Seamus Gregan

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
London Business School, University College London (UCL)
Finance, Horticulture, Kitchens
  • Seamus has been involved in journalism since the age of 16, when he began co-founding student magazines and interning at the Financial Times.
  • One of the youngest people ever to attend London Business School, he has a deep understanding of real estate markets and finance.
  • He currently lives in Southeast Asia, where he has founded several successful hospitality businesses.


Seamus is an Oxford boy by birth, which works well when you have a love of words. His first published articles came while interning at the Financial Times, and shortly thereafter he co-founded a short-lived interscholastic magazine called Pendragon. His entrepreneurial streak has been evident since primary school, when he founded a Pokemon card club at 7, an Opera society at 16, and the magazine at 17. After finishing his studies, Seamus moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where he was able to start several food-related businesses; this gives him a unique perspective on finance, kitchens, growing food, and of course, cleaning.


Seamus attended Magdalen College School, Oxford, as part of the graduating class that achieved the highest A-level results on record at the time. He then won a BA (Hons) in Geography at University College, London, followed by an MSc in Management from London Business School.
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