29 Must-Try Recipes Made With Cheese Sauce

Are you ready to dive into a cheesy wonderland? Brace yourself for a mouthwatering journey as we explore the ultimate lineup featuring the creamy, gooey goodness of cheese sauce, courtesy of Mashed recipe developers. With its velvety texture and richness, cheese sauce serves as the star ingredient that ties together a diverse array of dishes, making each one that extra bit more delicious. It's typically prepared by melting butter, milk, flour, and shredded cheeses such as cheddar, but there are many ways to switch it up by using ingredients like eggs, sour cream, and even beer.

Whether you're in the mood for a cozy mac and cheese or a cheesy burger with a kick, we've got you covered. Indulge in the wholesome flavors of dishes like moussaka, or get pulled into a sauce-smothered plate of loaded nachos. From simple one-pot wonders to elaborate dinners and comforting classics to innovative twists, these recipes promise to satisfy your cheesy cravings.

1. One-Pot Mac And Cheese

A hassle-free recipe that's perfect for busy weeknights, this one-pot mac and cheese exudes simplicity and deliciousness. In just one pot, combine milk, water, salt, garlic powder, paprika, and pasta. Simmer until the pasta is al dente, then add a mixture of tempered rich egg yolk and Dijon mustard. Then, for the ultimate cheesy hit, follow with cream cheese and a generous scattering of cheddar, mozzarella, and Parmesan, stirring until the cheese is melted and the sauce is smooth.

Recipe: One-Pot Mac And Cheese

2. Greek Moussaka

With its layers of delicious savory goodness, this Greek classic combines sliced eggplant with a hearty seasoned lamb mixture. Once lovingly assembled, everything is topped off with a luscious Bechamel cheese sauce. This creates a wonderful golden topping as it bakes, adding a rich and creamy finish to each bite. Moussaka makes for a truly satisfying meal, perfect for cozy family dinners or special occasions. We love to serve it with a side of crunchy Greek salad.

Recipe: Greek Moussaka

3. Loaded Cheesy Sweet Potato Tots

Up your appetizer game with this vibrant plateful of deliciousness. Crispy sweet potato tots serve as the perfect canvas for a flavor explosion. Topped with bacon, pimentos, green onions, and bell pepper, there are plenty of moreish savory tastes and textures going on here. A velvety cheese sauce made with Gruyère and Dijon mustard adds a creamy finish that ties everything together. These loaded tots are sure to delight with every bite.

Recipe: Loaded Cheesy Sweet Potato Tots

4. Copycat Panera Mac And Cheese Recipe

In this copycat Panera recipe, tender pasta shells are smothered in a rich cheese sauce that's nothing short of heavenly. Made with a blend of shredded white cheddar cheese, milk, and cream, every bite is pure indulgent goodness. Whether served as a comforting main course or a side dish, this mac and cheese recipe is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for cheesy comfort food.

Recipe: Copycat Panera Mac And Cheese Recipe

5. Cheesy Nacho Burgers

Try a twist on your classic beef patty with these cheesy nacho burgers. To form the homemade burgers, first mix shredded cheddar and taco seasoning to make them extra juicy and add a subtle spicy kick. Then, top each burger with a generous portion of cheddar cheese sauce for an extra layer of nacho-inspired gooeyness. Load with your favorite toppings such as tortilla chips and salsa then sandwich the contents in a brioche bun, and you have yourself the ultimate flavor-packed meal.

Recipe: Cheesy Nacho Burgers

6. Taco Bell Copycat Fiesta Potatoes

For another homemade take on a Taco Bell classic, these copycat fiesta potatoes are here to up your side dish game. Coat potatoes in a spicy cornstarch mixture and bake them to crispy perfection to create a base that's bursting with flavor and texture. But the magic doesn't stop there — drizzle a creamy cheddar cheese sauce on top to take these fiesta potatoes to the next level. We recommend topping everything off with a good dollop of full-fat sour cream.

