41 Must Try Hot Sandwich Recipes

Delicate cucumber sandwiches might be perfect for a picnic, but when you want some indulgent comfort food, they don't quite cut it. Throw some butter into a pan and grill thick slices of sourdough with a good amount of cheese melting in the middle, and you have yourself a must-try hot sandwich. You can make a basic grilled cheese to complex slow-cooked meats that you marinate overnight for a sandwich. Or you can add a smorgasbord of gourmet fillings that create so many different types of hot sandwiches to try. Some you grill in a cast iron pan, while others you might toast under the broiler or bake in the oven. Or maybe you have your own skillet or panini press. Think beyond an everyday sandwich and feel inspired to create a scrumptious snack or a fabulous feast between two slices of bread, from crusty ciabatta to soft hoagie rolls. 

1. Classic Monte Cristo Sandwich

When a sandwich has its own national day, you know it's got to be tasty. While some versions of this recipe create a sweet and savory taste, this one adds a garlic kick. Thin slices of ham and turkey with some nutty-tasting Gruyère are divine in an egg-dipped fried sandwich. What adds real pizzazz is the garlic mayo and the Dijon mustard or yellow mustard if you prefer. Use a hearty white bread slice so that your hot sandwich doesn't fall apart, and don't forget to squash them down before dipping. 

Recipe: Classic Monte Cristo Sandwich

2. New York Chopped Cheese Sandwich

Eat like a New Yorker with this Big Apple chopped cheese sandwich. The twist with this recipe is that you don't chop the cheese! Pan-fry ground beef in the shape of flattened logs and top with onions that you've already sautéed. Beef that's 80/20 has the right leanness and moistness. Then you add slices of American cheese; this is where you're supposed to mix it into the beef and onions. Let the heat work its magic, and the cheese will melt without any cheese chopping on your part.

Recipe: New York Chopped Cheese Sandwich

3. Shawarma-Spiced Grilled Chicken Sandwich

You don't have to set up a spit to make this sandwich, as it's not made with shawarma chicken. You use the same seasonings instead to recreate the incredible Middle Eastern flavors. Don't miss out on the mashed avocado and yogurt spread; the creamy taste and texture pair well with the grilled chicken breast. You can also use chicken thighs if you prefer fattier meat and either pan-fry or roast in the oven instead. Let it marinate in the spiced olive oil and lemon juice long enough that the spices permeate. 

Recipe: Shawarma-Spiced Grilled Chicken Sandwich

4. Fried Cod Sandwich

Panko elevates crispy cod into a deliciously crunchy sandwich. Add whatever seasonings you like to the breaded flakes, such as paprika or Old Bay. But don't just top with tomato and lettuce. A creamy tartar sauce tastes amazing, or use mayo or remoulade instead. And pickles give each bite a sour burst that transforms the whole recipe. In the style of a burger joint, serve your fried fish fillets on sesame seed buns rather than bread. Sandwich between whatever type of roll you like, or opt for a buttery brioche bun. 

Recipe: Fried Cod Sandwich

5. Easy Reuben Sandwich

The sweet, nutty taste of rye and pumpernickel swirl bread is robustly flavorful when paired with the bold-tasting ingredients of this classic sandwich. Its cool design looks attractive too. Thin slices of salty corned beef combine with Swiss cheese, which adds the necessary melt factor. Sauerkraut brings some tanginess, although you can switch this up for coleslaw if you prefer. Thousand island dressing is necessary for a creamy, vinegary finish before the whole sandwich is pan-fried. Serve with a green salad in summer or a warming matzo ball soup when it's cold outside. 

Recipe: Easy Reuben Sandwich

6. Croque Madam Sandwich

Ham and Gruyère is a sandwich match that's simply marvelous. But why stop there when you can create an IG-worthy hot sandwich that's gorgeously golden brown with a runny fried egg on top? A soft poached egg is good too, and that's not all you add on top either. Once you've grilled your sandwich, pour a béchamel sauce over the top, and more cheese, before broiling. Don't overheat the milk, or you might burn the white sauce, but make sure your pan and broiler are hot enough to melt the cheese.

Recipe: Croque Madam Sandwich

7. Classic Cuban Sandwich

It's worth the effort to make your own mojo to marinate bone-in-pork shoulder butt for this superb sandwich. Make it with Sazon Goya seasoning and orange juice, and roast the meat before chilling it in the fridge in the juices. Use the marinade to drizzle on the sliced meat when you add Swiss cheese and Black Forest ham. If you don't have a sandwich press, then press down on the bread in a skillet using a smaller pan. That way, the delicious flavors meld together, creating a classic Cuban sandwich. 

