The Best Mother's Day Breakfast Recipes

Mother's Day brunch can be a fun and special way to celebrate all of the moms in your life. But what if you decided to cook mom an incredible breakfast at home this year instead of battling the crowds for a reservation on one of the busiest brunch days of the year? 

Fear not, for we've got you covered with 14 appetizing recipes that will certainly show your mom how much you care — and maybe even impress the rest of the family while you're at it. You don't have to have much experience in the kitchen to create most of these recipes. As a matter of fact, the beauty of many of the recipes is that they look good enough to be served at a little bistro, but require very little effort to make.

We've got French-inspired recipes that include a seasonal asparagus and gruyere puff pastry tart, quiche Lorraine, easy crepes, and even a cherry clafoutis. Maybe you're leaning towards some freshly baked treats, in which case you'll definitely want to check out the tasty muffins on our list. Finally, you can whip up an all-American breakfast for mom with fluffy diner-style waffles, banana pancakes, and an easy egg casserole stuffed with breakfast sausage and veggies. Put a pot of coffee on and let's get cooking!

Easy asparagus and gruyere tart

Puff pastry dishes make just about any meal feel extra special. Those flaky layers of delicate dough enriched with a generous amount of butter can be baked with countless toppings for sweet and savory dishes. With that in mind, whipping up this puff pastry-based asparagus tart couldn't be easier and will impress mom, not to mention anyone else who drops by for Mother's Day breakfast this year. We can imagine enjoying this classic French-inspired tart in the morning sunshine with a nice Champagne-based breakfast cocktail.

This recipe comes together with very few ingredients and uses fresh asparagus at the peak of its season this time of year. Par-baked puff pastry gets a small swipe of whole-grain Dijon mustard before being topped with a generous amount of gruyere cheese and asparagus stalks neatly lined up and then baked to perfection. Finally, a drizzle of brown sugar balsamic glaze helps to round out the rich flavors of this luxurious springtime tart. It's all so simple, you'll want to keep this recipe in your back pocket for any special occasion or entertaining you do this spring.

The quiche Lorraine you'll love serving guests

Quiche is the satisfying breakfast pie that can be as simple or ornate as you want it to be. When it comes to mix-ins, a quiche is infinitely flexible and can be prepared in advance to enjoy whenever you're ready for it. This Mother's Day, consider making the classic quiche Lorraine as a nice breakfast for mom, either as the centerpiece of the meal or as part of a larger brunch spread.

This quiche is baked in a 9-inch pie shell that can either be handmade or store-bought. The inclusion of heavy cream and extra egg yolks in the recipe makes for a traditionally creamy and rich pie, setting this special occasion treat apart from lighter cousins. It's baked with crispy bacon and shredded gruyere, then topped with chopped chives to bring it all together. If you're not an early bird, this quiche can be baked ahead of time and reheats perfectly when you're ready to serve it.

The oatmeal pancakes you'll be making every weekend

Maybe you aren't really into baking but still want to treat mom to a delicious breakfast for Mother's Day. Try out these oatmeal pancakes made with ingredients that you'll likely have in the cabinet and refrigerator already. Traditional rolled oats give these pancakes a little extra flavor with a slightly heartier texture, as well as a boost of protein and fiber. 

Recipe developer Alexandra Shytsman even suggests mixing in your favorite fruits or chocolate chips to customize your pancakes to suit your tastes. She also offers substitutions and variations for ingredients you may have on hand, as well as tips to make your pancakes sweeter if that's what you like. Don't be surprised if these pancakes become part of your weekend routine long after Mother's Day has passed. The recipe makes eight regular-sized pancakes and is easy to scale up if you're cooking for more than two or three people.

Belgian waffles you'll make every weekend

Breakfast enthusiasts will tell you that a Belgian waffle iron is worth its weight in waffle batter if you like making incredible breakfasts at home. If you're looking for a recipe to whip up irresistible diner-style waffles at home this Mother's Day, look no further than this easy Belgian waffle recipe. With no unusual or difficult-to-find ingredients, you can quickly mix this recipe together in the time it takes for a pot of coffee to brew.

