Gene Gerrard

Photo of Gene Gerrard
Newport Beach, CA
Wesleyan Univerity
Cooking, Food Conventions, Cooking Demonstrations
  • Gene was the owner-chef of Divoon Dining for 16 years and has catered private parties and high-end.
  • He has taught cooking classes at client homes and on television.
  • Gene was a presenter and exhibitor at food conventions.


Gene started up a personal chef business -- Divoon Dining -- in 2005 and has prepared hundreds of meals, and created recipes for clients, for private parties, celebrities, and high-end events. Before writing for Mashed, Gene wrote and edited product reviews for Your Best Digs and Mens' Hairstyles Today. Gene is also a professional magician and performs frequently at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.


Gene received his Bachelor of Arts with Honors and Wesleyan University where he majored in writing. For over 40 years, he has been a successful playwright and has had most of his plays produced in New York and Los Angeles.
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