Recipe: Classic Cuban Sandwich

8. Best Southern Tomato Sandwich

There are some pretty wild sandwich creations, but sometimes you can't beat classics like this Southern tomato recipe. Use any fresh tomatoes you like, but vine-on-tomatoes are wonderfully juicy, and heirloom varieties are fabulous. Making your own Cajun mustard mayo using pickle juice makes all the difference, as does marinating the tomatoes. If you don't have any malt vinegar for the marinade, use apple cider, balsamic, or red wine vinegar instead. The filling is cold, with some crunchy barbecue pork rinds sprinkled on top, but the bread is toasted and hot.

Recipe: Best Southern Tomato Sandwich

9. Easy Philly Cheesesteak

Hoagie rolls are the quintessential American hot sandwich bread, and a Philly cheesesteak is all that. If you can't imagine this sandwich without Cheese Whiz, then no judgment, although this recipe opts for provolone. Meat-wise, choose a New York strip or a ribeye that's thinly sliced. You can also add red and green bell pepper slices to the filling as well. You don't need much more than a few pickles to serve with these hot beef and cheese rolls. You could add a spoonful of coleslaw on the side too, or French fries. 

Recipe: Easy Philly Cheesesteak

10. Bacon Lovers Grilled Cheese

This sandwich recipe doesn't follow the rules with grilled cheese in the middle and crispy bacon on the outside. Lay strips across each slice of bread so that they wrap around to the other side and stay in place. Butter the bread if the bacon won't stick. Fry each side until the bacon is fully cooked, rather than flipping the whole thing back and forth. Grab some tongs to hold your sandwich upright to cook the bacon-wrapped sides. Use whatever cheese you like, and add mustard for a little kick. 

Recipe: Bacon Lovers Grilled Cheese

11. Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Flavor up halved chicken breasts with Cajun seasonings and whack them on the barbie. Does it get any simpler than that? If it's not the day for a cookout, you can cook the star of this sandwich in a cast-iron skillet or roast in the oven. Keep the other ingredients simple too. To get a thick slice of tomato, use beefsteak ones, and add some crispiness with some romaine lettuce leaves. Brioche buns taste good; to keep the sandwich in place, simply stick a little wooden skewer through the top.

Recipe: Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich

12. Slow Cooker French Dip

One story tells that the French dip came about after a chef accidentally dropped a sandwich in some sauce. Whatever the case, this hot sandwich classic with beef and melted cheese is so darned good when you dip it in juices from the slow cooker. You serve this in a pot on the side. This recipe calls for sirloin tip roast, but you can also use chuck roast or rump roast instead. It's fine to swap out the Swiss cheese for another type of cheese, too, such as cheddar or provolone. 

Recipe: Slow Cooker French Dip

13. Jamie Oliver's Steak Sarnie

Brit chef Jamie Oliver is all about creating "pukka" dishes that you just want to devour. This version of his hot steak sarnie recipe comes with a hot twist. The meat is seasoned with paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder, giving it a Mexican flair. And not only that, but you fry onions for this recipe with butter, brown sugar, and lime juice, adding some caramelized sweetness. Let the juicy steak rest before slicing, and serve in a warm ciabatta with the onions, watercress, and Dijon mustard.

Recipe: Jamie Oliver's Steak Sarnie

14. Homemade Hot Pastrami Sandwich

It doesn't get much more iconic, in the hot sandwich world, than a hot pastrami on rye. The salty taste of the meat is perfect with the nutty flavor of the bread and the sourness of the pickles. This recipe also adds some Swiss cheese, creamy coleslaw, and tomatoes, with dill pickles, and lettuce. And stone ground mustard is a must. The best way to heat the salt beef is in a loose foil pouch in the oven. Use store-bought ingredients for this recipe so you can make it without delay. 

Recipe: Homemade Hot Pastrami Sandwich

15. Grilled Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese Sandwich

There's no point pretending that this hot sandwich is anything but an incredible indulgence. Panko-coated, buffalo-sauce-marinated chicken loaded onto bread with ranch dressing and mac-and-cheese made from three different types of cheese is divine. Why stop there? Add some more buffalo sauce and mozzarella slices, then grill until golden brown. Take care when flipping this hot sandwich so the filling doesn't slide out. Is there any point in adding a salad? Not really. Sprinkle on chopped green onions and add a ranch dressing dip. 

