20 Best Cocktails To Mix Up On New Year's Eve

Your New Year's Eve festivities won't be complete if you don't have something special in your glass to toast the coming era. It's the perfect occasion for playing mixologist and stirring up a few rounds of thoughtful cocktails to make the moment memorable. Even if you've never tried your hand at making mixed drinks before, the start of a new year is your opportunity to pick up some novel skills that will serve you and your guests beautifully.

Be ready for the occasion with these delicious drinks, representing some of the best classic quaffs and contemporary creations on any bar menu in town. There are chilly sips from the frosty side of the table, warming wonders ideal for soothing wintry souls, and a slew of sweet pours that will dance along your palate like a festival of flavor. Plus, we've added some tasty snack suggestions to pair with your celebratory drinks. With a few well-chosen ingredients and a dash of home bartending magic, you can transform your evening into a high-flying shindig, even if your celebration is a solo affair.

Frosé Cocktail

Chill out with a sweet, slushy treat that finds a place on the cocktail tray no matter how cold the weather is! Frosé makes it easy to keep cool before the big ball falls in the Big Apple, even if you're only watching it on TV. All it takes is a sorbet-like blend of berries, rosé, Chambord, and a splash of lemon juice blitzed in the blender and stashed in the freezer before your party starts. It's a luscious snowball of a beverage that will make certain your evening enjoyment keeps you in the pink.

Spinach-artichoke bites are a savory nibble to pair with your frosé.

Recipe: Frosé Cocktail

Eggnog Martini

With Christmas so close behind, you're more than likely to have a little eggnog still in the fridge, the perfect base for a New Year's Eve eggnog martini. Fancy up this humble glug by pouring it into a classic stemmed glass with a cinnamon-sugar-lined rim. Add a blast of whipped cream and a bit of cinnamon for garnish, and prepare to celebrate with a creamy sip of something festive.

Make things even sweeter with a batch of white chocolate-dipped gingersnaps.

Recipe: Eggnog Martini

Chocolate Peppermint Martini

A peppermint patty in a glass is the perfect description for a chocolate-and-mint-flavored martini. What New Year's reveler could resist this ice cream-like concoction that pairs two of the most primary flavors of the winter holidays together in a single drink? Fans of sweet drinks and ice cream shakes will adore being able to toast at midnight with something this decadent in their happy hands.

Balance out the sweet with a salty and savory traditional Chex party mix as an accompanying snack.

Recipe: Chocolate Peppermint Martini

Jingle Juice

Even if Santa has left the building, the holiday season provides the makings of a succulent New Year's Eve drink in the form of Jingle Juice. This spirited punch invites vodka, Prosecco, and Cointreau to the party, with sparkling cider, orange juice, and lemon juice riding in the sidecar. Frozen cranberries add a necessary chill, while fresh mint and orange slices jazz up the bowl with a blast of vivid color.

Bake your own soft pretzel bites to have a nifty nosh with your drink.

Recipe: Jingle Juice

Porn Star Martini Cocktail

It isn't just the name that's an attention-getter; the look and taste of a porn star martini are every bit as show-stopping as the cheeky moniker. Passion fruit liqueur and Prosecco, with a real slice of passion fruit floating on top make for a colorful and exotic visual punch to this sweet tropical cocktail. It's a bubbly refresher that provides a luxurious spectacle for your evening.

Brie and bacon potato skins are a flavorful partner for this succulent sipper.

Recipe: Porn Star Martini Cocktail

Classic Hot Toddy

For a frosty winter celebration like New Year's Eve, having a classic hot toddy on hand will keep you warm while you wait for the hands to reach the top of the clock. This soothing, classic beverage is a timeless taste that never fails to comfort in cold weather. Honey, whiskey, and lemon juice dance together in your glass, transforming simple pleasures into a full-blown revelry that will last well beyond midnight.

Bake a loaf of classic cinnamon bread to bring even more flavor to the cocktail table.

Recipe: Classic Hot Toddy

Easy Negroni Cocktail

The Negroni may have come and gone as the internet's cocktail of the hour a few years back, but that doesn't mean it can't still set you up for a night of sophisticated fun for the year to come. This classic Italian digestif, or after-dinner drink, is the perfect follow-up to a fun meal with your party people. The perky tartness of Campari and sweet vermouth joined with herbaceous gin are guaranteed to make your taste buds tingle.

A tapenade topper for toast or crackers will balance out the flavors in the glass.

Recipe: Easy Negroni Cocktail

Classic Aperol Spritz

Aperol spritz may be one of the easiest and most refreshing New Year's Eve cocktails ever. Aperol floating among the festive fizz of Prosecco and club soda keeps the party fresh and lively, with a pert olive or two bobbing on the surface for flavor and fun. Even novice bartenders can convince a crowd of their talents with this simple yet effective recipe.

Try goat cheese crostini as an urbane hors d'oeuvre to go with your spritz.

Recipe: Classic Aperol Spritz

Decadent Mudslide Cocktail

If you prefer your cocktails on the creamier end of the texture spectrum, a decadent mudslide is the perfect drink for you. It's a luxurious way to combine New Year's Eve dessert and drinks into one knockout creation. With vodka and coffee liqueur paired with Irish cream, chocolate sauce, and half and half, this beverage is essentially a rocky road ice cream cone minus the cone. You can even add a splash of amaretto to bring almond notes to the mixture.

Impress your guests with a homemade whipped cream crown on every glass.

