Patterson Watkins

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Philadelphia, PA
Johnson & Wales University, National Wine School
Recipe Development, Eating & Drinking, Food & Beverage Travel
  • Patterson is an eater first, chef second, with over 20 years of professional culinary experience and a lifetime of good eating. She attended a vocational high school, where she specialized in Culinary Arts, before attending Johnson & Wales University and continuing her food & beverage studies (earning an A.S. in Culinary Arts and B.S. in Culinary Nutrition).
  • She gained additional experience working for restaurants, corporate dining programs, and gourmet food retail. She has managed food service operations for three Summer Olympic Games (Athens, Beijing, and London) and one Asian Games (Guangzhou). In addition to her professional achievements, Patterson was a prolific culinary competitor. In her spare time, she competed in cook-offs and recipe contests, netting some pretty cool adventures and even cooler prizes.
  • If she’s not cooking (or eating), she’s traveling (and eating). Patterson loves to explore this wide and delicious world. She’ll be the first to tell you that, in addition to tasty goods, she makes some pretty awesome reservations. Northing is off limits, she’ll munch through Michelin stars and hawker stalls with the same (shark-like) abandon. This travel further fuels her culinary creativity, as she loves to share the cuisines and cultures she’s experienced along the way.


Patterson has been working as a full-time, independent recipe developer since 2017. This work has included creating fun and tasty content for food product companies, specializing in olive oil, hot sauce, salad dressing, chocolates, milk, and wine. She has also worked with e-commerce sites, specializing in Spanish and Mediterranean ingredients, seafood, upscale-gourmet, and health and wellness. She has written, photographed, and published over 1,000 unique recipes (and counting).


Johnson & Wales opened many opportunities for Patterson, seeding a passion for exploring global flavors and ingredients. Wanting to expand her knowledge, after she finished the Associates Culinary Arts program, she opted into the Culinary Nutrition Bachelors program, gaining insight into how food interacts with our bodies. Into her professional career, Patterson started attending accredited courses specializing in wine.
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