Recipe: Grilled Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese Sandwich

16. Simple Tuna Melt

A tuna sandwich is tasty, but add some cheese and create a hot melt, and it's transformed. The whole time you're chowing down on this sandwich, you'll be wondering how it can taste so good. You can't go wrong with simple ingredients, but adding red onion and celery creates some crunch. And lemon juice and dill lift the flavor of this flaky fish. Add more mayo if you want a super-creamy texture, and use hearty slices that will contain the tuna mix and cheese. Serve with a green salad for a healthy side.

Recipe: Simple Tuna Melt

17. Easy Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

Forget sophisticated recipes with complex ingredients; sometimes, the best food is the simplest. What's not to love about slices of roast beef and provolone cheese in a hot sandwich? Make a good batch of these because anyone nearby will want to scarf them down. There's a little bit of a fancy element as you brush melted honey butter on top of the sliders before heating them in foil in the oven. Hawaiian rolls are ideal; you can cut and prep them without separating them, which is more manageable. 

Recipe: Easy Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

18. Cuban Sandwich

Traditional as it might be, and as popular as it is in the U.S., a Cuban sandwich can be made in many different ways. If you can't find authentic Cuban bread, opt for French or Italian instead. While pork marinated in mojo might be a must, as well as the ham, you could leave out the salami. Add juices from the meat for extra flavor. Dill pickles and Swiss cheese are must-have ingredients, and spreading mustard on half of the bread and mayo on the other shouldn't be missed. Broil or pan-fry in a skillet. 

Recipe: Cuban Sandwich

19. Fig Grilled Cheese

Sometimes just one ingredient makes all the difference. In this recipe, fig butter adds subtle fruity sweetness to shredded Gruyère for this tasty grilled cheese hot sandwich. You can also use fig jam and whatever bread you like, but a couple of thickish slices of sourdough work perfectly. If your bread has browned in the pan before the cheese has melted, a good tip is to take it off the heat and cover it to keep the temperature up. Be generous with the fig butter and serve with a green salad.

Recipe: Fig Grilled Cheese

20. Homemade Meatball Sub

If you want to make more of a meal out of a hot sandwich, then you can literally add a dish inside bread. Pile meatballs in a marinara sauce into a hoagie roll and top with mozzarella, and you've got a pretty hearty serving. Parmesan and herbs flavor the ground beef and pork; just be sure not to mix too vigorously or long as this will overwork the meat. Use the rind of the Parmesan to add extra taste to the sauce, and keep an eye on your roll while the cheese melts.

Recipe: Homemade Meatball Sub

21. Simple Sourdough Patty Melt

Cross a burger with grilled cheese you get this superb hot sandwich. To create a better melt with the Swiss cheese, cover your sandwich with some parchment paper and then use a smaller pan to squash it. Before you get to that stage, don't forget to mold your beef patties into the shape of the sourdough slices so that they fit perfectly. This is a quick recipe, but you need time to cook the caramelized onions low and slow. Thyme butter on the outside of the bread adds a flavorful touch. 

Recipe: Simple Sourdough Patty Melt

22. Authentic Disney Grilled Cheese

Talk about creamy. This magical hot sandwich is made with four types of cheese, including cream cheese. As if that isn't enough, you add heavy cream to make the grilled cheese creamier. The result is a strong flavor and a silky texture, which is a dream combination. It's not just what's on the inside that counts either, as the dream pairing for the outside of the bread is mayonnaise and minced garlic. This tastes amazing and helps the bread brown as you can heat it at a higher temperature than butter. 

Recipe: Authentic Disney Grilled Cheese

23. Easy Bacon Butty

If you don't know what a butty is, then the chances are that you aren't British or don't know Brit foodie lingo. It's the name of a simple sandwich, and there's nothing as gloriously tasty and straightforward as waking up to a bacon butty. If you want to cut down on the grease factor, then cook the rashers of back bacon in the oven instead of frying. Lightly toast the bread so it's not too hard, and add lashings of butter and ketchup. All you need now is a cup of tea. 

Recipe: Easy Bacon Butty

24. Authentic German Bierocks

A stuffed roll made by Germans in Russia that came to the U.S., this bierocks hot sandwich rocks. Traditionally made with beef and cabbage, add whatever seasonings you like to give the meaty middle a flavor boost. Caraway seeds, paprika, and nutmeg go well. The key to getting this recipe right is to make sure the milk is just the right temperature to activate the yeast. Don't overfill the dough, either. You want to pinch and gather it around the filling without any leaking out. These are delicious with a cold German beer.

