Popular Lofthouse Cookie Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best


It's difficult to compare the quality and taste of homemade cookies to anything you can find on store shelves. Store-bought cookies like Chips Ahoy are certainly delicious, but it's not easy to say that we'd take one over freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Store-bought cookies do have some advantages, though. They're reliable in that they're always on store shelves, and it's less of a hassle to actually make them. We won't deny that it's far more convenient to pop out of the packaging, and it's nice to be able to immediately consume a nice, sweet Nutter Butter or Oreo. But aside from convenience, is there any cookie you would take over a homemade sugar cookie?

There is, however, one cookie brand that we might argue we'd favor over something homemade, and that's Lofthouse. It's almost impossible to go into a Giant or Harris Teeter without seeing packages of these sprinkled delights on shelves. They also taste like sugary heaven, and are soft, sweet, and anything you'd want in a delicious sugar cookie. 

Lofthouse offers a variety of frosted sugar cookies throughout the year, though, so it may be difficult to decide whether you want to go with a classic or something seasonal instead. Fear not: we've taken the most popular Lofthouse Frosted Sugar cookies and ranked them from worst to best.

23. Strawberry Lemonade

Summer is the perfect time to kick back with a glass of ice cold lemonade. If you want to add a fruity twist to your beverage, why not make it strawberry? Not to be confused with pink lemonade, a strawberry lemonade combines the tart, acidic tang of lemon with the juicy taste of bright red strawberries. Because of the addition of the berries, a glass of strawberry lemonade is generally sweeter than a normal lemonade, and a different color too. While most lemonade is a bright yellow color, strawberry lemonade is more like a sunset, with a pink and orange hue. The beverage manages to both look and taste amazing, but we can't say the same about this first Lofthouse cookie.

The Strawberry Lemonade flavored cookie isn't a bad cookie, but just average in terms of Lofthouse flavors. The cookie is sprinkles, and the frosting is both pink and orange-yellow, swirled into a pretty pattern. They may look pretty, but they taste nothing like strawberry lemonade. We could pick up the barest hint of lemon from the frosting, but other than that, this cookie wasn't anything exciting. If you're looking for a random cookie to snack on, this will suffice, but if you're looking for something that tastes like strawberry lemonade, then just go have an actual glass of the fruity beverage instead.

22. Candy Corn

When Halloween rolls around, so does the controversial sweet known as candy corn. You either love or hate this striped treat, either considering it a fall favorite or failure. Candy corn adorers believe that the sweet candy is the perfect sugary treat to hand out around Halloween, while those who dislike the candy compare it to ear wax. If you do like candy corn, there are many ways to have it: You can use the triangular treat as a topping for ice cream sundaes, and also bake them into cupcakes and cookies. Even if you are the most diehard candy corn advocate, however, you still might be a little underwhelmed by this cookie.

Lofthouse's Candy Corn flavored cookie wasn't waxy in texture, so anyone worried about that doesn't need to fret any longer. The dessert was frosted with a white frosting, and small bits of a candy corn flavored topping. The fact that there are already many people who wouldn't try this cookie simply because it's candy corn-flavored makes it a hit or miss, but even those who do love the spooky treat might find that this cookie doesn't fit their criteria, as the bits of candy on top do little for a cookie that is more "sugar flavored" than "candy corn flavored." Candy corn has a distinct texture that already doesn't translate well into a cookie, so overall, this cookie did taste good, but not much like candy corn.

21. Strawberry Shortcake

Even if you didn't grow up with the show centering on a girl with the name of a fruity-filled baked dessert, it's impossible to say that you haven't heard of the name Strawberry Shortcake. When not in reference to the adorable cartoon character, your lips might begin to water at the idea of having a sweet slice of cake with fresh strawberries throughout. It's not as heavy or rich as a chocolate or red velvet cake, but that's what is so appealing about the dessert. The lighter, fruity treat has left a huge impression on many, and not just because of the cartoon show. If you're looking for a good strawberry shortcake-flavored cookie, though, this next entry might not do it for you.

Lofthouse's Strawberry Shortcake frosted cookies have one big thing going for them in terms of their similarity to an actual cake: the cookie itself. Since Lofthouse cookies are already incredibly cake-like, it's easy to compare them to any sort of cake. That being said, that applies to just about any Lofthouse cookie. In regard to the strawberry shortcake, there is little this cookie does in terms of flavor to match its namesake. There's the barest hint of strawberry, but if we hadn't known what we were eating beforehand, we would have assumed it was a really good vanilla frosted cookie. Our final verdict: Not bad, but not really strawberry shortcake.