While the waffles bake on the iron, you can gather any toppings you'd like to include, from fresh fruit to Greek yogurt and honey. There are even some savory variations to try, if you don't have much of a sweet tooth. This recipe makes four waffles, so everyone in the house will be in for a treat. Don't be surprised if your family starts requesting Belgian waffles for lunch and dinner too.

Cranberry muffins

The bright red pops of sweet-tart cranberries in these cranberry muffins are a welcome surprise any time of year, not just during the holidays. If your grocery store doesn't have a bag of fresh cranberries available in the produce section, they'll almost certainly have a bag of frozen cranberries, which work well here, too. This recipe is as simple as mixing the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients, then folding the cranberries into the batter just before baking. The muffins are also flavored with a touch of almond extract to balance the sweetness and add a slightly nutty flavor to the mix.

Mom will be both surprised and impressed by these muffins fresh and warm out of the oven. It takes just over 30 minutes to bring the batter together and bake them, meaning you won't have to get up before the sun to make a special surprise breakfast for Mother's Day. Since the batch makes 12 muffins and saves wonderfully, you'll be able to enjoy them all week long, too.

The healthy egg casserole you'll want every morning

Cooking up eggs for breakfast seems simple enough, assuming it's just for a couple of people. But when you've got a whole crew of hungry mouths to feed, it's far more convenient to make those breakfast eggs in one large batch. Luckily, baking your eggs a dozen at a time gives you the perfect opportunity to add in delicious and healthy veggies, cheese, and other ingredients that may not be so easy with an egg or two. This healthy egg casserole is packed with tasty nutritional goodness, including spinach, cherry tomatoes, onion, and crumbled feta cheese. 

This straightforward recipe requires very little hands-on work. In under an hour you'll have it mixed, baked, and on the table. If you're making this dish for Mother's Day, you can use the 30 minutes that it's in the oven to make a nice pot of coffee or tea for mom and, while you're at it, quickly cook up a side of bacon or toast to compliment your casserole. If there's any casserole left, it can be kept refrigerated for up to four days.

Instant pot snickerdoodle French toast casserole the whole family will love

Very few can resist the sweet cinnamon-sugar call of the snickerdoodle cookie. Using the same irresistible spices, food blogger Melissa Olivieri has created a snickerdoodle French toast for those who just can't get enough. Buttery brioche, a French toast staple, is used as the bread base for this casserole. The cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla that give this french toast its special snickerdoodle flavor profile are mixed into the egg and cream batter that soak into the bread while cooking.

If you've got an Instant Pot, this is a great set-it-and-forget-it breakfast that you can have cooking while you get together any other surprises you may have for Mother's Day. If you don't have an Instant Pot, no worries: you can still make this delectable breakfast casserole in the oven. Either way, it takes about 30 minutes to bake. A quick dusting of powdered sugar, some fresh fruit, and a drizzle of maple syrup makes it a showstopper at the breakfast table.

Quick crepes that will transform your breakfast

Crepes can seem intimidating to a lot of cooks. But in reality, they're just as simple as making pancakes, if not easier. This crepe recipe is as simple as it gets. Designed to be used for sweet or savory applications, the crepe batter employs just five ingredients that you very likely have on hand already. You gently mix eggs, milk, flour, melted butter, and salt together for the batter. One crepe at a time, you'll pour the batter into a warm pan and swirl to create the evenly thin crepe. If this is your first time making crepes, it may take one or two tries to get the hang of it, but it's a skill that's learned quickly.

Once your crepes are lightly browned on each side, they get folded with whatever you're excited to stuff them with. Popular fillings include Nutella and berries, lemon curd, vanilla custard with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, or a fruit jam. If you're looking to make a savory breakfast crepe, feel free to fill your crepe with eggs, bacon, cheese, and veggies.

Mexican breakfast casserole

Does your mom love Mexican food? If so, we completely understand and suggest you bake this Mexican breakfast casserole as a special surprise for her this Mother's Day. It's got everything she likely loves, including chorizo, black beans, salsa, cheese, and even tortillas — all baked right into the eggy casserole. Best of all, it comes together in about an hour and can be made the night before. That's especially perfect if you're not keen to get up before your early bird mom.

