The Best Nacho Cheese-Flavored Snacks You Can Find At The Grocery Store

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If you're looking for a cheesy, salty, and crunchy dish, there's nothing like ordering a freshly made batch of nachos while you're out, or making them yourself in the comfort of your own home. Just grab a bag or tortilla chips, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top of them, and heat them up in the microwave to produce some hot, delicious chips. You can add whatever you want to a good stack of nachos: as much or as little cheese as you want, along with chilis, peppers, olives, and more. There's little out there that can beat a good serving of nachos — and that sentiment extends to nacho-flavored snacks, as well.

There are loads of nacho-flavored snacks out there, and you don't have to limit yourself to just nachos anymore to get a taste of the cheesy goodness. From nacho-flavored cracker snacks and pretzels to chips that take on the entire flavor of nacho themselves, there are many options of nacho snacks to choose from out there, and you may find yourself stumped upon what snack to grab for your next pick-me-up during the day. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the best nacho cheese-flavored snacks, so the next time you find yourself at an Aldi's, Giant, or any grocery store out there, you'll know about some of the best nacho cheese-flavored foods you can find.

Nacho Cheese Bugles

Bugles are a nationwide phenomenon that has graced snack aisles for almost 60 years now. The crispy corn chips are a great party snack, and their horn-like shape allows one to do fun things with them, like fill them with cheese or dip. They may be branded as a snack for kids, but anyone can enjoy the wide range of flavored chips that Bugles has to offer — including this next entry. You can certainly use Bugles to make a plate of nachos, but you don't have to with their Nacho Cheese flavor, which takes the taste of a hot plate of nachos and uses it in their triangular snack.

The nacho flavor of these chips is lighter, and a bit more subtle than what you might find in a bag of Doritos, but that lightness makes the snack all the more enjoyable. They aren't as salty as your regular bugles, as noted by a customer on Amazon, so the taste of cheese really stands out with these chips. As another plus, the cone shape of this nacho snack makes them perfect for dipping into salsa. You can find nacho cheese-flavored Bugles in many grocery stores, making them an easily accessible and tasty snack to pack with your next bag of lunch, or for your next party.

Cheez-It Baked Cheddar Nacho

Cheez-It is another snack that is almost unavoidable to go a lifetime without having at least once. Even the ads for this cheesy cracker seem to be everywhere, with the wheel of cheese teasing a new victim every time. Cheez-It portrays itself as a cheesy snack in its advertisement, and if you've ever had a handful of the bright, orange squares before, then you can confirm just how cheesy classic Cheez-Its are. Throw the flavor of nacho cheese into the mix, and you're met with an extra cheesy snack of deliciously baked crackers. Cheez-it Baked Cheddar Nacho flavor is a slightly spicy cheese cracker product that definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Many plates of nachos are topped with jalapenos and other peppers. These crackers, already pretty cheesy, take the spiciness of hot peppers and put a little of that into each square. For lovers of nachos out there, these Cheez-Its are a nice take on the cheesy chip-based dish, and great to snack on throughout the day. If you're ever out in the store looking for a box of Cheez-Its, then you'll likely come across this nacho flavor as well, and we highly suggest you grab a box of it, as well.

Loaded Nacho Cheese Breaded Cheese Doritos Snacks

The next nacho-flavored snack that we have on this list carries a brand name you might be familiar with. The Loaded Nacho Cheese Breaded Cheese Doritos Snacks are somewhat like mozzarella sticks but are made in a more triangular shape. As the name suggests, these nacho cheese-flavored snacks are loaded with melty cheese and are covered in a Doritos-flavored crust. They come frozen, so after removing them from the box, you have to warm them up in the oven before you can enjoy these snacks.

They take a little more time than a typical snack to get ready, but after you prepare them, you're in for a warm, cheesy, and incredibly nacho-flavored snack. With this product, you'll be hit with a nice, mild flavor reminiscent of a bag of Dorito chips. This super cheesy, bold snack is about as big as a regular Dorito chip, though stuffed with cheese, so eating a couple of these breaded snacks will leave you filled and satisfied until your next meal. It's easy to find, as you can locate this in grocery stores such as Walmart when they have them in stock. If you like Doritos, nachos, and cheesy snacks, then you will also find enjoyment in this hot snack.

Hippeas Organic Nacho Cheese Chickpea Puffs

This next item is a somewhat healthier cheesy snack, and still just as delicious as all of the rest. Hippeas Organic Nacho Cheese Chickpea Puffs are gluten-free, vegan, and made for snacking. They're light, crunchy puffs made out of chickpeas before they are baked, and take on a Cheeto-like look. This plant-based item isn't as dense as your typical puffy chip, though the light, crunchy nature of the chickpea puffs helps it stand out among some of the other snacks on this list, and allows for the nacho cheese flavor to take the center stage.