20. Cotton Candy

There's something magical about a sugary handful of cotton candy. The pastel clouds are pretty much just a flossy sugar, but the cotton-like treat is a fan favorite to see at plays, circuses, and fun festivals of any kind. Cotton candy is usually served in a pastel blue or pink, and desserts that adopt the flavor of this candy, such as Coldstone Creamery's ice cream flavor, take on the same palette, creating a pretty and extra sugary tasting treat that could practically melt in your mouth. Lofthouse has a cookie flavor that also tries to capture the taste of the cotton treat that makes your inner child jump for joy.

The Cotton Candy-flavored cookie Lofthouse sells has frosting that is a swirl of cotton candy pink and pastel blue. You're probably hoping to hear us gush about how much this cookie reminds us of cotton candy, but if we're being perfectly honest, it tastes like your typical Lofthouse cookie without all of the sprinkles. Since cotton candy is pretty much just sugar, it's pretty easy to slap the flavor name on any similarly colored dessert. This cookie wasn't bad at all; in fact, it was quite delicious. However, when compared to all of the other Lofthouse flavors, the cotton candy, besides its pastel swirl of colored frosting, didn't really stand out.

19. Lemon

When life gives you lemons, you don't have to limit yourself to lemonade. Lemons are both tart and citrus-y, and while a raw lemon might make your lips pucker, lemon-flavored desserts such as lemon sorbet take the more bitter taste of the yellow fruit and pair it with sweeter ingredients like sugar. This makes for some perfectly balanced desserts, such as lemon candies, bars, and cakes. Lemon treats also work well a la mode, with a sweet scoop of sugary ice cream complimenting the striking taste of a lemon dessert. When it comes to lemon cookies, Lofthouse's are a lighter lemony treat that would definitely go great with some Ice cream.

Lofthouse's lemon frosted cookies are, as you might have guessed, a baked good filled with a light lemon flavor. The icing is what gives the cookie its hint of tartness, but other than that, it's pretty much like any other Lofthouse fruit-flavored cookie: a treat with a light fruit undertone, but mostly akin to their typical frosted cookies. The lemon flavor isn't bad at all, and lemon lovers will enjoy the slight tartness of the cookie, though perhaps not as much as a fresh glass of lemonade. While it might not be as refreshing, this cookie was still a lovely, lemony addition to the Lofthouse lineup.

18. Jelly Belly

Jelly beans aren't like the baked beans or beans and rice that you put on your tacos. Jelly beans are only bean shaped, and mostly made out of sugar and corn syrup, making for tiny, pop-in-your mouth flavored candies that have taken the world by storm. We all know about the wild booger and popcorn jelly beans that come in packages of crazy flavored beans, but many find it worth the risk to get a taste of some of the better-tasting candy — or just find the whole thing plain fun. One popular jelly bean brand is Jelly Belly, who paired with Lofthouse to create a group of jelly bean-themed limited edition cookies.

Lofthouse released three different flavors of Jelly Belly-flavored cookies: Very Cherry, Lemon Lime, and a Berry Blue. Each of these were brightly colored like the jelly beans they were named after, and coated in loads of sugary sprinkles. The Lofthouse cake cookie and the jelly bean-themed frosting were an enjoyable combination of sweet flavors when they were around, and we hope that the companies try to bring them back. They may have stained teeth and tongues with their bright colors, but it's something we wouldn't mind too much to be able to try these cookies again.

17. Orange Crème

There's a pretty big difference between an orange and orange cream soda. An orange-flavored item is heavily citrus-y, with the orange taste dominating the dessert or beverage. Orange cream, on the other hand, is a sweeter flavor, where the fruit is a key component, but is paired with the taste of cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. Orange cream is a fantastic flavor for ice pops, sodas, and even baked goods. Orange Cream cupcakes are also a unique dessert to treat yourself to, and you'll want to finish every bit. If you're a die-hard fan of orange cream, we think we can say the same thing about this next cookie.

The Orange Crème Lofthouse Frosted Cookie is made with the standard cake-like cookie, and topped with an orange frosting with white frosting and orange sprinkles. The orange cream flavor really comes through in the frosting, and stands out over the sweet sugar cookie. The flavor wasn't too noticeable or over the top, making for an almost well-balanced cookie. We would have wished for a more orange flavor overall, though we aren't complaining. We love an orange cream float to celebrate the arrival of summer, so in terms of Lofthouse cookies, this was a pretty solid orange-cream-flavored cookie.