Recipe: Authentic German Bierocks

25. Classic Blackened Fish Sandwich

Elevate your hot sandwich experience with spicy pan-fried fish on a butter-toasted bun with homemade coleslaw and lemon aioli. Punchy flavors, buttery fish, and crispy bread are perfect with a creamy, crunchy topping and a zing of citrus and garlic. Fry cod, catfish, or swordfish using a cast iron pan or one that can maintain the heat. You want the temperature high enough so that the seasoning coating sears and blackens without sticking so that you can easily flip it. Serve with sweet potato fries, fried okra, or hush puppies. 

Recipe: Classic Blackened Fish Sandwich

26. Air Fryer Grilled Cheese

What's great about air fryer grilled cheese is that the bread crisps up without overdoing so that the cheddar can completely melt. There's nothing worse than a hot sandwich with cold cheese in the middle that hasn't turned deliciously gooey. Simple as this sandwich is, you can change the bread and the cheese. Choose a cheese that melts well, such as pepper jack, Gruyère, or mild Havarti. If you love the flavor of blue cheese or Parmesan, then you can mix a little into a strong-tasting Monterey or Sonoma Jack.

Recipe: Air Fryer Grilled Cheese

27. Classic Falafel Sandwich

If you make this hot sandwich, then props to you. Making homemade falafel is impressive, and it's worth the effort for that delicious bite of these Middle Eastern chickpea patties. Rather than deep frying, you can bake them in the oven or fry them in a skillet without too much oil. Serve them when they are hot in a toasted pita with lettuce, tomato, and slices of onion if you like. Make runny tahini that you can pour over everything by mixing it with water and lemon juice to get the right consistency.  

Recipe: Classic Falafel Sandwich

28. Crock Pot Beef On Weck

To create this classic beef and horseradish hot sandwich, make your own version of weck rolls by adding caraway seeds and salt to kaiser rolls. If you're not taking a shortcut to the deli, you'll need round beef or rump roast for this recipe. If you don't want to slow cook the meat in dark beer, then choose a non-alcoholic version instead. Onion soup mix is a great ingredient to add to the stock too. Serve with the juices in a pot on the side for hot sandwich dipping.

Recipe: Crock Pot Beef On Weck

29. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Grilled green and yellow zucchini, eggplant, and red bell pepper make a scrumptious hot sandwich. Pesto adds herbaceousness and Parmesan tang for the perfect spread on a grilled ciabatta. And balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and garlic create a flavorful marinade for the veggies, which you can leave marinating overnight. If you like a cold slice of fresh mozzarella on top, then serve as it, or grill your sandwich until the cheese melts. You can reheat these sandwiches easily in a pan as they do cool down quickly, but eat them the same day. 

Recipe: Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

30. Easy Roast Beef Sliders

When you want to rustle up a batch of hot sandwiches, these roast beef sliders are the ultimate tasty bite. Add the deli meat and Swiss cheese to joined-up sliced buns without separating them. What makes them super tasty, too, is brushing the bread with melted butter. Use this on top of the rolls before sprinkling on Italian seasoning before baking. As the cheese melts, the meat doesn't dry out, and you've got plenty of moreish finger food bites. Serve with a hot mustard dip. Watermelon pairs surprisingly well too. 

Recipe: Easy Roast Beef Sliders

31. Gourmet Fried Bologna Sandwich

Giving a basic sandwich a culinary glow-up elevates the taste. And this fried bologna recipe is a perfect example of a gourmet hot sandwich. Aside from frying the meat, grill garlic-buttered ciabatta bun halves. Add mayo, sharp white cheddar, Dijon mustard, red onion slices, and lettuce for a tasty boost. Fold the hot bologna so that it fits, or add slices on top of each other to create a thicker layer. Get your ingredients ready for this dish, as the meat takes no time at all to fry. 

Recipe: Gourmet Fried Bologna Sandwich

32. Tasty Grilled Cheese Sloppy Joe

Why go for one comfort food when you can go for two in one? And you use garlicky Texas toast, so it's more like three in one. Or you can make your own garlic butter and spread it on thick slices of bread before grilling. Add mustard and ketchup to give your beef a tangy taste, or add to ground turkey or a vegetarian mince instead. A spoonful of the mix goes on top of the slices of American cheese. Cover the pan while you cook this hot sandwich. 

Recipe: Tasty Grilled Cheese Sloppy Joe

33. Easy Toasted Tomato Sandwich

This toasted sandwich celebrates the sweet taste of tomatoes rather than relegating them to an add-on, as is often the case. Buttering thick slices of sourdough before broiling gives the toast a golden color. And you can toast both sides or just one if you want a softer texture in the middle. To cut even tomato slices safely, use a serrated knife so that you don't slip. And if possible, use vine-on tomatoes, which are juicier and tastier. Mayo and fresh basil bring out the fabulous flavor of the tomatoes. 

