The Aldi Chicken Item That's Getting Torched By Inflation

If you've been noticing that your grocery hauls are getting more expensive, you're probably not wrong. One recent study found that food inflation is the worst it's been over the past four decades, and even stores that are known for their deals and savings aren't able to keep prices as low as usual. Twitter has been buzzing about how Costco can't escape the effect of inflation, and even in 2021, Aldi customers noticed that store prices have been rising, likely because of inflation.

You may have noticed that chicken items have seen a jump in price past year or so. Some restaurants were struggling to sell chicken wings because they had to raise prices due to inflation and the rising costs of chicken. Still, for some people, it's easier to pass on chicken wings than a chicken dish you can put right in the oven for dinner. 

Aldi shoppers are noticing that one item, in particular, has doubled in price. On the Aldi subreddit, one user posted a photo of the Kirkwood Cordon Bleu Chicken with the caption "The Most Striking Instance of Inflation Yet! Have been $.99 forever!!!" In the photo, the price for the chicken is listed as $1.99.

Aldi shoppers aren't happy about its chicken cordon bleu price hike

While this isn't the first time Reddit has had a problem with Aldi's chicken cordon bleu price, for some shoppers, it's a clear disappointment. One Reddit user commented "Noooo I loved these stupid things. They were an easy quick meal." Others in the thread shared their feelings and one stated "I found out yesterday that my Aldi is now more expensive than my Wegmans... sad day."

But this chicken cordon bleu price increase isn't the end of the world for some, because they prefer other brands. The top comment reads "I love Aldi, but the OG brand chicken cordon bleu (from Barber Foods) is superior. This Aldi chicken was a flop for me. On the bright side, the Barber Foods version is now cheaper!"

It turns out that this chicken isn't the only product that's increased significantly in price. Commenters are sharing other products that have gotten more expensive at Aldi. For example, many complained about the price of eggs and one said, "Eggs are another one—from $1.80 a dozen to $3.30 by me. I've started buying from local farmers because it's cheaper." Other Aldi shoppers said that food items like carnitas, protein bars, and almond milk have seen a significant increase as well.

Although it's always frustrating to see inflation affect the prices of your favorite foods, there might be some good news ahead. Inflation might be over for some grocery items, like oil and sugar.