16. Cherry Chocolate

When you think of a chocolate covered fruit, one of the first that comes to mind is a strawberry. The light, sweet fruit creates a harmony of flavors in one's mouth when paired with the rich, smooth candy that is chocolate. Strawberries aren't the only fruit that goes well with chocolate, though. Bananas, apple slices, and blueberries can instantly become a favorite dessert after being dipped with chocolate, as can cherries. Red cherries are a little acidic, but they're sweet, juicy, and are just as excellent to pair with chocolate as any other fruit. The combination also works for chocolate cherry cupcakes and this next flavor of cookie.

Lofthouse's Chocolate Cherry Cookies look absolutely beautiful. A chocolate cookie is topped with gorgeous cherry-flavored frosting that's a dark red color, as well as different colored sprinkles. The cookie not only looks stunning, but it tastes pretty good as well. The cherry flavor was just the slightest bit underwhelming, but what was there went great with the cake-like chocolate cookie. We wish there had been a stronger cherry flavor in this cookie, but for the most part, it was pretty great, and certainly made heads turn with both its unique flavor and beautiful colors.

15. Pineapple Whip

What fruit could possibly give off more tropical vibes than a pineapple? Though they have a rough exterior, the sweet, juicy, and yellow fruit on the inside makes for a refreshing snack, and is extremely versatile in its uses — though unless you're prepared to debate your food choices, we recommend not putting it on pizza. They're excellent for savory dishes like Hawaiian pork, tropical beverages, and especially sweet desserts. Sweet-tasting pineapple angel food cakes and drop cookies provide a fresh, fruity twist to your typical dessert, and take you right back to the sandy beachside. More recently, Lofthouse created a flavor that capitalizes on the taste of pineapple in cookie form.

Disney's Dole Whip frozen dessert may have had the spotlight for a while as one of the most iconic tropical desserts, but Lofthouse's Pineapple Whip Cookies, which hit shelves about a year ago, are far easier to get — and much cheaper. The cookie was sweet with a nice pineapple frosting with pineapple colored sprinkles. Though it wasn't as cool and strong as a Dole Whip is, at least we didn't have to travel all the way to Disneyworld to get a taste of this pineapple cookie. Besides lacking more of a pineapple flavor, this was a solid treat, and an excellent addition to the Lofthouse lineup.

14. Mike and Ike

When you're trying to pick out a candy to have at the movie theater, Mike and Ike's are always a safe bet. The small chewy candy is made with real fruit juice, and made by the same people who make Peeps and Hot Tamales. A classic box of the fruity, bright colored candy comes in five different flavors, and is a great candy to try to hide in your cargo pants as you sneak a pack into the next Marvel movie that comes out. Mike and Ike's, like most other candies, are also a fun topping to add on cakes and ice cream sundaes, though we didn't expect to see the candy as a cookie flavor.

Lofthouse's Mike and Ike "Five Fruit Blend" Frosted cookies were not a flavor we were expecting, but one that is a welcome surprise nevertheless. They came out around the summer of 2020, with frosting that was the same green color of the box and sprinkles that were the same colors of the actual candy. The icing is flavored like the candies, so it's fruity, sweet, and obviously tastes a lot like Mike and Ike's. This wasn't the first candy we'd think to put in a cookie (that title would go to M&Ms or Reese's candies), but it was surprisingly delicious, and we hope these cookies come out again.

13. Strawberry

Sliced, covered in chocolate, or simply eaten whole, strawberries are not a fruit to skip out on (unless you're allergic). They're an excellent addition to smoothies, fruit bowls, and even hot chocolate. The small red berries are not only incredibly healthy, but also an excellent addition to just about any sweet dessert. Strawberry Ice cream is a fresh and sweet flavor that works great in Neapolitan, and is also a wonderful flavor for cakes as well. If you see a bright, pink, fruity cupcake or cold dessert, then it's probably strawberry. The fruit also works well for cookies, as proven by this next flavor.

Lofthouse has strawberry lemonade and strawberry shortcake-flavored cookies, but this next product is purely strawberry. Both the cookie and the frosting are a strawberry pink color, and one bite reminds us of a dense strawberry cake. The flavor is more like a strawberry candy than an actual strawberry, but it still tastes fruity and sweet, just as any good strawberry cookie should. The pink and red sprinkles remind us of the seeds that cover a strawberry, which is a plus in our books. We wouldn't go for a strawberry cookie over a chocolate or sugar cookie, but we certainly wouldn't say no to this solid fruit flavored treat.

