12 Brussels Sprouts Recipes That Will Turn Haters Into Lovers

Brussels sprouts are a notoriously divisive vegetable. The reason that most people point to is their flavor. Brussels sprouts have a unique taste that stands out among other cruciferous vegetables for being bitter and earthy. But Brussels sprouts' flavor also has to do with your genes. The taste receptor responsible for tasting phenylthiocarbamide, the bitter compound in Brussels sprouts, has variants that allow some people to taste it more than others. Yet, one study showed that non-genetic factors actually have a greater influence on whether someone eats Brussels sprouts than genetic factors alone. It could just be about warming up to them and trying out some ways to make Brussels sprouts more appealing.  

There are enough ways to eat Brussels sprouts that there must be something for everyone. Brussels sprouts can take on cheesy, spicy, or even sweet and salty flavors. They have room for textural variation, too. Roasted is a classic way to go, but boiled is delicious, and a coating of bread crumbs and cheese can turn them into crispy bites. Their range goes from appetizer to side dish to main course. Use these 12 delicious Brussels sprout recipes to find a preparation style that speaks to you. You'll go from hater to lover in an instant. 

1. Roasted Parmesan-Crusted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Parmesan-crusted Brussels sprouts are an elevated classic way to prepare Brussels sprouts as a side dish. Yet what separates this dish from the average pParmesan-Brussels sprout combo is the crusted element.

A flurry of herbs and spices like garlic and parsley gets combined in a paste with the Parmesan and spread evenly across a baking pan. The Brussels sprouts roast in the oven on top of this cheesy mixture, which bakes into a lovely crust on the sprouts. For an elevated side dish, consider adding a balsamic glaze to the crust or chopped-up bacon for an extra savory bite.

Recipe: Roasted Parmesan-Crusted Brussels Sprouts

2. Copycat Red Lobster Brussels Sprouts

It's easier than ever to recreate your favorite Red Lobster side dish at home. This restaurant chain's Brussels sprouts have a distinctly delicious flavor that is accomplished with some essential kitchen staples. A brown sugar-soy sauce mixture makes the base of the sauce, which gets boosted with garlic and ginger to create aromatic depth.

The Brussels sprouts, which are cooked separately in the air fryer or oven, then get tossed in the rich sauce and topped with crispy fried onions or shallots. What's not to love about this sweet and savory recipe? 

Recipe: Copycat Red Lobster Brussels Sprouts

3. Air Fryer Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

There is so much to love about air fryers. They heat up quickly, don't take up too much kitchen real estate, and can cook just about anything that fits, including your Parmesan Brussels sprouts. Air fryer Parmesan Brussels sprouts are a quick and easy way to throw together a side dish. Plus, room for customization makes them even more convenient. You can skip the breadcrumbs and stick with just Parmesan, replace the oil with butter, and use any of your favorite seasonings beyond just salt and pepper. 

Recipe: Air Fryer Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

4. Crispy Smashed Brussels Sprouts

If you're craving a crispy smashed potato but want to opt for something a little greener, try crispy smashed Brussels sprouts, which are just as fun to make. This recipe starts with boiling Brussels sprouts until they're perfectly soft and mashable. The fun part is smashing them down with a fork, which makes them thinner and more susceptible to crispiness in the oven. 

A pinch of Parmesan over the top (Brussels sprouts love Parmesan) adds a bubbling cheesy crispiness. These Brussels sprouts also taste great with some chili flakes to bring a bit of heat. You'll forget smashed potatoes ever even existed after trying these crispy cruciferous veggies.

Recipe: Crispy Smashed Brussels Sprouts

5. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

It's back to the basics with this roasted Brussels sprouts recipe. In fact, there are plenty of people who enjoy the untouched flavor of Brussels sprouts, so this recipe is for them. The secret weapon, however, is a dash of maple syrup. It turns these Brussels sprouts, seasoned with just salt and pepper, into a sweet-and-salty side dish. 

These Brussels sprouts pair best with heavy dishes, like meat off the grill or a hefty plate of pasta. Additionally, they make a great toss-in to a robust salad. Roasted Brussels sprouts prove that basic recipes are never bad. 

Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

6. Brussels Sprouts With Chorizo and Aioli

Those looking for a show-stopping appetizer, one that dinner party guests will fill up on before the main course, should try making Brussels sprouts with chorizo and aioli. The Brussels sprouts are seasoned with vinegar for tang, butter for richness, and honey for sweetness, and they cook together with chorizo in a large skillet. The type of chorizo you use, like Mexican chorizo for more spice or Spanish chorizo for a smokey flavor, can alter the overall tone of the recipe. The aioli comes together separately as the perfect garlicky dipping sauce.  

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts With Chorizo and Aioli

7. Ina Garten's Roasted Brussels Sprouts

It may be surprising to hear that a celebrity chef's Brussels sprout recipe is among the most simple you can find. Ina Garten's roasted Brussels sprout recipe is an ode to the Brussels sprout itself. Her recipe proves that there is nothing wrong with a no-frills recipe that highlights the star ingredient.

Garten's original recipe includes Brussels sprouts, olive oil, salt, and pepper. The latter three of these are all any chef needs to perform a good vegetable roast that enhances the veggies' flavor. If you're looking for something extra, a hint of maple syrup can add a bit of sugary depth. 

Recipe: Ina Garten's Roasted Brussels Sprouts

8. Panfried Brussels Sprouts

So far there's been a lot of roasting, but what about Brussels sprouts on the stovetop? Panfried Brussels sprouts are a more hands-on way to cook Brussels sprouts, as opposed to abandoning them in the oven. This recipe starts by sautéeing freshly diced garlic and onion in oil to create an aromatic base, and utilizes a splash of water to help the Brussels sprouts fully cook by steaming. A pan allows you to monitor your Brussels sprouts for the desired level of char. If you like them more brown on the outside, keep them in the pan until they look just right.

Recipe: Panfried Brussels Sprouts

9. Spicy Lemon Brussels Sprouts

This spicy lemon Brussels sprouts recipe is perfect for those who want to awaken their taste buds. It's a two-for-one hot and tangy side dish. These Brussels sprouts source their heat from chili oil, which seeps into the Brussels sprouts as it cooks for extra heat. Lemon brings essential acidity to this dish.

If after cooking the Brussels sprouts they are still lacking in either flavor department, don't shy away from an extra squeeze of lemon or drizzle of chili oil. This flavor-packed side dish is the perfect accompaniment to a plate with mashed potatoes and a simply seasoned piece of meat. 

Recipe: Spicy Lemon Brussels Sprouts

10. Bacony Brussels Sprouts Hash

Brussels sprouts are not exclusively a side dish — they can be a main dish, too. Bacony Brussels sprout hash cooked in a skillet is perfect for weekend brunch and is equally delicious as it is filling. Plenty of salty bacon, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, garlic, and onion form the base of the hash that tastes great on its own but is even better with some eggs cracked into it. This hash can be served with crusty sourdough toast and seasoned with hot sauces to taste.

Recipe: Bacony Brussels Sprouts Hash

11. Simple Chicken and Brussels Sprouts Stir-Fry

Lunch doesn't get much easier than a simple stir-fry. For a delicious and saucy stir-fry that tastes great over rice, try making this simple chicken and Brussels sprout stir-fry. The cubed chicken and Brussels sprouts cook separately then come back together in the pan with honey and soy sauce.  

This dish is ginger and garlic-forward and tastes great over rice with freshly chopped scallions and a dash of roasted sesame seeds. It's also a great recipe to meal prep for lunches throughout the week. 

Recipe: Simple Chicken and Brussels Sprouts Stir-Fry

12. Brussels Sprouts With Chestnuts and Bacon

Brussels sprouts are a typical find on a holiday table, but adding holiday-inspired ingredients gives them an even more elevated taste. Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and bacon is the way you'll want to make Brussels sprouts for the holidays and even just dinner parties going forward.  

This recipe uses lardons instead of thin-cut bacon for small meaty bites, roasted chestnuts for nuttiness, and gets topped off with a sprinkle of fresh pomegranate seeds for sweetness and a pop of color. 

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts With Chestnuts and Bacon