Jenna Intersimone

Photo of Jenna Intersimone
New Jersey
Monmouth University, Istituto Lorenzo De Medici
Baking, International Cuisine, Wine And Beer
  • Jenna has eaten in 50 countries and half of the U.S. (and counting, always).
  • She'll eat pretty much anything but draws the line at bugs and melted cheese.
  • Jenna grew up eating microwave meals and fast food, which only made her more appreciative of the real food she found in her friends' parents' kitchens. She's now an accomplished home cook herself.


Jenna has been an award-winning food journalist for a decade, having written about everything from street food in Taipei to Michelin-starred restaurants in Budapest. She considers herself both an explorer of the world and a dessert connoisseur, falling for any over-the-top and outlandishly rich dessert, and has gotten pretty good at making them, too. She can often be found on the judging panel of various food organizations and food festivals, including the esteemed Garden State Culinary Arts Awards. She founded her food and travel blog in 2012, and her work has been published in publications including USA Today, Courier News, Luxe Beat Magazine, and more. Jenna also founded an always-sold-out New Jersey food tour that took diners to hidden gem restaurants in overlooked neighborhoods. She continues to assist food tour companies as well as food and wine companies with their marketing efforts. She joined the Static Media team as a freelance real estate writer in 2021 before joining Explore in 2023, and now, she's excited to nerd out with her food expertise at Mashed.


Jenna has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Monmouth University, a small school just blocks away from the beaches of New Jersey, where she also earned minors in graphic design and law. She also studied abroad for one semester at Istituto Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy, earning credits in pairing food with wine, among other subjects.
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