12. Peeps

You won't hear a peep out of us if you give us a pack of Peeps. The sprinkle-colored marshmallows come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes, often to fit a certain holiday. You can find cute white sprinkled ghosts around Halloween, and bright green trees and red stockings around Christmas. No matter what time of year it is, though, you can always find their sweet yellow and pink chicks or rabbits wherever you look. They can be consumed at any time of the year, though Peeps tend to be more popular around the spring, which was when these next cookies were temporarily released.

Lofthouse's limited edition Peep-flavored cookies were sold for a short time in the spring of 2020. They were made with Lofthouse's iconic sugar cookie (which most of its desserts are made with), but were frosted with an icing the same bright yellow color the sprinkled Peeps are typically made with. The sprinkles on this cookie are also in theme with the flavor, as they were pastel pink, blue, and yellow for spring, but also in the shape of adorable mini Peep chicks. These Peep cookies were a sweet and fun way to enjoy Easter, and now that the lockdown seems to be residing, we hope that Lofthouse brings these back so that we can share them with our peers.

11. Birthday Cake

The flavor "birthday cake" is a rather strange one, as birthday cakes these days can come in not just a variety of flavors themselves, but a number of different forms. If you wanted to go get a cookies and cream ice cream cake, then nobody would bat an eye, and would even probably try to get you to share. When you do come across a birthday flavored treat, the "cake" in question is typically a classic vanilla flavor with sweet frosting and sprinkles. Birthday cake cookies and ice creams generally have bits of cake and rainbow sprinkles in them, adding a bit more substance and flavor to the fantastic desserts. Not everyone enjoys the flavor, but those who do are reminded of an extra sweet cake every time they take a bit or scoop.

The ironic thing about Lofthouse's Birthday Cake Frosted Cookie is that there isn't that much of a difference between it and the original Lofthouse cookie. It has rainbow sprinkles scattered within the sugar cookie, but other than that, Lofthouse's cookies are already a lot like cake in terms of both taste and texture, so the company didn't really have to do much to make an amazing-tasting birthday cake cookie. We would never turn down this frosted delight when offered, which shows that you don't have to go crazy to make a great cake cookie.

10. Carrot

It's not the most favored flavor of cake, and many picky kids will stick their noses up at the idea of a vegetable being an ingredient in their sweet dessert. The joke's on them, though: carrot is a scrumptious cake flavor that is seriously underrated. A raw baby carrot is already sweeter than your typical vegetable, which is likely why many enjoy them when they're offered on a vegetable platter. When baked into a pastry or dessert, carrot cakes and cupcakes taste like a sweet cinnamon or spice cake made with brown sugar that overpowers the carrot flavor, which is still subtly noticeable.

Lofthouse's Carrot Cake cookie tastes almost exactly like how we'd imagine a carrot cake would taste in cookie form. The cookie tastes strongly of cinnamon and sugar, though it has a hint of carrot to it, just like a carrot cake. Most carrot cakes are served frosted in a sweet cream cheese frosting, and while the cookie icing isn't cream cheese, it pairs well with the spice cookie, with the addition of colorful green and orange sprinkles on top. This Lofthouse treat is the perfect way to introduce a picky peer to the deliciousness of carrot-flavored foods.

9. Caramel Apple

Whether you're at a farm or fall festival, what's not to love about a caramel-dipped apple? The tangy, somewhat acidic fruit and sweet caramel come together to create a fantastic treat that's wonderful to munch on as you weave your way through a bustling fair crowd. The one flaw of caramel apples is when they begin to melt and the sticky coat of caramel goes all over the place, leaving you with a slightly sweeter apple on a stick. An easy way to solve this problem would be to eat the treat quickly, but we'd argue that it's far more enjoyable to kick back with a caramel apple cookie and enjoy the flavor that way instead.

Lofthouse's Caramel Apple-flavored cookie places sweet caramel frosting on top of a cinnamon apple cookie. It's also coated in a cinnamon and caramel topping that adds an extra cinnamon taste to the cookie — not that it needed it. The caramel flavor is somewhat noticeable, but the cookie tastes more like an apple cinnamon-flavored cookie instead of a caramel apple, which isn't a bad thing. If not for the fact that this was branded as a caramel apple dessert, we would have thought that it was just an incredible apple cinnamon cookie. While caramel apple fans might not be pleased, this is an excellent cookie that will certainly float your boat.

