores run out, and you want to have unique and fun condiments for your next Fourth of July party.

Curry Ketchup

A good curry is hard to beat. There are many different curries out there, from classic chicken curry to an easy-to-make chickpea curry. No matter what curry caters to your taste buds, however, there's something undeniably amazing about a good, spicy curry, and it's hard to replicate that incredible taste elsewhere. You likely haven't thought about putting a spoonful of curry on your hamburgers or hot dogs, or squirting some ketchup into your spicy chicken curry, but some ketchups take both the tomato condiment as well as the universally loved dish of curry, and combine them into one spicy, flavorful ketchup.

Curry Ketchups like Zeisner's Curry Ketchup aren't as popular as regular ketchup is, though they're just as easy to find in stores like Walmart, and are just as good, if not more flavorful than any normal tomato ketchup. This ketchup flavor has a nice spicy kick to it, and is typically filled with the flavor of a homemade curry. Reviewers on Walmart's online website claim that Zeisner's curry ketchup in particular is reminiscent of a curry from Germany. It might not be the ketchup flavor you're familiar with, but if you like ketchup, and you enjoy spicy curry, then you will most definitely enjoy curry ketchup.

Jalapeño Ketchup

When you're looking for a good item to add to your hot dog, a common contester for the role of one of your condiments of choice are jalapeños. The moderately spicy jalapeños are no stranger to the world of condiments, and because they are common to find on hot dogs, that means they are also paired with ketchup frequently. Since this is the case, why not use the tasty flavor of the pepper in the renowned condiment?

Jalapeño ketchup is a moderately spicy flavored condiment that takes the hotness of the pepper and adds it to the more sauce-like ketchup. It's also easy to find, and you don't have to go through the struggle of making your own at home (unless you want to). In local stores and online shopping websites, you may be able to find flavored ketchups like Melinda's, which also features a jalapeno flavor in its ketchup lineup. It isn't the spiciest pepper out there, so if you like pepper, but not an overwhelming amount, jalapeño is the perfect flavor of ketchup to dip your toes into the world of spicy condiments.

Thai Chili Ketchup

Thai food is a blessing in disguise to spice lovers, consisting of loads of different, delicious hot ingredients. You can also find loads of different Thai-style ingredients in stores like Trader Joes, so if you're curious and want to try the bright-colored dishes, we recommend you do — though you might not think of ketchup as a condiment that is usually found in Thai dishes. If you've ever wanted to pair ketchup and the flavors of Thai food, together, however, you're in luck.

Halo + Cleaver's Thai Chili Ketchup can be found both online as well as in grocery stores, though it isn't as easy to find as some other varieties, as it sports a much darker, reddish-brown color as opposed to the bright red that comes out of a bottle of tomato ketchup. Despite this difference, you'll find that this ketchup is sweet, spicy, and incredibly delicious. One reviewer notes that this product in particular tastes of a spicy, sweet chili, with tomatoes, and a light note of citrus (via Amazon). If you like Thai food, and have ever considered bringing the taste of a Thai chili to your next burger, then you'll adore Thai Chili flavored ketchup.

Chipotle Ketchup

Chipotle isn't just the name of a popular Mexican style restaurant chain. It's also the name of a particular jalapeño pepper commonly used in Mexican dishes. The pepper is just as spicy as a regular jalapeño, though it also has an earthy, smoky flavor to it (via PepperScale). You may have never had this pepper before, or realized that it was an ingredient in your favorite burrito at a Tex-Mex restaurant. The flavor is very appetizing, however, and if you aren't able to get your hands on these peppers, you can always test the flavor out through ketchup.

Melinda's Chipotle Ketchup is one of the numerous brands that sell chipotle-flavored ketchup, and you can find this flavor both online and in stores. The smoky chipotle pepper balances out nicely with the savory tomato, and the entire thing results in rich, spicy ketchup, perfect to go on hot dogs, dip fries into, or even put in burritos. It might not be as hot as the actual pepper, but for a ketchup flavor, chipotle pepper is a wonderful addition to the list, and we definitely recommend you try it out the next time you see it.

Siracha Ketchup

When it comes to spicy food, most dishes are pretty hot on their own, but if you've ever needed to make a dish spicier, sriracha sauce has always been a reliable, spicy way to add a fiery jolt to any meal. The flavor is renowned for being used in soup, chili, or ramen dishes, along with the occasional sandwich or shrimp dish. We wouldn't hold it against you if you've ever thought of adding sriracha to your hamburger, or any ketchup-including food you've had, though there's only a certain amount of sauce and condiments some dishes can handle without being drenched to the point that they're no longer edible.

Fortunately, there's a fix for this particular flavor conundrum, in the form of sriracha ketchup. This ketchup flavor is just as spicy as the sauce it's flavored after, but in ketchup form. It can taste of chili peppers, as well as garlic and the other ingredients that make up sriracha sauce. If you've ever wanted to add the exciting flavor of sriracha to your ketchup, you can go to a grocery store, and find the "Chicken Sauce's" mascot on a ketchup bottle. With this, you can make some pretty exciting dishes, or even use it as a spicy dip for your next serving of fries.

Black Pepper Ketchup

Black pepper, or peppercorn, is one of the most common seasonings, and it has a sharp, earthy taste (via Spiceography) to it that many enjoy adding to their steaks, scrambled eggs, and pretty much anything that calls for light seasoning. Regular ketchup doesn't really have a spice kick to it, as it's primarily tomato, so even adding a bit of pepper into the mix gives the condiment a lot more flavor, and one that can be appreciated by peppercorn and ketchup lovers all over the globe.

Melinda's is one brand of many that offer black peppercorn flavored ketchup. Within this flavor, the earthy, rich flavor of the peppers adds more depth to the delicious tomato topping. It isn't at all spicy, like hot pepper or seasoning, so if you aren't a fan of overly spicy things, you can still enjoy this flavor. You can actually taste the pepper in a good bottle of this ketchup, so if you can find the right brand of black pepper ketchup, you're set. Overall, if you want your next dose of ketchup to have an extra note of flavor, peppercorn-flavored ketchup is the way to go.

Classic Tomato Ketchup

While there are loads of different ketchup flavors out there, it's hard to beat the classic tomato ketchup we all know and love. If you aren't looking for an extra note of spice, or some fun, unique flavor, why go for anything other than a good ol 'bottle of Heinz ketchup? There's nothing out of the ordinary about classically flavored ketchup, but that's far from a bad thing. If you read all the way through this article, then there's a good chance that you enjoy putting ketchup on fries and burgers, and if you enjoy that, then there's no need to do anything crazy to what's already amazing.

Not only does classic ketchup taste wonderful, but it's also incredibly easy to find in stores. Just by turning down the condiment aisle of a Walmart, Giant, or Aldi's, you'll find shelves dedicated to mayo, relish, and of course, ketchup. It's rarely a bad thing to try something new when it comes to food, and if you get the chance, you should definitely try out all of the other ketchup flavors we've listed. However, if you aren't feeling it, and want a reliable, delicious ketchup, a classic bottle of the tomato-flavored condiment is something you can never go wrong with.