Jamie Monkkonen

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Seattle, WA
University Of Washington
University Of South Carolina
Recipes, Gluten-free Food, Photography
  • Jamie has four years of experience as a recipe developer and food writer for the blog Vibrantlygfree.com.
  • She is also a professional food photographer for restaurants, online magazines, and food products.
  • She teaches food photography and photo editing through online courses and workshops.


Jamie has worked as a professional recipe developer and food photographer for 5 years. In 2017, she founded the gluten-free recipe site Vibrantlygfree.com to make gluten-free eating easy and delicious. Her background as a scientist and teacher make experimenting in the kitchen second nature. She is active in the online food publishing community as a freelance food writer, Instagram influencer, and photographer. She joined Static Media as a Mashed recipe developer in 2021 and loves using clean real food ingredients to recreate old favorites.


Jamie was a scientist and teacher prior to becoming a recipe developer. Her experience writing detailed instructions and experimenting in the lab make her an expert at running food experiments in the kitchen.
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