8. Pumpkin Pie

Autumn is the perfect time of year to jump in leaf piles, wear flannel, and of course, get your fill of pumpkin-flavored foods. Whether it's getting excited about that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie or going to the nearest Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte, the spice craze always seems to spring up as soon as fall hits, and doesn't seem to slow down even by the time we're finishing up the last of the leftover turkey. Pumpkin pies, bread, and other foods of all kinds pop out at this time of year, with pumpkin fans all over rejoicing as their favorite fall flavors hit store shelves. This next cookie isn't always in stores, but if it ever comes, it's sure to be a pumpkin fan's favorite.

The Pumpkin Pie Frosted cookie is a festively fall-themed Lofthouse flavor that is a classic sugar cookie topped with beautifully fall-themed icing. The dark orange frosting is much like the hue of a slice of pumpkin pie, and is flavored like one as well. There aren't any sugar sprinkles on the cookie, allowing for the pumpkin flavor that comes from the frosting to really shine through. This is not only one of the better Lofthouse flavors, but also one of the better pumpkin spice cookies we've had. It's not easy to make homemade pumpkin cookies, but what Lofthouse has to offer comes pretty close.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate is a flavor that has snuck its way into the hearts of many, and is a magically rich and sweet treat that is difficult to not find wherever you look. Ice creams, cupcakes, and almost any dessert you can think of more than likely features a chocolate flavor, and for a good reason. We just can't seem to get enough of chocolate: According to MIC, an average person in the U.S. "eats 22 pounds of chocolate every year," and it's possible this number is greater now. Chocolate is pretty common in cookies as well. If your favorite cookie isn't a sugar cookie, then you're more than likely a fan of a chocolate chip or double chocolate cookie – just like this next Lofthouse flavor on the list.

The Lofthouse Chocolate Cookie is a decadent delight that is made with loads of chocolate, from the cookie itself all the way to frosting. The cookie is topped with white, brown, and black sprinkles, making for a smooth, soft, and sweet-tasting treat. The chocolate flavor isn't over the top, and it's a wonderfully made cookie perfect for the most dedicated chocolate lovers. There's not much we can say to criticize this cookie besides the fact that we'd want it to be more chocolate-y, but overall, this Lofthouse cookie can help decently satisfy one's chocolate craving.

6. Hot Cocoa

As the weather gets cooler, drinks typically become hotter. For many, there's nothing better during the colder seasons than being able to curl up on the couch with a blanket and enjoy some of your favorite TV shows as you sip on a nice hot mug of hot chocolate. A classic cup of a satisfying hot cocoa typically features some cool whip cream and marshmallows that often melt right into the chocolate drink. Even though it's typically done with a cold glass of milk, it's also fun to dip cookies into the beverage, and let the treat become softer as it soaks up the sweet drink. This next Lofthouse cookie gives you that same warm chocolate flavor, all in the form of a soft baked cookie.

The Hot Cocoa flavored Lofthouse cookie is made with a typical Lofthouse cake cookie, but is instead topped with chocolate frosting and round white sprinkles that are supposed to resemble marshmallows. The chocolate frosting really carried this flavor, and was pretty spot on to how a hot cocoa would taste in frosting form. The sprinkles didn't really add much other than a bit of extra sweetness, but since that's exactly what marshmallows do for hot chocolate, we didn't mind, and we really enjoyed this cookie. The next time you see this Lofthouse flavor roll around during the wintertime, be sure to grab a box (and try one of these cookies with your next cup of cocoa).

5. Frosted Mint

During a certain time of year, sidewalks and grocery stores parking lots might become filled with groups of lively young girls wearing differently colored sashes and selling cookies. Many recall their days as a girl scout and selling deliciously made cookies to the public, and likely remember quickly selling out of their Thin Mints. The minty chocolate cookies are both rich and cool, taking advantage of the pairing of chocolate and mint. Putting the two flavors together is nothing new, and is often found in pretzels, ice cream, and other cookies for those who want something a little different from a typical chocolate or vanilla sugar cookie. If you fall under this description, then you'll be happy to know that Lofthouse features a flavor consisting of both mint and chocolate.

Lofthouse's Mint Frosted Cookies are soft-baked chocolate cookies with pale green frosting similar to a McDonald's Shamrock shake. The cookies are topped with dark green and chocolate-covered sprinkles, and are a wonderful balance of mint and chocolate. It's a little less minty than a Thin Mint, but still incredibly refreshing. We enjoyed this cookie a whole lot, and even if you've never tried a girl scout cookie before, you'll certainly enjoy this cookie if you like mint-flavored treats.