Recipe: Easy Toasted Tomato Sandwich

34. Torta

Torta is a classic Mexican hot sandwich made with steak and refried beans. Get some bolillo or telera rolls that are soft in the middle but tough enough on the outside to hold all the fillings. Flattening and breading a round or sirloin steak creates a thin meaty layer, and if you buy a slender piece, it'll probably still need to be pounded and cut. To make your sandwich start with the heated refried beans, then add sour cream and the panko-coated steak. Add avocado, hot sauce, onion, tomato, lettuce, or whatever you like. 

Recipe: Torta

35. Scrumptious BLT Sandwich

British-style back bacon, much like Canadian bacon, is ideal for this BLT hot sandwich. Sourdough or a slice of a hearty loaf means the BLT ingredients — that's bacon, lettuce, and tomato — don't turn into a flimsy sandwich. But don't use bread with an overpowering taste, as you want the trio of fillings to shine through. Unlike a club sandwich, you don't toast the bread for this recipe. Spread the slices with both butter and mayo to add a creamy taste. Cook the bacon rashers however you like.

Recipe: Scrumptious BLT Sandwich

36. Ham And Cheese Sliders

One of the most renowned sandwiches has to be a straightforward ham and cheese one. But if you want to make this combo more interesting, then turn it into a hot sandwich instead. Swiss cheese melts perfectly, while honey-roast ham adds a subtle sweetness. What really elevates these sliders is adding chopped pickles on top and a little pickle juice on the bread mixed with mustard. The tangy taste is a game-changer, and brushing the top of the rolls with melted butter before baking enhances the taste of the toasted bread. 

Recipe: Ham And Cheese Sliders

37. 30 Minute Po Boy

Creole-seasoned, cornmeal-coated shrimp are the main ingredient for an authentic New Orleans po boy. This hot sandwich is full of flavor, and you can add extra heat to the homemade remoulade with some Sriracha or a paprika kick to the coating. There might be a long list of ingredients for this recipe, but it's easy to make as you just mix everything together for the sauce. Stuff a hoagie roll with fried shrimp and add some slices of dill pickle, lashings of the remoulade, and some lettuce and tomato. 

Recipe: 30 Minute Po Boy

38. Babish's Chef-Inspired Cubanos

This chef-inspired recipe is given a twist, and unlike a classic Cuban sandwich, you use turkey breast instead of pork. Another difference to the traditional hot sandwich is you don't just marinate the meat in a mojo marinade but in a herb, rum, white wine vinegar, and orange juice overnight in the fridge first. To add taste, sear the sliced cooked turkey and thick slices of ham before adding to the toasted French loaf slices. Swiss cheese, mustard, and dill pickle slices are a must before toasting in a pan. 

Recipe: Babish's Chef-Inspired Cubanos

39. Authentic Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich

If you've never tried a wet, hot sandwich packed with slow-braised beef and homemade pickled vegetables dipped in a meaty jus, now is your chance. There's no quick way to make this authentic Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich, so it's only going to appeal to home cooks who love taking their time. The pickled topping, called giardiniera, is traditionally made with cauliflower, carrots, celery, and green chili peppers. For this version, you add fennel too, and if you can't find sport peppers, use serrano or jalapeño ones instead. 

Recipe: Authentic Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich

40. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Don't you just love a three-ingredient recipe? Turn a lean pork loin into a flavorful pulled pork by slow cooking it with beef broth and onion soup mix. To make this a hot sandwich, you'll also need some soft rolls and whatever condiments you like. Barbecue sauce goes well with the shredded meat. Use forks to pull the pork apart or the paddle attachment of your stand mixer. If you love a French dip sandwich, then keep the juices and serve them in a little pot on the side. 

Recipe: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches

41. Cloud Bread Breakfast Sandwich

Not all hot sandwiches are made with bread, or at least this one isn't anyway. Cloud bread is baked in the oven from a batter made from eggs, cream cheese, and cream of tartar. The fillings for this recipe don't hold back either, with a herby pork patty fried with cheddar melted on top. Add an omelet with honey, hot sauce, and avocado for a truly different taste. All that you're skipping out on for this sandwich is plenty of carbs while still enjoying a classic sausage and egg breakfast experience. 

Recipe: Cloud Bread Breakfast Sandwich