• bowl of bacon jam

    Classic Bacon Jam Recipe

    Bacon jam might sound like a strange combo, but one taste of the perfectly sweet and savory flavors will convince you otherwise.
  • smoky remoulade sauce in bowl

    Smoky Remoulade Sauce Recipe

    When you want a spicy and briny dip to enjoy with your french fries or to spread on a sandwich, you need to try this delicious smoky remoulade sauce recipe.
  • ponzu sauce in white bowl

    Tangy Ponzu Sauce Recipe

    Ponzu has everything: it's salty, it's tangy, and it's sweet. It makes a great condiment for sushi, dumplings, and more. Learn how to make your own version.
  • honey mustard in bowl

    Easy Honey Mustard Recipe

    Skip the added preservatives found in store-bought honey mustard sauces and whip up this easy honey mustard recipe at home. It goes great chicken tenders!
  • spicy mayo in bowl and on spoon

    Spicy Mayo For Sushi Recipe

    This creamy condiment comes together with just three ingredients, offering a spicy, tangy, and salty punch to sushi — and a whole lot of other foods.
  • tartar sauce in bowl with golden spoon

    Easy Tartar Sauce Recipe

    Salty and sour meets rich and creamy. This simple tartar sauce is the perfect complement to fried fish, but it is just as delicious with a whole host of dishes.
  • bacon tomato jam

    Tomato Bacon Jam Recipe

    Tomato bacon jam may sound like a surprising mix of flavors, but this sweet-and-savory spread is perfect on toast or a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • raspberry chia seed jam

    Chia Seed Jam Recipe

    You don't have to rely on overly processed, high-sugar jams to pair with your toast. Try this healthy (and easy) chia seed jam recipe for a healthier spread.
  • spicy homemade ketchup with fries

    Spicy Ketchup Recipe

    We absolutely love this recipe for spicy ketchup. Olayinka's recipe doesn't just involve adding spices to a bottle of store-bought ketchup, though.
  • persimmon jam on baguette

    Easy Persimmon Jam Recipe

    If you're not sure how best to enjoy this perhaps-unfamiliar fruit, you may like to try making it into a jam using this easy recipe.
  • apple butter in dish

    Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe

    Apple butter is one of the most wonderful spreads that you can make, but it's highly underrated. Give this recipe for apple butter a try.
  • chutney bowl and on toast

    Spicy Cherry Chutney Recipe

    Sick of regular jelly or jam? Try this spicy cherry chutney, a perfect topping on toast, sandwiches, and crostini, and a delicious condiment for meat.
  • sweet chili sauce

    Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

    We love a sweet sauce. We love a little something spicy. But when the two flavors come together, it's absolutely perfect.
  • spooning cashew butter from jar

    Homemade Cashew Butter Recipe

    It may seem like a daunting task to make your own nut butter, but it really isn't! You can whip up this homemade, nutrient-rich cashew butter in minutes.
  • Russian dressing in jar

    Homemade Russian Dressing Recipe

    Grabbing a bottle of salad dressing from the grocery store is easy, but there's no competing with the fresh taste of your favorite homemade Russian dressing.
  • homemade ketchup in bowl and on hotdog

    Homemade Ketchup Recipe

    Make this homemade ketchup recipe in three minutes. It's the easiest, simplest ketchup recipe you can imagine and is perfect on burgers, hotdogs, and steaks.
  • blue cheese dip with chips

    Homemade Blue Cheese Dip Recipe

    Whether you're looking to whip something up for an appetizer or a snack to serve during Sunday football, this blue cheese dip recipe is truly a perfect choice.