Large enough to serve the whole family, this breakfast casserole can be quickly divided into 12 portions. If there are any leftovers, they can be wrapped and refrigerated for up to seven days. Not only that, but it's fantastic topped with a little bit of hot sauce and pairs well with a bowl of fresh fruit or even a side of Mexican rice. You could maybe even kick the celebration off with a breakfast margarita!

Quick banana pancakes will make your morning

These banana pancakes are the ultimate breakfast comfort food as far as we're concerned. So, this Mother's Day, think about treating mom to a cozy morning at home while you make a batch of these pancakes with serious banana flavor. You'll be mashing and folding ripe bananas into the batter instead of just studding pieces into the pancakes while cooking. 

Not only does this recipe provide us with a comforting and lightly-spiced banana pancake recipe, but it also provides a handful of healthy swaps for people who may want to make vegan pancakes or use alternative ingredients, like dairy-free kinds of milk. The sweet smell of bananas and baking spices wafting from the kitchen will be just the thing to show your mom some love at the beginning of this Mother's Day.

Delicious cinnamon muffins

Bakery fresh muffins are a delightful way to start your morning, especially if you're making them as a gift for someone special (like mom, of course). These no-fuss cinnamon muffins are made with an uncomplicated muffin batter that gets topped with a sweet and slightly crunchy cinnamon crumble. The result is a tender cross between a buttery muffin and a spiced coffee cake.

Speaking of coffee, make sure to get a pot brewing while these muffins are in the oven for the ultimate coffeehouse-style Mother's Day breakfast. The recipe makes a dozen muffins, which are also great as a midday or midnight snack or even served with ice cream for dessert. If there are any leftovers, simply store them in an airtight container at room temperature and enjoy them within seven days of baking.

Clafoutis that will impress your whole family

Quiche is great and crepes are impressive, sure. But if you really want to wow an audience with your French pastry prowess, it's the perfect time to whip up a traditional French cherry clafoutis. This dessert features fresh cherries suspended in a creamy baked custard that sits in a delicious spot between pudding and cake. This recipe comes together in under an hour and will seriously awe your family and friends. Don't be surprised if they start asking you to make this dessert more regularly, or even to try out some other beautiful French desserts.

If cherries aren't available, that's alright. You can make the same custard and substitute the cherries with other fruits or berries. The only caveat is that it is no longer considered a "clafoutis", but instead, it's called a "flaugnarde" which may sound less attractive but tastes just as fantastic. Try it with berries, peaches, plums, apricots, apples, or even roasted rhubarb and strawberries for a springtime twist.

Egg casserole

This egg casserole is the perfect one-dish alternative to a sprawling American diner-style breakfast omelet. Stuffed with eggs, breakfast sausage, peppers, shallots, and cheese, this egg casserole makes six slices for the whole family to enjoy. While the recipe provided by food blogger Mikayla Marin suggests everything you need for a fantastic breakfast casserole, feel free to make swaps based on your preferences. Change up the meat, replace the cheese, add potatoes, and throw in some leafy greens as you see fit. Once you know what you like, the possibilities here are endless.

In true diner form, make sure that mom never sees the bottom of her coffee mug, and chop up some berries, grapes, and melon for a lovely small bowl of fruit on the side. You can even throw some biscuits or bacon in the oven with the casserole while it cooks to round out the meal. No matter how you choose to customize this casserole, everyone is sure to leave the breakfast table happy.

Easy banana muffins that start your mornings out right

Sure, banana bread is fantastic, but it's not quite as convenient as these individual serving banana muffins, which are a little fluffier but still with all the flavor you've come to love from classic banana bread. So instead of waiting for a loaf of banana bread to bake for an hour, consider stirring together a batch of these muffins that are in and out of the oven in just 30 minutes.

No special equipment is needed to bring this recipe together, so don't sweat it if you don't have a stand or hand mixer. Just make sure your butter is soft and your ingredients are at room temperature. After that, you'll simply stir everything together before dividing the batter into a dozen muffins. We really love that this recipe can handle add-ins like chopped dark chocolate, toasted walnuts or pecans, or even an additional streusel or toasted coconut topping for extra flavor and texture.