Recipe: Taco Bell Copycat Fiesta Potatoes

7. Spicy Mac And Cheese

For a mac and cheese with a spicy kick that's super simple to whip up too, look no further. This recipe calls for a blend of pepper jack, Monterey jack, and sharp cheddar to create a rich sauce. Infuse it with paprika, cayenne pepper, and sliced jalapeños for some extra heat. With just the right balance of creaminess and spice, this dish will have you reaching for seconds. Serve it piping hot for a comforting meal that's both fiery and delicious.

Recipe: Spicy Mac And Cheese

8. Instant Pot Mexican Street Corn

Cheese sauce doesn't always mean cheddar. This popular Mexican street corn is slathered in a tasty mix of mayonnaise, sour cream, chopped cilantro, and crumbled feta cheese. Using your Instant Pot, transform fresh ears of corn into a dish that captures the essence of this beloved street food. This easy-to-make recipe is ready in under 10 minutes, making it great as a side dish or a standalone treat for your next gathering.

Recipe: Instant Pot Mexican Street Corn

9. 3-Cheese Baked Ham And Potatoes Au Gratin

Revel in comfort food perfection with this decadent side dish. This ham and potatoes au gratin recipe combines thinly sliced russet potatoes and savory deli ham in a rich and creamy cheese sauce. The trio of cheeses starring in this dish are cheddar, Gruyère, and Parmesan, creating a dreamy sauce that coats every layer of potatoes and ham. Bake until bubbly and golden brown for a crowd-pleasing dish that's sure to warm your soul.

Recipe: 3-Cheese Baked Ham And Potatoes Au Gratin

10. Copycat Longhorn Steakhouse Mac And Cheese

This moreish mac and cheese is based on the Longhorn Steakhouse classic and gets an upgrade with diced bacon for an extra savory, meaty flavor. The smooth sauce contains a trio of cheeses: Gruyère, fontina, and sharp cheddar. There's no doubt that it's completely loaded with an irresistible cheesy flavor. A scattering of crispy panko breadcrumbs is the final touch, creating a decadent dish that's equally great served as a side dish or main.

Recipe: Copycat Longhorn Steakhouse Mac And Cheese

11. 5-Ingredient Copycat Taco Bell Triple Layer Nachos

With just a handful of ingredients, you can recreate the iconic flavors of Taco Bell's famous triple layer nachos right in your own kitchen. Crispy tortilla chips serve as the perfect base, topped with creamy refried beans, spicy taco sauce, and a generous drizzling of nacho cheese sauce. Whether you're hosting a game day party or just looking for a quick and delicious snack, these triple layer nachos are sure to be a hit.

Recipe: 5-Ingredient Copycat Taco Bell Triple Layer Nachos

12. Copycat Taco Bell Loaded Nacho Tacos

If it's tacos you're craving, look no further. This recipe recreates the mouthwatering flavors of Taco Bell's iconic loaded nacho tacos. Simply fry ground beef to perfection with Taco Bell seasoning and spoon it into flour tortillas. Top each taco with a dollop of nacho cheese sauce, a sprinkle of shredded lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, and a burst of color and crunch from red tortilla strips. These are perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or flavor-packed lunch.

Recipe: Copycat Taco Bell Loaded Nacho Tacos

13. 5-Ingredient Broccoli Mac And Cheese

For comfort food bliss with some added green goodness, this simple dish combines tender macaroni pasta with shredded chicken and nourishing broccoli florets. The result is a hearty meal that's as delicious as it is easy to make. Make the velvety cheese sauce by combining milk and a three-cheese blend, for a guaranteed intense cheesy flavor. With just a handful of ingredients, you can whip up a flavorful and comforting complete meal that's great for busy weeknights.

Recipe: 5-Ingredient Broccoli Mac And Cheese

14. Easy Greek Moussaka

This easy moussaka recipe is blanketed in an ooey-gooey yogurt cheese sauce that uses both feta and cheddar for plenty of richness. As a simplified version of the classic dish, just dice eggplant and cook it with the ground lamb mixture before layering in the potato slices. There are so many amazing flavors going on here, from herby oregano to the aromatic goodness of garlic. Bake until golden and bubbly, then scatter the top with fresh parsley for an eye-catching garnish.

