Delicious Recipes To Try If You Love Cabbage

Do you always reach for a few heads of cabbage when you're browsing the produce section at the grocery store? Do you wish you knew of more things to do with this lovely, nutrient-rich vegetable? Are you, perhaps, a bit scared of this sometimes-misused veggie? Don't worry, we're here to help!

Cabbage is one of those ingredients that might make some people wrinkle their noses, but it definitely doesn't have to be that way. Getting your family to give cabbage a chance will have a ton of benefits in the long run. Healthline says that no matter what color you get, cabbage is filled with vitamins and nutrients, is a known anti-inflammatory, has a ton of fiber that will help keep your digestive system functioning as it should be. It's also been linked to factors that help to control blood pressure and generally manage heart health.

That's a ton of good stuff all wrapped up in this leafy package, so let's talk about some fun and creative ways you can get more into your diet, whether you already love it, or you're looking to get your family on the cabbage wagon with you, these recipes won't let you down.


So what, you might ask, is bibimbap? It's a Korean dish that will definitely require some specialty items if you haven't already cooked this or similar dishes before, but trust us when we say it's totally worth it. The heart of the dish is fresh produce, including cabbage (in the form of kimchi), bean sprouts, red leaf lettuce, microgreens, and even seaweed! There's also some beautifully seasoned pork in our bibimbap recipe and, if you're looking to mix dinner up with something completely different, look no further.

Cabbage salad

The only thing better than a recipe that includes the satisfying crunch of fresh cabbage might be one that calls for two different varieties of cabbage! Our cabbage salad uses both red and napa cabbage, both of which form the basis of a crunchy salad that you're going to drizzle with a dressing made from peanut butter and soy sauce. Add a few other ingredients, and this is guaranteed to be a go-to salad for lunch or dinner.


Sometimes, the best dinners are also the simplest. Okonomiyaki is one of those simple and delicious dinners that's bound to please. In a nutshell, okonomiyaki is a dish that's essentially cabbage pancakes. The basics are simply cabbage, flour or breadcrumbs, and eggs, and from there, you can customize it in nearly an infinite amount of ways, whether that's adding some more ingredients to the pancakes, or mixing up the toppings. Our okonomiyaki recipe suggests a Sriracha mayo sauce, but we also have plenty of other sauce options for you to check out, as any number of them will go fantastically with this savory, delicious recipe.

Drunken noodles

If you don't drink alcohol, don't worry, as there's only a dash of the stuff required for our drunken noodles recipe. Specifically speaking, the alcohol is just a few tablespoons of dry sherry. While it's not actually going to get you drunk, it does impart a brilliant flavor to the rest of the dish. These drunken noodles also include some traditional Thai ingredients like cabbage, oyster sauce, fish sauce, rice noodles, and chicken thighs. It's the perfect late-night meal, a dish for dinner, or something for those nights when you get back from the bar and you're craving something ultra-tasty.


Borscht is one of those soups you may have heard a family member talk about, especially if they're from the Old Country. Even if you haven't heard of or tried this traditional Ukrainian soup, you should absolutely put it on your must-make list. It gets that iconic vivid red color from beets, cabbage is just as important an ingredient here. A quarter of a head of cabbage goes into eight bowls, for reference, and this is one recipe you can definitely double, triple, or quadruple. Whatever you decide to do, rest assured that this borscht will disappear fast!

Egg roll in a bowl

Let's be honest here: the egg roll is probably the best part of your Chinese takeout order, isn't it?

If you agree, we have something amazing for you. It's no less than our egg roll in a bowl recipe. Not only is it full of delicious, crunchy vegetables including flavorful, crunchy cabbage and carrots, but it's also ready in just 20 minutes. That makes it faster than you'd get delivery if you were to call it in, and it's every bit and tasty, too!

Cabbage rolls

It's entirely possible that you know our cabbage rolls by another name, be it cabbage casserole, perhaps, or stuffed cabbage leaves. Whatever you like to call them, they're essentially the same thing: a flavorful filling made out of seasoned ground meat, wrapped in cabbage leaves, layered into a casserole dish, and then slathered with sauce. There are a few tricks we'll share to make this one easier, and once you get the hang of it, you'll be making this cabbage roll recipe all the time.

Cabbage steak

One of the biggest turn-offs any cabbage-hating family member might complain about is the texture of cooked cabbage. It's too mushy, they might say, or it's lost any texture that would keep their interest. If that sounds familiar, then give our cabbage steaks a try to avoid any and all complaints about a funny texture. These slices of cabbage are seasoned, baked, and the best part? They've got wonderfully crispy edges! Serve them as a side next to pretty much any protein. There are bound to be zero complaints about this simple, tasty side that's light enough that it's not going to steal the show and will only sing back-up.