Recipe: Decadent Mudslide Cocktail

Chocolate Martini Cocktail

Add a chocolate martini to your home mixology lineup to ensure an indulgent start to the new year. This rich pour combines all the delicious flavors you love from a vodka martini and a mudslide, melding both beverages into one elegant creation. A drizzle of fudge sauce and artful chocolate shavings make it even more fun to hand out to friends.

Place a cheese board next to your martinis to keep things from getting too sweet.

Recipe: Chocolate Martini Cocktail

Original Paper Plane Cocktail

With a name that suggests you'll be soaring into January's first moments, the Original Paper Plane cocktail doesn't disappoint. Just blend Aperol with bourbon and Amaro Nonino, an earthy liqueur that zaps the mixture with a citrusy, floral zing. A miniature paper airplane clinging to the rim makes for whimsical décor everyone will adore.

Set a bowl of mixed dried fruits and nuts on your party table to keep this cocktail flying on the straight and narrow.

Recipe: Original Paper Plane Cocktail

Lemony French 75 Cocktail

Gin and lemon juice join up with your favorite bubbly for a Lemony French 75, which comes across as a sophisticated take on an adult lemon soda. The citrus simple syrup prepared beforehand lets you control the sweetness, much like mixing customized lemonade. A twist of lemon peel for garnish clues your guests in on what their New Year's Eve beverage has in store for them.

Top seedy crackers with thin slices of prosciutto, and you have an easy snack to enjoy with your drink.

Recipe: Lemony French 75 Cocktail

Traditional Gluhwein

Give your New Year's Eve celebration an authentically European slosh by stocking your table with traditional Gluhwein. This deep-hued mulled beverage gives dry, dark red wine a burst of brightness with citrus juice, while warming spices linger in the glass to remind drinkers that winter won't last forever. The fragrance of this classic glug will help create a cozy atmosphere in your party space.

Gingerbread cookies are the clear winner for a sweet treat to pair with your wine.

Recipe: Traditional Gluhwein

Between The Sheets Cocktail

Snuggle up with a glass of this seductive sip, a tropical-adjacent combination that introduces rum to your New Year's Eve party. Cognac and triple sec jump into the shaker along with a squeeze of lemon juice to add a spot of sunshine. Drape a curl of orange peel over the edge of each glass, and you'll be ready to sing "Auld Lang Syne" when the midnight bells chime.

A plate of condensed milk toast will add warm, creamy notes to your palate while you savor this celebratory creation.

Recipe: Between The Sheets Cocktail

Authentic Pisco Sour Cocktail

Pisco, a Peruvian grape-based spirit, and lively lime juice make a Pisco sour the highlight of your New Year's Eve happenings. Egg whites are on hand to froth up the mixture, while three decorative drops of bitters are added on top to make sure the bold flavors don't get carried away. It's just the right amount of fluff to give the party a soft landing.

Serve this one with ceviche for an authentic Peruvian pairing.

Recipe: Authentic Pisco Sour Cocktail

Gold Rush Cocktail

If you're lucky enough, you already have all the ingredients for a Gold Rush on hand without having to mine the depths of your liquor cabinet or your pantry. All it takes is bourbon, honey, and lemon to bring this smooth formula together. Use your favorite bourbon, or start a New Year's Eve tradition with a new bottle. A lemon slice or a sprig of thyme will make a tasteful statement as garnish.

With a spicy feta cheese dip to serve with your Gold Rush, the party is just getting started.

Recipe: Gold Rush Cocktail

Orange-Cinnamon Hot Buttered Rum

Citrus, spice, and everything nice make their way into an orange-cinnamon hot buttered rum. This warm suite of ingredients presents the very best natural flavors of the winter season. They're tossed together and warmed up to brighten your New Year's Eve from your first toast to your last. Even the vibrant color of this recipe is a brilliant celebration!

A bowl of easy-to-make candied pecans adds a perfect accent to your beverage.

Recipe: Orange-Cinnamon Hot Buttered Rum

Greenpoint Cocktail

With two types of bitters, vermouth, Chartreuse, and rye whiskey on the recipe card, a Greenpoint cocktail is quite the sophisticated selection for your New Year's Eve fête. This combination comes together in something resembling a Gatsby-style swig, which means you'll want to haul out your fancy glasses to serve it in. You'll head into the new year with the spirit of a golden age leading the way.

Place a wheel of baked brie next to your cocktail service set, and watch the crowd go wild.

Recipe: Greenpoint Cocktail

Basic XYZ Cocktail

The equation for an XYZ cocktail is simple: Light rum plus orange liqueur plus lemon juice equals a light, refreshing toast for your New Year's Eve goings-on. It's a quick and easy concoction to craft, and it's one you can replenish without too much trouble when the first round is finished. The mix of sweet, sour, and citrus is a pleasing team that few revelers will be able to resist.

Set out chips and homemade salsa with this sprightly swig to get the party heated up.

Recipe: Basic XYZ Cocktail

White Negroni Cocktail

This subdued spin on the usual Negroni is as cool and clear as an icicle. Try this crafty concoction, and you'll have a genre-bender of a New Year's Eve drink to enjoy with friends or on your own. With gentian liqueur instead of harsh bitters in the mix, this sip has a more subtle flavor than the Negroni you already know and love, with a transparent body that looks more like a martini.

Make a holiday charcuterie board to enjoy with this cocktail, and your party is complete.

Recipe: White Negroni Cocktail