The Best Way To Reheat A Costco Rotisserie Chicken

A stop at your local Costco can net a lot of interesting things — pajamas, bee houses, or 72-pound wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano (yes, really). But, by far the best and most mouth-watering score is waiting for you at the back of the store: Costco's hot, delicious rotisserie chicken. One perfectly roasted bird costs an unbelievably reasonable $4.99 and tastes like chicken heaven. Juicy, tender, and full of flavor, there are a million things to love about it, not the least of which is the feeling of accomplishment you get from shortcutting your meal prep with this family-friendly spit-roasted gem. 

It's convenience in a clamshell except for one pesky little issue. Once you get your Costco rotisserie chicken home and stow it in the fridge until mealtime, what's the best way to reheat it without sacrificing moisture, texture, and flavor? Now, this assumes you do indeed make it home with your chicken — no one can question the allure of devouring it in your car in the Costco parking lot. But if you've managed to keep your bird intact and have it safely tucked away in the fridge, let's talk about what to do next.

A little liquid (and the oven) is the best way to reheat a Costco rotisserie chicken

Our goal in this reheating mission is clear: don't ruin the bird. The microwave is the fastest track to dehydrated, chewy meat, and overall chicken sadness, so, steer clear of that approach. As The Spruce Eats explains, meat cooked on a rotisserie self-bastes as it slow-roasts, keeping the meat nice and juicy. This sort of warm, gentle cooking environment is what we're looking to recreate. It's unlikely any of us have a rotating spit in our house, although as soon as Costco starts selling these, we'll be buying one. 

So, in order to bring this chicken back to its original golden glory, our next best bet is the oven — plus a little liquid to soften the heat. Just place your Costco rotisserie chicken in a baking dish and pour in enough stock to come 1/4 inch up the sides of the dish. Transfer the dish to a 400-degree oven and roast until the stock is bubbling and the chicken is heated through. This method will ensure your chicken stays tender, juicy, and all-around crave-worthy.

You can also use your air fryer to reheat a Costco rotisserie chicken

If you have an air fryer, you are probably already winning at the reheating game, as it's a no-brainer for bringing leftovers back to life. According to Southern Living, your rotisserie chicken will reheat in your air fryer in three to four minutes at 350 degrees. Not only does that mean chicken paradise is only moments away, but your bird will emerge with skin as crispy as the day is long. 

Costco's rotisserie chicken, or CRC, as it's affectionately termed by its nearly 18K followers on Facebook, hits the shelves with deliciously tanned and crispy skin, but it inevitably goes soggy over time. To return your bird's skin to crackling-level crispiness, and keep the meat tasty, too, opt for the air fryer. The accelerated circulation of air in an air fryer is what produces a deep-fried effect, according to Taste of Home

Either way, these methods will ensure maximum enjoyment of your reheated Costco rotisserie chicken.