This snack isn't just for those who may be allergic to gluten, or dairy, or looking for a vegan product. They don't taste exactly like a well-crafted batch of nachos, but if you're searching for a healthier snack, then these Chickpea puffs will satisfy your cravings. While you can find this snack in stores where all the chips and popcorn are, you can also browse online grocery websites to find this, as well. The reviews for this product online are overwhelmingly positive, with some reviewers on Walmart's website claiming that this snack tastes just like Cheetos, so if you're a fan of both nachos and the puffy, cheesy chips, you'll likely like this snack too.

Cheetos Nacho Sticks

There's nothing like a bag of Cheetos. The puffy chip is delicious as it is, though it also has a nacho-flavored product. So naturally, the chip has to be on this list as well. Cheetos Nacho Sticks are just like your typical Cheeto snack- cheesy, covered in powder, and easy to get all over your hands. Regardless, there's something enticing about these chips in general that keeps us coming back for more. The same can be said when we come across a bag of nacho cheese-flavored Cheetos. Cheesy, flavorful, and with a slight kick, this snack isn't as easy to find as a regular or spicy flavored bag of Cheetos, but when you do find this in stores, you're in for a decent Cheeto snack.

We advise caution if you have any intentions of ordering this product online. There are, admittedly, numerous reviews for this product on Amazon claiming that they received a stale bag or the wrong flavor. Still, we highly suggest grabbing this Cheetos flavor if you come across it in stores, because as delicious as regular Cheetos are, this flavor builds upon that classic taste and is just as, if not more, cheesy and delicious. You can never go wrong with a classic bag of Cheetos, but if you ever come across this flavor, why not try it out?

Smartfood's Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavored Popcorn

When you're at the movie theatre or chilling on the couch at home watching Netflix, a freshly popped bag of popcorn is almost a necessity to many. The salty, bite-sized popped corn seeds are incredible, and though the kernels sometimes get stuck in your teeth, they can be a pretty perfect snack otherwise. There are many different ways you can make your popcorn: add a bit of butter, sprinkle on a bit of salt and pepper, or even add some cheese. If popcorn can come in many different flavors, then it should come as no surprise that there's a nacho cheese-flavored popcorn, as well.

Smartfood's Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavored Popcorn is a product that takes the flavor of a Doritos chip and adds it to a bag of deliciously popped popcorn. It's light, cheesy, and tastes a lot like Doritos, so there's a whole lot to love about this snack. It's only around for a limited time, however, so we suggest you try to get this product while it's still available, though even if you don't, there are still gourmet options of this cheesy snack out there, and even at Walmart, so thankfully, there are different ways for you to try out nacho cheese-flavored popcorn.

Classic Doritos

We've talked about a lot of Dorito-flavored products, so we'd be fools not to give actual Doritos a place of their own on this list. The triangular chips are difficult to put down, and it's virtually impossible to ask a person to only eat one or two chips from a bag of Doritos. The entire experience of consuming a bag of these chips is unforgettable. From the powder coating that gets all over your hands to the enjoyable "crunch!" that follows each bite, Doritos are an iconic, widely beloved chip — and their staple nacho cheese flavor is at the forefront, with the bright red bag they come in, and the delicious flavor that's sealed in each chip.

The Doritos brand has loads of different flavors to choose from, though one of the best is unarguably their classic nacho cheese chips. The triangular, bright orange tortilla chips are just about everywhere in terms of shopping, from the snack shelves at a gas station, to even the biggest department stores. You'll find a pouch of cheesy, flavorful, and incredible tortilla chips almost everywhere you look. Just be careful where you open a bag of Doritos because if there's more than one person around, you might be forced to share.

Flavor Blasted Nacho Cheese Goldfish

Ah, the snack that smiles back. Goldfish Crackers are commonly packed into backpacks and lunch bags to send along to school or camp. Created by Pepperidge Farms, these cheesy, friendly, and familiar crackers are a silent smiley snack and a favorite among snackers. Goldfish come in a variety of different popular flavors, from cheddar and pizza to our next entry: Flavor Blasted Nacho Cheese Goldfish. These fish-shaped crackers are made with real cheese, baked to crunch perfection, and filled with a nicely spiced, cheesy flavor. If you love a good plate of nachos, and you grew up loving the taste and texture of Goldfish crackers, then you will also enjoy this nacho-flavored snack.