Cabbage and sausage casserole

Casseroles are amazing, right? All they take is just one dish and some time in the oven, and then you have something that the entire family can share. Best of all? Hungry diners can take as much as they want. Trust us when we say they're going to want a massive helping of our cabbage and sausage casserole. The cabbage goes perfectly with the spice of the savory Italian sausage that provides the protein, and just a dollop of mustard adds the final kicky touch.

Egg foo young

If you're not familiar with the dish known as egg foo young, we can describe it like this: it's basically an omelet made with veggies and leftovers. It also has a strong Chinese influence and you're likely to find it in your local Chinese-American restaurant. While our egg foo young recipe doesn't specifically call for cabbage in the official ingredient list, cabbage does get a shout-out as one of the best veggies to add if you want to add more than what we suggest. This recipe is especially good for getting cabbage onto the plates of those who might be less than enthusiastic about this wonderful vegetable, as an eggy accompaniment is a great way to gently introduce cabbage and other veggies into their diet.

One-pot mushroom goulash

Goulash is one of those dishes that doesn't exactly have a set recipe, as it's more like an idea or template than a specific menu item. That leaves a lot of room for customization, and that's exactly what we did with our one-pot vegetarian mushroom goulash. In addition to all those mushrooms, it's the cabbage that helps add a heartiness to the meal that means you're definitely not going to be hungry after filling up on a bowl of this goodness.

Cabbage soup

The idea of cabbage soup might seem like something more suited to being served at your great-grandma's house, but our cabbage soup is exactly what you need to make when the weather's turned cool and you're craving some yummy comfort food. The cabbage goes pretty much perfectly with some Italian seasonings and some fire-roasted tomatoes, too. It'll absolutely have everyone coming back for a second helping. Pro tip? If you'd like to finish it off right, add some biscuits on the side!

Corned beef and cabbage

You might think of corned beef and cabbage as something that only makes it to the table around St. Patrick's Day, but it doesn't need to be a once-a-year treat. Our corned beef and cabbage recipe makes it easy to make this any time of the year. You'll just need a few simple ingredients and a few hours to let slow-cooking magic happen. And the best part of all? You'll get to experience the joy of leftover corned beef sandwiches on a fresh bread roll with a healthy dollop of spicy mustard!

Fried cabbage

If you're looking for a super-healthy, super-easy, super-quick side, look no further than our fried cabbage recipe. Not only does this work as a side for a nearly infinite number of main courses, but this is also a great thing to make if you're looking to add some cabbagey goodness to hot dogs or sausage. A dollop of fried cabbage goes great to fill up a bun and complements the other fillings, particularly on a spicy sausage. Add a dash of mustard and say goodbye to boring dogs. Pro tip: it works great in wraps, too!

Caramelized green cabbage and bacon

Our caramelized green cabbage and bacon recipe proves that cabbage is one of those vegetables that really doesn't take much in the way of decoration. Plus, bacon is always a bonus! How many family members can turn down a side dish made with bacon? And this recipe is easy, too. When we say easy, we mean it's really, really easy. Some cutting, some seasoning, and some baking, and you'll have a yummy side that tastes just a little unhealthy ... and we love that.

Shrimp pad thai

What if we told you that you could whip up a delicious pad thai in just 20 minutes? It's far from being something you only get when you hit up a local (or not-so-local) Thai restaurant, and with help from our shrimp pad thai recipe (and a few creative substitutions), you can definitely make this a regular appearance on your dinner table at home. Cabbage and green onions both add a brilliant texture. As for the flavor? It's out of this world.

Easy chicken or shrimp tacos

Everyone loves taco night, and if you use lettuce on your tacos, well, there's nothing wrong with that. But we're here to say that cabbage deserves some consideration, too! Check out our easy chicken tacos, and our just-as-easy shrimp tacos for some ideas on how to swap out some not-so-healthy (or at least nutrient-poor) iceberg lettuce in favor of cabbage. Hint: it's all in the flavors. All told, cabbage goes pretty awesomely with all the heat and spice of these tacos.

Chick-fil-A or KFC coleslaw

When it comes to cold summer sides, does it get any better than coleslaw? Even those who turn their nose up at cooked cabbage will love the crunch of a good creamy coleslaw, and who does it better than KFC? Actually... is the answer to that question Chick-fil-A? For many, the matter of which restaurant has secured fast food coleslaw domination is still up for debate.

We have you covered either way, with our copycat recipes for both KFC's coleslaw and Chick-fil-A's version, too. While they have a very different texture and flavor, they're both delicious, so be sure to try them both and decide for yourself which you prefer.