Recipe: Easy Greek Moussaka

15. One-Pot Spinach And Feta Mac And Cheese

Another glorious one-pot recipe with a twist, this dish is packed with savory goodness in every bite. Combine tender pasta with nutrient-rich spinach and creamy feta, for a deliciously unique mac and cheese that's quick and easy to prepare. With its vibrant greens, tangy feta, and melty, cheesy goodness, this one-pot wonder is sure to satisfy your cravings with minimal cleanup required.

Recipe: One-Pot Spinach And Feta Mac And Cheese

16. Traditional Welsh Rarebit

This classic dish features slices of rustic bread topped with a savory beer-infused cheese sauce that's broiled until melted and bubbly. Each bite offers a delicious combination of crunch and creaminess, making it feel wonderfully decadent. Perfect served fresh out of the broiler as a satisfying snack or appetizer, Welsh rarebit is a timeless treat and a great recipe to have as part of your comfort food repertoire.

Recipe: Traditional Welsh Rarebit

17. Baked Mac And Cheese

Another wonderfully sumptuous take on mac and cheese, this warming dish features panko breadcrumbs for a satisfying crunchy topping. Add three types of cheese, along with cumin, chili powder, and Dijon mustard to the sauce for a flavorful twist. Top with a crunchy panko layer and some grated Parmesan, and bake until golden and bubbly. With its irresistible combination of cheesy goodness and crispy topping, this baked mac and cheese is sure to become a family favorite.

Recipe: Baked Mac And Cheese

18. Mexican Street Corn Salad

This colorful and refreshing dish brings together the essence of Mexican street food in an easy salad format. Start by frying corn and red onion in a splash of olive oil, before tossing them in a creamy cheese sauce made with feta, cheddar, lime juice, ranch dressing, garlic salt, paprika, cumin, and chili powder. The result is a delicious blend of sweet, savory, tangy, and spicy flavors. Serve it chilled with a dash of paprika sprinkled on top.

Recipe: Mexican Street Corn Salad

19. Slow Cooker Au Gratin Potatoes

Prepare for a hassle-free side dish sensation. These creamy au gratin potatoes are surprisingly easy to make in your trusty slow cooker. It's as simple as layering thinly sliced russet potatoes in the bowl and pouring a velvety homemade garlicky cheese sauce over top. Cover and let the slow cooker work its magic until the potatoes are tender and the cheese sauce is gloriously bubbly. This recipe is all about minimal effort and maximum flavor.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Au Gratin Potatoes

20. Rachael Ray's Macaroni And Cheese With A Twist

This recipe takes mac and cheese to new heights by incorporating nutritious kale into the creamy cheese sauce. First create a roux with olive oil, butter, and flour, then gradually whisk in milk to form a luscious sauce. Cheddar cheese, nutmeg, and cayenne add a flavorful kick, while chopped kale infuses the dish with a pop of color and goodness. Once you toss the cooked macaroni in the sauce, sprinkle everything with even more cheese and broil it for a deliciously crispy finish.

Recipe: Rachael Ray's Macaroni And Cheese With A Twist

21. Grilled Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese Sandwich

A carb lover's heaven, this mac and cheese sandwich is the epitome of indulgence. The recipe combines crispy buffalo chicken with creamy mac and cheese sandwiched between slices of toasted bread. The tangy spice of buffalo sauce pairs amazingly with the richness of the cheese sauce, which features blue cheese, sharp cheddar, and Colby jack. Perfect for lunch or dinner, this sandwich is an epic amalgamation of classic comfort food favorites.

Recipe: Grilled Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese Sandwich

22. Copycat Wendy's Spicy Jalapeño Popper Sandwich

Take your sandwich-making skills to new levels with a copycat Wendy's creation. This recipe brings together tender, crispy chicken breasts coated in a zesty hot sauce with melted pepper jack cheese and crisp applewood bacon. Slather the bread with a cream cheese and jalapeño spread and drizzle Cheez Whiz over top for a true taste sensation that's packed with heat and flavor. Whether you're a spice lover or simply craving bold, indulgent flavors, this sandwich is sure to hit the spot.

