The New Trader Joe's Dessert That Reddit Can't Get Behind

When summertime rolls around, you'll often see fruit-flavored products launching on menus and lining grocery store shelves, particularly in the beverage category. This year, Taco Bell released an exclusive hibiscus and berry iced tea with Brisk, and Auntie Anne's added mango and dragon fruit drinks to its summer menu. Trader Joe's is also known for its popular seasonal items, but it looks like some of the store's fruit-based summer products have customers divided.

Earlier this month, people on Reddit were split on how they felt about the store's Watermelon Cucumber Cooler — some people loved the flavors, while others felt the drink tasted foul. Now, there's a post on the Trader Joe's subreddit where customers are expressing doubts over a new seasonal dessert. Although the original poster simply shared a photo of the brand's new watermelon & peach macarons, the comments section is filled with people asking whether these would actually be tasty.

Here's what Reddit users are saying about these watermelon and peach macarons

Based on the second photo in the Reddit post, this new Trader Joe's product includes two types of macarons, so you won't be getting peach and watermelon flavors in one cookie. Rather, watermelon and peach flavors are in the fillings of each macaron. Judging by the comments, it looks like most people haven't actually tried them yet. But already, customers aren't sure about them. One person wrote, "Those will either be wonderful or cloying and weird."

Still, there are Trader Joe's fans that are willing to give the watermelon & peach macarons a try. "Initially those seem kind of odd, but so am I, and I turned out OK, so I am giving these the benefit of the doubt," one curious commenter wrote. Once more customers try these macarons, it'll be more clear whether this product will end up being a fan favorite or be more disappointing, like these mini cheesecake cones.

One Trader Joe's employee left a lukewarm review, saying, "The watermelon one was actually quite goood, the peach was meh." Despite this, a lot of people still doubt whether watermelon and peach will hold up well in a macaron. For some, these flavors are too difficult to get right and end up tasting artificial.

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