• potatoes au gratin

    Potatoes Au Gratin Recipe

    Potatoes au gratin may just be the most decadent way to serve potatoes. This recipe combines heavy cream, butter, and cheese to create a simply delicious dish.
  • Chateaubriand

    Chateaubriand Recipe

    Chateaubriand is a classic meat dish that can intimidate, but never fear. This recipe will guide you to food greatness that will impress everyone at the table
  • plate of folded crepes

    Quick Crepe Recipe

    Simple and delicious, you're sure to love this simple crepes recipe when paired with syrup, berries, sausage, or Nutella.
  • creme fraiche recipe with peppers on board

    Creme Fraiche Recipe

    A bowl of creme fraiche acts as a perfect dip for crackers, peppers, and cucumbers. There is little in the world of food that creme fraiche cannot achieve.
  • french onion soup in bowls

    French Onion Soup Recipe

    French onion soup may seem intimidating, but this dish is easy to learn with some patience and plenty of onions. Once you get the hang of it, it's simple.
  • chicken marsala

    Simple Chicken Marsala Recipe

    Not only does this chicken Marsala recipe look rather elegant on the plate, but it comes together easily in just a half hour and tastes delicious.
  • ratatouille served

    Late Summer Ratatouille Recipe

    Capture the essence of summer vegetables with the ultimate ratatouille recipe, the kind that will transport you to Provence from the first bite.