Recipe: Copycat Wendy's Spicy Jalapeño Popper Sandwich

23. Cheez-On-Cheese Velveeta Mac And Cheese

This mouthwatering twist on the classic combines tender macaroni with a silky cheese sauce made from a blend of Velveeta and shredded cheddar. Seasoned with onion powder and garlic powder for extra flavor, this mac and cheese is a real crowd-pleaser. Top it with crushed Cheez-It crackers for a crunchy finish and a tempting combination of tastes and textures. Prepare to enjoy a bowl of cheesy goodness that's impossible to resist.

Recipe: Cheez-On-Cheese Velveeta Mac And Cheese

24. Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin And Creamy Artichoke Sauce

This impressive stuffed turkey tenderloin features a spinach, mushroom, and Gruyère filling. After a quick sear, bake the turkey in the oven before topping the meat with a creamy sauce. Made with butter, flour, milk, and even more Gruyère cheese, this velvety sauce gets a boost from tender artichoke hearts for an extra layer of satisfaction. With its elegant presentation and rich flavors, this dish is sure to impress at any dinner table.

Recipe: Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin And Creamy Artichoke Sauce

25. Kimchi Mac And Cheese

For a truly unique take on the beloved dish, try this spicy mac and cheese, transformed with the addition of punchy gochujang and tangy kimchi. A smooth, rich cheese sauce made with sharp cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses brings all the comforting vibes, while a breadcrumb topping adds a delightful crispy finish. Garnish it with sliced green onions for freshness, creating the perfect balance of creaminess with a spicy and tart contrast.

Recipe: Kimchi Mac And Cheese

26. Wiz Wit Philly Cheesesteak Soup

Warm up with a hearty bowl of wiz wit Philly cheesesteak soup, a flavorful twist on the iconic sandwich. Wondering about the name? "Wiz" refers to the use of Cheez Whiz in the recipe, while "wit" comes from the way that Philadelphia locals ask for onions on their cheesesteaks. This fully loaded recipe features sirloin steak, onions, cherry pepper relish, American cheese, Cheez Whiz, and provolone cheese. Topped with garlicky hoagie roll croutons, the final result is the ultimate hug in a bowl.

Recipe: "Wiz Wit" Philly Cheesesteak Soup

27. Pesto Mac And Cheese

The vibrant, herby flavors of pesto are another amazing addition to a traditional mac and cheese sauce. The base of the creamy pasta sauce features mozzarella cheese and garlic powder, while the pesto brings a refreshing aromatic note that perfectly complements all of that rich cheesiness. Top your bowl with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese for depth, and this pesto mac and cheese is sure to make your taste buds happy. Plus, it's ready in just 20 minutes.

Recipe: Pesto Mac And Cheese

28. Copycat Arby's Beef 'N Cheddar

This copycat Arby's Beef 'N Cheddar is a savory delight reminiscent of the classic fast-food sandwich. To make it, you'll need to prepare a cheesy sauce with sharp cheddar, American cheese, garlic powder, and cream. Then, make a tangy spread mixture with garlicky ketchup and apple cider vinegar. Assemble the sandwich by spreading the ketchup mixture on the bun, layering it with roast beef, and pouring that glorious cheese sauce over top. Enjoy the rich flavors of this homemade version of an Arby's favorite.

Recipe: Copycat Arby's Beef 'N Cheddar

29. Creamy Homestyle Mac And Cheese

Bringing it back to the basics, this homestyle recipe is everything you'd want in a classic mac. The pasta is bathed in a traditional cheese sauce made with cheddar cheese, milk, and cream. Topped with a crispy layer of bread crumbs, this mac and cheese bakes to perfection in the oven, forming a wonderful golden crust. Treat yourself to a comforting bowl of cheesy goodness that's perfect as a side or main for any occasion.

Recipe: Creamy Homestyle Mac And Cheese