• Peruvian chicken on baking sheet

    Easy Peruvian Chicken Recipe

    This easy Peruvian chicken recipe brings the taste of Latin America to your kitchen. Enjoy this savory dish as a quick weeknight dinner packed with flavor.
  • arepas with pulled pork filling

    Simple Homemade Arepas Recipe

    Skip the corn tortillas and make a batch of homemade arepas, instead. This South American staple is delicious topped with practically any protein or veggie.
  • platter of empanadas

    Authentic Empanada Recipe

    There are few culinary delights better than Argentinian food — especially when it's a blend of meat, veggies, and fruit as found in these authentic empanadas.
  • grilled churrasco

    Grilled Churrasco Recipe

    Who doesn't love skirt steak transformed into grilled churrasco? Served with an herbed chimichurri sauce, it's a delightful specialty enjoyed in Brazil.
  • pao de queijo with extra toppings

    Pao De Queijo Recipe

    You don't have to go to Fogo de Chao or any other Brazilian steakhouse for pao de queijo, the Brazilian cheese bread that's packed with puffy, cheesy goodness.
  • simple salmon ceviche recipe

    Simple Ceviche Recipe

    You don't have to make a restaurant reservation to enjoy all of the flavors that ceviche has to offer — you can make your own simple ceviche.