Nacho Cheese Goldfish are full of flavor. They take the cheesy taste of the classic cheddar cracker and amp it up with the slight kick of spice you get from the nacho flavoring. Goldfish can be found in pretty much any grocery store you step into, so there's a good chance you can find this nacho flavor, as well. Reviews for this snack online are in favor of the fish-shaped snacks, with consumers claiming that the Flavor Blasted Nacho Cheese chips are their favorite flavor. While Goldfish might not have much to say, their nacho-flavored smiles speak volumes and can make any nacho lover's day.

Quest Nacho Cheese Protein Chips

When you first hear the words "low carb" and "nutrition" in relation to chips, you may start to feel a little wary. Quest Nutrition's Tortilla Style Protein Chips, however, are an absolute game-changer, providing an incredibly delicious snack that's low in carbs, and high in protein. These chips come in several different flavors, including a nacho cheese variation of the nutritional chips. They're somewhat like healthier, slightly smaller Doritos, and are a baked, salty, and savory snack perfect for anyone wanting to cut back the carbs, or anyone who just wants a good nacho cheese-flavored snack.

These chips are not only better for you, but they're tastier than you may think. They're smaller and thinner than your typical Dorito, but they are cheesy with a slightly spicy kick to them, and the perfect snack to have between meals or with your lunch or dinner. According to a review on Amazon, they're a little grainy, but in our opinion, that isn't a bad thing, and they're a wonderful baked snack to have with you, especially if you like all things nacho. If you're looking for a healthier chip, but still want a cheesy, nacho-flavored chip, then Quest Nutrition's take on the snack will both satisfy your hunger and leave you wanting more.

Munchies Nacho Cheese Sandwich Crackers

Sandwiches are a wonderful thing to have at any time of the day, especially when you're hungry. Sometimes, however, you don't want to have an entire sandwich. A grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwich is more of a meal than a snack. You can make snack sandwiches though, with crackers and whatever filling you please. If you don't want to go through the trouble of making it at home, however, you can find cheesy snack sandwich crackers in stores, as well, including this next nacho-flavored snack: Munchies Nacho Cheese Sandwich Crackers. This product is made out of two golden crackers, with a nacho cheese-flavored filling spread in between.

These crackers are a nice, light, and cheese-filled snack to carry around throughout the day. The nacho flavor comes from the Dorito brand, so you know you're in for a cheesy, incredible-tasting snack. The crackers are nice and crisp, and the filling is just as flavorful and cheese-packed as you'd ever want them to be. Another good thing about this snack is that unlike Doritos or other nacho chips, it doesn't make as much of a mess with a bunch of coated nacho powder. Overall, this is a wonderful snack to have on hand, and the nacho flavor of these sandwich crackers is something to be remembered.

Snyder's Twisted Nacho Cheese Pretzel Sticks

Pretzels, no matter how you take them, can make a wonderful snack, meal, or even dessert. A soft pretzel doesn't travel as easily throughout the day, so while we adore the savory and sweet twisted treats you can get from Auntie Anne's, it's difficult to carry them with you throughout a long road trip or car ride. Fortunately, that's why we have hard pretzels, which can be found in the chip aisle in grocery stores. They're portable, crunchy, and most importantly- dippable. Like chips, pretzels could be used to make a nacho-like dish, or you could get flavored pretzel sticks, such as Snyder's Nacho Cheese Pretzel Twists.

This snack consists of hard twisted pretzel sticks that are coated in salt and a nacho cheese seasoning. They're a little more bready than a Dorito or tortilla chip, so they can take on a whole lot more cheese or sauce when it comes to dipping. On their own, though, they're just as cheesy, just as salty, and just as delicious. They're pretzels – what else would you expect other than tastiness? And with the nacho flavoring, this snack has only been made all the better for nacho fans. You could easily pair these with a cheesy queso dip, or bring them to work, school, or just out and about for a cheesy, light, and entirely satisfying nacho pretzel snack.

Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip

Last, but certainly not least, we have a simple nacho cheese dip. Doritos are nacho-flavored, as all the other snacks on this list have been, but a good dip can elevate any serving of tortilla chips. And when a cheese dip can do everything you need it to, why go for anything else if you don't want to? Any queso could make for a nice, cheesy snack, but the Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip. This dip takes the iconic nacho flavor of a bag of classic Dorito chips and blends it into a creamy cheese topping, perfect to dip chips, pretzels, or any kind of snack that could use an extra hint of nacho flavoring.

This dip in particular is extra cheesy, and has bits of peppers throughout that give the dip a spicy kick, and makes for a wonderfully flavorful experience. It's a savory snack masterpiece, and you could either use it as a chip dip or drizzle it on top of your next serving of nachos. This dip is easy to find in stores with the other queso and salsa dips. It makes for a wonderful addition to any party, gathering, or even if you just want to grab some chips, and treat yourself to a delicious nacho snack as you watch your favorite TV series.