4. Red Velvet

Many people wonder what the difference is between chocolate and red velvet, with some believing that the latter flavor is just chocolate with a red hue. In reality, red velvet is a kind of chocolate, but according to BakingHow, red velvet has a more "acidic taste to it, which comes from the buttermilk and vinegar used in the recipe." Red velvet is also only made with cocoa powder as opposed to both the powder and melted chocolate, which gives red velvet a rich, unique taste among the different cookie flavors. Even Oreo has released a red velvet-flavored variant. That said, red velvet not only works with Oreos; it also translates wonderfully into a Lofthouse flavor. 

Lofthouse's soft-baked Red Velvet Cookies taste like — you guessed it — red velvet, and are topped with white frosting and a red velvet powder. These cookies are just as rich, chocolate-y, and red as a slice of red velvet cake, and both look and taste the part. The bolder red velvet cookie is balanced out nicely by the sweet icing that coats the cookie, resulting in a wonderful red velvet dessert. This cookie is also relatively easy to find in stores, so if you're craving something red velvet-flavored, we suggest trying this cookie out.

3. Smores

In the spring and summer, when the weather begins to warm up, it's a wonderful pastime to travel out to a peaceful forest site (or even just your backyard) and go camping. Between hiking, canoeing, and figuring out how to set up the tents, the one thing that any camping trip isn't complete without is roasting marshmallows over an open fire, gathering some chocolate and graham crackers, and making some delicious hot s'mores. S'mores are easy to put together once you have all three ingredients. This simple recipe is also a great flavor for sweet desserts, reminiscent of a warm evening out back.

S'mores-flavored ice creams, cupcakes, and even cinnamon rolls are fantastic treats, and if you have a craving for any of these, then you also might be interested in Lofthouse's Smores! cookies. They are made up of a firmer chocolate chip cookie and topped with colorful marshmallow frosting, along with crumbled graham crackers. This cookie is less cake-like, and the chocolate chip cookie and frosted icing pair wonderfully together, though we wish there was more of a graham cracker taste to them. Other than that, these cookies taste pretty great. We suggest putting one between two graham crackers and seeing how it compares to an actual s'more.

2. Cookies and Crème

Everyone knows how addicting cookies and cream is. The small cookie sandwiches that make up the flavor have become a pinnacle ingredient for Ice creams, cakes, and even brownies. The flavor is perhaps best known through Oreos; just look up "cookies and cream" and you'll be met with dozens of related products and recipes that feature the brand's iconic cookies. Unsurprisingly, many cookies and cream-related products sprung up to appeal to the masses, with brands like Pillsbury proudly offering a take-home cookie dough that has crumbled bits of Oreo scattered throughout.

Unsurprisingly, Lofthouse also features a "cookies and crème" cookie. A box of this flavor features a chocolate cookie with a white frosting on top, lightly coated in crumbly cookie bits. This dessert certainly isn't a crunchy, firm Oreo, but it encapsulates the flavor of the cookie just as well as any other cookies and cream product. The rich, chocolatey taste of the actual cookie is pretty similar to that of an Oreo, and the frosting tastes a lot like the cream. The bits of cookie also add to the incredible flavor of this dessert, resulting in an overall wonderfully tasting Lofthouse product. For fans of both Oreo and Lofthouse cookies, we highly suggest this flavor, and consider it one of the best.

1. Classic Frosted Sugar Cookies

How could you compete with a classic? The classic Lofthouse frosted cookies are hard to beat, and are truly the iconic soft-baked dessert that allowed the Lofthouse name to go down as one of the greats. Obviously, the pink color is seen the most in stores, but the other brightly colored cookies taste just as extravagant. Thus, even if the cookie's frosting is green for St. Patrick's Day or light blue and white for Hannukah, you know that the treat you're about to consume is going to be delicious. When people talk about their favorite cookies, the classic Lofthouse baked dessert is bound to be brought up somewhere.

If you've made it all the way to the end of this list, then it's clear that you're a genuine Lofthouse cookie lover. Like any product, there are those who will absolutely adore a certain food or beverage, while others might find it less favorable. Anyone who does enjoy a sweet, round sugar cookie of Lofthouse's knows just how cake-like and fresh each bite of their desserts are, and probably wouldn't trade it for any other store-bought cookie.