Tšhegofatšo Ndabane

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South Africa
University Of Pretoria
University Of Cape Town
Indigenous Foods & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle
  • Tšhegofatšo has degrees in psychology though writing has always been her first love.
  • She's particularly interested in exploring broader issues of identity, gender and socioenvironmental justice through the lens of food.
  • She's previously written for food, health, and lifestyle publications including Refinery29, Well + Good, Greatist, Life & Thyme, Food52, Conscious Being, and Blood & Milk.


Tšhegofatšo has loved food (especially baking) from the time she could read and write. As a child, she would often watch the women in her family as they gently touched and whispered to their fruits, vegetables and flowers while tending to their gardens. And when she ran out of books to read from her own bookshelf, she would scour through recipe books and find new treats to bake and write about in her journal. Years later, when she went on a retreat while on break from her masters training in clinical psychology, she rediscovered the wealth of indigenous foods while learning how to bake gluten-free and vegan cakes under the teaching of the resident chef. This sparked a greater curiosity that led to her connecting with culinary experts who are challenging dominant messaging about food, writing about indigenous foods for publications like Food52 and Life & Thyme, and joining Mashed as a features writer.


Tšhegofatšo's background in psychology has played a pivotal role in her understanding of food as a crucial element of mental and communal health, and how to write about our relationship with food from a felt-sense perspective.
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