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State University Of New York, Institute For Integrative Nutrition
Gluten-Free Cooking, Plant-Based Cooking, Food Photography, Food Styling
  • Sher was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010. Out of necessity she has been cooking gluten-free for over a decade. With the right techniques and adequate seasoning, cooking gluten-free can be simple, easy and delicious. While not all of her recipes are gluten-free, most have easy accommodations and recipes notes to make them gluten-free.
  • Sher has worked as a recipe developer and private chef for almost a decade. Sher's culinary training is in plant-based cooking and not relying on meat to create satisfying meals has allowed her to hone in on her expertise.
  • Sher has been a professional food stylist and food photographer for almost a decade. Her style is minimal, bright and vibrant. She loves to let the food shine for itself. Some of her past clients include Chobani, Decoy Wine, FEAST Magazine, Mountain Rose Herbs, Mowellens, Peet's Coffee, Taste of Home, Urban Outfitters and Yummly.


Sher Castellano is a recipe developer and food photographer, and is a co-founder of Tangible Co. (an online shop to ease what ails you). Through her work, Sher spreads awareness for endometriosis, infertility, grief, and loss. Currently you can find her recipes, images, and stories on her personal blog and in publications such as Health Digest, Mashed, and Tasting Table. You can find her past contributions in Buzzfeed, Better Homes and Gardens, FEAST Magazine, Food and Wine, Oprah Magazine, Saveur, Taste of Home, and Yummly to name a few. Sher was born and raised on the East Coast, but now calls Dallas, TX home.


Sher has bachelor's degree in Sociology and Gender Studies and a nutrition background focused on gluten-free and plant-based living.
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